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Alec Baldwin

I'm an 'American Treasure'

12/11/2011 4:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin took even more unrelenting shots at American Airlines last night -- mocking his recent cell phone debacle on "Saturday Night Live" ... even referring to himself as an "American treasure."

Among the awesomeness ... Alec -- pretending to be the pilot of his ill-fated flight -- explained why he slammed the lavatory door so loudly during his alleged standoff with a flight attendant ... claiming, "Words with Friends" can be "frustrating."

Watch the clip.


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on the plane    

I've heard Alex is(correction)was an actor. Why doesn't he try to "act" like a decent person. It would be a nice change. As far as his "surprise" visit to SNL(Senile Nasty Liberals), hasn't it been his show to spout off his views for years? Apparently, it is his show to justify his publicity stunt to hype his sagging career(and chins) and hype zynga(does he get stock?). If he gets elected to congress, it won't be insider trading!

982 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

Alec Baldwin is a jerk.

982 days ago


Actually, the plane has several GPS sensors along the body that relay its location as well as the position (tilted left or right), and yes, the wireless activity on a phone can interfere with one or more of the sensors. If multiple phones have their wireless activity on, it can actually misrepresent the planes position in the sky and landing which can cause a very dangerous situation. But in the case of Mr. Baldwin, the phones are turned off at the gate because all passengers are required to have their attention on the safety instructions and the airline personnel are required by law to ensure this. Give the staff a break, let them just do their job so we can all leave on time and just pay attention for a short time until take off. It's not hard.

981 days ago


On my last six flights I have had to fly First Class because of a medical problem. EVERY first class ticket holder uses his cellphone, laptop, tech toy both during take-off and landing! The flight attendants make a few comments but then retire quietly to the galley. These 1%rs think they are WAY above the law. I was appalled. In coach no one even tries to use an electronic device unless they are dumber'n hell. I've seen passengers in coach thrown off for listening to their iPod! It's a whole different world in First class. It sucks to see people so full of themselves, with such massive egos. Why Baldwin was thrown off makes no sense unless a flight attendant made a pass at Alec and was rebuffed.

980 days ago


Because of a medical condition I was told to sit in the first row of First Class on my last six flights. EVERY person in First Class uses their cellphones (always a 4Gs) or laptop on both take-off and landing. All of them! The attendants make a few comments then retreat to the galley. These 1%rs all feel they are above the law. I was embarrassed. What toads!
I can't figure out why Baldwin was tossed? He must have rebuffed a pass one of the flight attendants made at him. First class passengers all suck! I can't wait until I am better and can fly coach again!

980 days ago

Frank Cavestani    

very very funny bit. Alex may not be an American Treasure as much as a very funny American. Get off the plane Alex! Very funny guy.

970 days ago


If the whole world was a living entity, it would need an ******* the size of Alec Baldwin. Buy nothing that he advertises.

950 days ago
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