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Kim K's Reality Pal

ATTACKED by Humphries Fan

Flour to the Face!!!

12/11/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for all that extra security -- Kim Kardashian's buddy and "Spin Crowd" star Jonathan Cheban was attacked by a rogue Kris Humphries supporter in NYC yesterday ... taking a flour bomb to the face.

TMZ broke the story ... Cheban had been receiving threats ever since he announced plans to sue Kris Humphries -- claiming the NBA star called him "gay" on TV.

Cheban beefed up his security to ward off any potential threats during an event yesterday at Kim's NYC store -- but clearly, it wasn't effective.

Sources tell us, there was no mistaking the attacker's motivation -- before launching his powder assault, the flour phantom yelled, "This is for Kris Humphries!" Police were unable to locate the culprit.

2:04 PM PT: A rep for Kris tells TMZ, Kris "would never condone hateful and unacceptable behavior like that to anyone, in any situation."


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Dumping the flour at the GARBAGE DUMP Source, Cheban?
You create GARBAGE KARDASHIAN and now you have to deal with KARDASHIAN excretement. It's called LIFE.
B O Y C O T T everything and anything KARDASHIAN, SEARS, OPI nail polish, KARDASHIAN books, etc. If it stinks of KARDASHIAN then it's a NO-BUY ZONE.
B O Y C O T T s*** bucket RYAN SEAGREST. If RYAN gets co-host next to Kelly, it's time to set the clock for LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN'S CANCELLATION in record time!

1055 days ago


I think this Cheban guy hired someone to do this , and then blame it on Kris H...what a idiot...Kris doesnt look like the type to pull a stunt like this, or have anything to do with it

1055 days ago

small asian penis    

I'm calling BS on this. The guy is in the PR industry, this is what he does. It isn't like someone shot him...

1055 days ago


TOO BAD IT WASN'T ONE OF THE K's too ~ HEY! NEXT TIME AIM FOR KIM!.... Don't waste the flour on that P.O.S ~ sidekick whoever he is!? Don'*****ch TRASH on TV!

1055 days ago


ATTENTION!!! to the person who did that...CAN YOU PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND DO IT TO KIM?!!! P L E A S E!!!!!

1055 days ago


LOL what a pansy a** move...sue somebody you claim called u "gay" on t.v.
i thought the man was gay too..

1055 days ago

Lola Marie    

Jonathan you are so pathetic.... probably you are the one going to all the magazines and spreading all the rumors about your friend Kim , so she can be on all the magazine covers....It does not matter how much you do...your friend is a fake as well as you and all the Kardashians. Please go us a favor and disappear. You have done a lousy just go away .

1055 days ago


This dude must of been a douche and have way to much time on his hands if he went to the store waited for this nobody to come out and then threw powder on him of all things and the worse part about it is he did it for kris humphries some crappy ball player he doesnt even know. kris needs to quit doing interviews and worry about getting signed to a team.

1055 days ago


Why him? Why not do it towards the KKK? I don't think he has anything to do with it unless this was a set up. Really... just kick them off already.

1055 days ago


I call BULLS*** on this!This was clearly a set up just so the KarTRASHians can get more attention.Also jonathan if you want to make something more believable please dont use FLOUR!LOL this is so fake just like the whole family and jonathan is just riding on their 15 min of fame!

1055 days ago


Please, this douche bag and kim set this up! There are no crazed Kris Humphries fans wasting their time on this jackass. This is the kardashian scam machine yet again.

1055 days ago


deserved !!!! well done

1055 days ago


This isnt even considered violence its a like a practical joke. Unlees jhonhathn well come out and saying he is allergic to flour and sue for 5 mil.
UPDATE; Kardshine Brand is Over

1054 days ago

Daniel Basham    

Question, aren't most of if not all of Kim's guy friends GAY anyway ?

1053 days ago


What's the old adage? If you don't want to get muddy, don't wallow with pigs?

1037 days ago
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