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Alec Baldwin

I'm an 'American Treasure'

12/11/2011 4:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin took even more unrelenting shots at American Airlines last night -- mocking his recent cell phone debacle on "Saturday Night Live" ... even referring to himself as an "American treasure."

Among the awesomeness ... Alec -- pretending to be the pilot of his ill-fated flight -- explained why he slammed the lavatory door so loudly during his alleged standoff with a flight attendant ... claiming, "Words with Friends" can be "frustrating."

Watch the clip.


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While he is a turd of a person and I don't like his public persona at all I think he's got serious gravitas as a performer/actor.. Anybody see Glengarry Glen Ross? He did some legendary stuff with that role..

1010 days ago



1010 days ago


I worked for a company in the 90's that made a very popular hand-held device. They had a group of employees try to destroy/damage the units one day. There were several of us using the devices in "everyday" wear and tear to flat out throwing them across the room. I don't know if this is true, but we were later told that the units were being used by an airplane manufacturer to test electronic device interference with aircraft.

Apparently, right out of the box, "most" communication devices will not interrupt or interfere with other signals -- but damaged (dropped or repeatedly dropped) devices can perform differently -- and apparently cause interference.

My guess is that an actual problem occurred on an aircraft and the airline identified a hand-held unit as the culprit. And, the airline manufacturer was trying to replicate the interference. So, right out of the box a device may not cause problems, but a damaged device behaving abnormally might cause a problem.

The airline and the passenger should have handled it better.

1010 days ago


i have a 6 year old grandson more mature this ass baldwin is a spoiled 2 year old cry baby,people should boycott anything he is in ,make him go away

1010 days ago

Crusader Zorro    

Alec Baldwinm sucks big time, move to Russia please and stfu

1010 days ago


Grow up you silly butt faces. He is just having fun after a public stupidity

1010 days ago

Tom Papers    

I hope alec is resding the comments.Most people think alec
is a pos. They are right. I wish I was there, I would like to knock him on his ass along with his 'occupy' buddies

1010 days ago


What an ass, over bloated ego is going to get his butt kicked one day!

1010 days ago


More like an American idiot.

1010 days ago


He is continuing to make himself look like a jerk! He is apologizing to himself and complimenting himself after the horrible childish way he acted! He disgusts me! He will never take responsibility for his wrong actions.

1010 days ago


Alec Baldwin is ALWAYS funny when he is on SNL. I play Words with Friends and it can be frustraiting. Alec Baldwin... You Rock!!!

1010 days ago


No offense @14 but soldiers giving up their lives are not treasures, they're [usually teenaged] suckers along with whatever family members coerced them into "service" -- i.e. "serving" as taxpayer-sponsored security service protection for Blackwater, who in turn serve as security for Haliburton, who in turn are there to support the retrieval of oil by the big five oil companies, which is effectively paid for by taxpayers to get but then sold back to them at record profits.

One man's "hero" is another man's tool I suppose.

1010 days ago


American idiot is more like it.

1010 days ago

buzz kill    

American treasure? WTF, more like an anti-American leftist joke.

1009 days ago


Best part is where he asks "Would you REALLY get on a plane that goes 30,000 ft in the air if you thought a single iPhone could bring you down in a ball of fire?". Get a grip, people. You're either too stupid for words, or you have no sense of humor whatsoever.

1009 days ago
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