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Brooke Mueller

Carrying Gun in L.A.

12/11/2011 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211_brooke_muller_launch_ex_wmShe's probably the last person who should be handling a firearm -- but yesterday in L.A., a cowgirl-hat-wearing Brooke Mueller dropped by a local gun range ... and waved around a real-life handgun.

It's unclear if she actually shot the thing -- we hope not -- but her rep Steve Honig tells TMZ, "Brooke enjoys sport shooting, and has for some time. She knows how to handle herself at a range and is a very careful and skilled sport shooter."

No kidding ... just look at the focus in those eyes.


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she has great hair

986 days ago


So the next time she is in a club, instead of just punching out a girl, like she did the last time, she'll just shoot her. You can't fix stupid!!!!

986 days ago

right straight    

At least unstable individuals can't access firearms in this country,oh...she has experience lol,at being a total train wreck maybe.

986 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

If she wanted a gun she could've turned to Charlie. I'm sure he has plenty that he can report one as "missing."

986 days ago


Just keep her away from VT!

986 days ago


Again Mueller will go to rehab, sign herself out. Hey as long as she gets bail, nothing but a joke.

986 days ago


she does not have control of that gun whatsoever. Her fingers are not even wrapped around the handle for gods sake. whf why is she holding a weapon in that manner? Very stupid looking way to hold a gun. no expert would be caught dead holding a pistol like that. she is retarded

986 days ago


Smoke some crack and then go shoot a gun. Genius. "Bob & Max, where did you put Mommy's gun when you were done playing with it?" Winning!

986 days ago


Brooke has alot of class to bad it's all third!!!! What a moron with that hat. Trying to hide her crazy drugged mind... Go away Loser!

986 days ago


It's clear that she has no clue what she is doing. She bounces around from town to town medicating herself with alcohol and drugs, then ends up in fights or wandering around disoriented. She needs help so is she going to have to implode and hurt herself further, her kids, or some unsuspecting bystander before she gets it? Where would Britney Spears be today if her family hadn't stepped in and helped her get back on track? Money sure can't buy happiness, but the woman has plenty of it to get the very best treatment available. Well Charlie?

985 days ago


I wonder if her rep knows that she's also a f * cking COKEHEAD?

985 days ago


Thanks for the heads up, tmz. I thought she was trying to rob some store for the tip jar you can see on the counter!! Actually, that sounds more her speed.

Anyway, it's comforting to know that any drugged up, crazy b*tch with the money can pick up a lethal weapon to play with. Must be a tough background check. On the plus side, she does seem to dress for each bizarre occasion. Remind me again, what is she famous for?? Other than boinking Chuckles Sheen, that's not plus.

985 days ago

Pink Froyd    

She better not get convicted of that felony. It is a Federal Law in EVERY state in the U.S. that a Felon cannot own or possess any type of Firearm or Ammo. There is a 5 year minimum, MANDATORY sentence if a felon is found with even 1 bullet in their possession or where they have access to it. There are NO plea bargains, and in Federal Prison there is no Parole or good-time off. You do the whole sentence. If there is a gun, or ammo in your house but it belonged to one of your friends, relatives, or anyone, you go to prison for at least 5 years. And courts in every state are very strict on this, even Cali.

985 days ago


Lets hope she don't pull a trigger in her damaged drug brain.

985 days ago


wow, this great mother surely is busy! She is forever on TMZ in pawn shops, gun ranges, Aspen nightclubs, LA nightclubs, restaurants. Such great quality time she is spending with her twin boys. She makes people like Tori Spelling and her husband look like absolute saints in the parenting department.

985 days ago
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