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Calls In Sick for

Meet and Greet with Troops

12/10/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Nelly cancelled a scheduled meet and greet with the troops at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska yesterday after he claimed to be sick.

Nelly performed at Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage on Friday night. But he complained on twitter the next day he had 102 fever and was throwing up ... and eventually said he had to bail on meeting the troops on Saturday.

I apologize 2all the troops and fam 2day n anchorage!been fighting off flu 4fewdays n it caught up2me!after my show sweating n going out!

Nelly's Facebook page was flooded by fans who were disappointed he didn't show up. One even posted a pic (see below) of troops sitting and waiting for him to show ... with the caption, "A few of the hundred, or so, military and their spouses (some who have their significant other deployed) on Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Alaska, that you stood up. Not cool!!!"

We reached out to Nelly's rep ... no word back.


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Believe in war or not you can't do that to the troops. He can't make this prior arrangement but he can still "go out" when he's sick? I would think the last people he'd want to piss off are people who have trained and have murdered people. Smart, very smart.

1025 days ago


Ok....Look everyone. I highly doubt he is really sick because he kept saying that they were 10 minutes from the gate, then canceled for the first commitment. He said that he would be there at a later time.....and that he was just outside the gate....said "he was on his way." only to call back and cancel period.If he has been fighting the flu for a few days as he claimed he would not have been out parting and drinking it up at an after party the night before (after his paid show). My message on his fb page was that when someone makes a commitment with the troops and their families, they should stand by that commitment. After all, how would he feel if the troops did not stand behind their commitment to fight for his freedom. If the guy is really sick...I truly hope he gets to feeling better! However, With all factors involved, it is difficult for me to believe that he is truly sick. Sorry that's just my opinion.

Posted from a Proud Army Wife (who's husband took time out of his busy duty day to work security for the event).

We are not even fans of the guy.

1025 days ago


i don't like rap first of all.....but i had the pleasure of meeting nelly and his entourage a couple years ago, when he had a little gig on CSI:NY..he was one of the nicest most humble stars i have EVER met. the guys with him were friends since grade school, and couldn't have been nicer. nelly has my respect. i'm sure if he could have made it, he would have. get well brother.

1025 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I'm not going to be cynical. Nelly probably was sick.

He should still reschedule or meet some other troops somewhere else

1025 days ago

U suk    

Nelly is full of crap. First of all he was probably embarassed because he couldn't GIVE AWAY his tickets up here. Seriously, right before the show they were doing the "buy one get one free" thing, and the place he played at is small and he couldn't even sell that out. He was perfectly fine at Platinum Jaxx (after show party)and so I don't buy that he was sick. It was frikkin cold out the day after his concert, so I imagined he just didn't want to make the trip across town to see them.

1025 days ago

broken in brain    

i like it when guys like him take paying gigs and then skip out on the things that should make u feel good. if he was so sick, skip both the paying gig and one he wasn't getting paid for by the troops. im sure walking in circles and holding your nuts while rapping is tiring, but come on.

1024 days ago


**** happens....get over it!

1024 days ago


Sure Nelly had the flu.....brown bottle variety. He was seen at the bars around Anchorage until they closed partying closely with a group of women. If he truly had the flu, there are a few girls who should be feeling flu-like symptoms coming on anytime now. So disrespectful. Be a grown-up and if you have obligations the next day, take it easy like the rest of the responsible adults.

1023 days ago

Lisa Dows    

he did his show in Anchorage, and after it got done around 11pm-12 midnight he parties all night long. that ******* was hungover, that's why he stood up so many military men, women, and families. if he was so sick, why didn't he just get some rest to make his promise that he would do the meet and greet with military and their families(kids too) the next day. he made them wait there for almost 5 hours, then he decides to cancel after 5 hours of them waiting. this is upsetting, and i don't think people should defend him without knowing what went down. i'm from Anchorge, Alaska. he partied it up at our bar Platinum Jaxx, he even said so himself. you defend a guy that makes promises like that? then you have no regaurd for OUR military

1023 days ago


he was hungover from going out after the concert. and even if he was sick like he claims, why make people wait for you for 5 1/2 hrs before saying so? why tll people u are 10 minutes away and then and hour later say you are too sick to come? its all a big load of BS....

1023 days ago


What a chump.

1023 days ago


Anyone who has a bit of knowledge on Nelly will tell you he is from a military family and was himself born on a military base. To say he made an excuse is just bullsh**. He has said himself that he didnt want to spread his germs so thought it was best to stay away. Notice no one has mentioned all the other times he has done military meet & greets & not to mention all of his charity work. Give the guy a break!

1021 days ago


I read Nelly was in Miami Dec. 4,5,6, shooting a video with ESPN ....85 degree weather ,Straight to Alaska ...20 degree weather. I am a big fan of nelly and with my brother being in the military i really had to know what was the truth. After two weeks of research (yes i have a boring life..LOL) i found out about the video (called's on you tube !!) then flying to alaska would make any "human Being" sick.......Ok so the verdict is Not Gulity....but nelly next time you have to meet the troops and you fell sick , take a bunch of cough syrup (all the other rappers do !!...LOL)...JK

1009 days ago
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