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Kim K's Reality Pal

Jacking Up Security

After Humphries Threats

12/10/2011 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jonathan Cheban
Kardashian pal and “Spin Crowd” star Jonathan Cheban is freaking out ... claiming some pissed-off Kris Humphries fanatics want to hurt him -- and now, he's beefing up his security.

See, Cheban threatened to sue Kris for $5 million recently -- after the basketball star called him "gay" on TV -- and the whole lawsuit thing didn't sit so well some hotheaded Humphries supporters.

Among the threats Cheban received on Twitter ... “Comin to spit on you tomorrow at Dash store ... you and Kim are full of crap and trying to ruin Kris's life.”

Sources close to Jonathan tell TMZ ... he's so freaked ... he hired a bunch of extra security for an appearance he’s making at Kim's store today in NYC to promote his jewelry line.

Cheban insists he's "not gay."

Cheban showed up for the event as scheduled (see below).


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He's not gay? Are you kidding?!?!?!

1050 days ago


Like anyone cares about him...

1050 days ago


Drama king!!!!

1050 days ago


He is totally gay, and if he's not, it's only because he's hiding it. Most likely he has a family member (mother) that he feels he would disappoint, so he hides it. This is what a lot of obviously gay people do that claim they aren't gay.
But whether he is gay or not doesn't matter really, he's a piece of sht human being.
Oh, and the "staff" on his ridiculous reality show were all hookers and escorts.

1050 days ago


only someone who is gay and unhappy would get so pissed off that they sue over being called gay

1050 days ago


This jerk is the one who made a threat to sue Humphries. He stepped on the gravy train smear campaign with Kim Kardashian to bash Humphries throughout the media.

Now he cannot take the heat because people are on to him and Kim's motives? LOTS of people thought he was gay, not just Humphries.

If you cannot handle the heat, then perhaps you should not play the Kardashian mental mind games to try to purposely try to hurt Kris Humphries for having an opinion.

Kim and her friend Jonathan had a malicious intent in my opinion, to try to slam Kris Humphries just because Kim cannot handle rejection or the fact that Humphries lost interest in her after finding out what she truly was made of.

Narcissist*****e rejection and will try to destroy a life to retaliate when hurt.

Kim and her family and Jonathan are gutter slum in how low they will stoop to exploit and hurt others for their sick sick need for attention and money motives.

Kick Rocks Jonathan and Kim.

Team Humphries.

1050 days ago


Jonathan = an opportunist, riding on Kim's coat tails to be relevant. Then his ridiculous threat to sue Humphries, now he is pulling a Kim act, in playing victim?

He chose to make a public threat toward Kris Humphries. He chose to hop on board the Kardashian smear campaign against Kris Humphries. Now Kim and Jonathan are shocked that people did not go along with their malicious motives?

Go be accountable for you Jonathan. Stop playing victim. If you are a straight man, then man up and act like one.

1050 days ago


LMAO!!!! The spin crowd lol What a failure!!!!

1050 days ago


It's reasonable for a husband to question a "straight" male friend of his wife! Cheban being gay - is an assumption that 99% of people that have met him - come to!

TMZ stop publishing these stories as if Kris H has anything to do with them - he nor his family have threatened this dork!

1050 days ago


Plastic butterface,the UNREMARKABLE KK has such sleazy pals;Joe Francis,Rick Steeves,[?], from Vivid Adult Entertainment,Jonathan cheban...It goes on. Vile vile vile people who offer NOTHING to this world but freaky plastic faces and emptiness and crass,unbridled ambition based on nothing but their delusional sense of fame chasing entitlement based on predatory sleaze. Grifters. All of them. Ugly looking too. Kim you are sickening to look at from head to toe.

1050 days ago


But he is Gay

1050 days ago


if you were gay we might find something redeeming about you, your'e not famous, we have never heard of you and we couldn't care less about who you wish you were sleeping with. You don't need security unless your'e famous of fame trawling.

1050 days ago

Loving Latina    

This is just more free press for him and his jewelery line people!! This is what they do every time, him and the Kardashians before an appearance where they are selling or promoting a product. Remember, Kim filed for divorce the same time her mother was promoting a book and Kim and khloe were in Australia promoting their line.. It's PR related. Don't be fooled by that ********er and his whore best friend Kim Kardashian. This is how they get attention and get people to be intrigued by them. Just don't purchase their stuff, don't make them rich and they will go away. Seriously!! Anyhow, to each their own.

1050 days ago


who cares about this *** nothing?

1050 days ago


Just look at him then again you rarely see gay men with scraggly hair like that, perhaps he's bi. in any case he's still a punk

1050 days ago
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