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Kim K's Reality Pal

ATTACKED by Humphries Fan

Flour to the Face!!!

12/11/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for all that extra security -- Kim Kardashian's buddy and "Spin Crowd" star Jonathan Cheban was attacked by a rogue Kris Humphries supporter in NYC yesterday ... taking a flour bomb to the face.

TMZ broke the story ... Cheban had been receiving threats ever since he announced plans to sue Kris Humphries -- claiming the NBA star called him "gay" on TV.

Cheban beefed up his security to ward off any potential threats during an event yesterday at Kim's NYC store -- but clearly, it wasn't effective.

Sources tell us, there was no mistaking the attacker's motivation -- before launching his powder assault, the flour phantom yelled, "This is for Kris Humphries!" Police were unable to locate the culprit.

2:04 PM PT: A rep for Kris tells TMZ, Kris "would never condone hateful and unacceptable behavior like that to anyone, in any situation."


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Come on! That dude was paid by the Kim and Cheban! There is no other explanation for why ANYONE WOULD CARE IF THAT GUY WAS GAY!! Set up. Kim is freakin' that Kris is gonna get better PR!!

1011 days ago


It's not Kris fans. It's kk clan. those whores are evil. they are capable to do anything like this. Karma is a b!!!tch. Just wait.

1011 days ago

Loving Latina    

WOW!! I totally believe this was staged by Kim Kardashian team and Jonathon Cheban team. With all the cameras, body guards,and photographers, yet, they have no identity of the culprit?! Please, it was staged. These Kardashian hoes will do anything to try to make Kris look bad. Jonathon Cheban and Kim Kardashian the people are speaking, they have had enough of you guys..go away!!!

1011 days ago

Angel Rose    

With all those cameras not one pic of the guy, yeah right total set-up!! I wouldn't give people any ideas about throwing things on people Kim. It's just a matter of time before some red paint gets splattered all over you & those furs you seem to be partial too.

1011 days ago


Another publicity stunt from the Kardashians, signed Chaban 3rd class PR.

1011 days ago


wtf is wrong with people, leave the "star" alone

1011 days ago


Yeah right,Jonathan owns a PR firm and I too believe this was an attempt by Jonathan to garner sympathy for him and Kim against Kris. I also thought Jonathan was gay long before Kris entered the picture.

1011 days ago

Its me    

I DO NOT and WILL NOT EVER watch any of Kim's or her family's STUPID......FAKE A$$ TV shows ever again. So sick of those GREEDY people, thinking only of themselves!!!!!!! But KARMA will come to kick you in the A$$, and at least TWICE as BAD as you have done others!!! I'd LOVE to SEE it when it happens!!!!!!!! :) :)

1011 days ago


He did this to himself for publicity and to take the heat off of Kim. What losers these people are, including this douche.

1011 days ago


Totally staged by the KK. With his beefed up security the culprit got away. Right!! Another publicity stunt to get sympathy for K and to discredit Kris. Keep it up. I do firmly believe that good will prevail over evil.

1011 days ago

King of TMZ    

Kim K's PR plot is to demonize KH at all costs. So anything meant to demonize the poor guy, is pretty much orchastrated by the KKK. That just shows what a loser she & her Kobra-faced mom are. REALLY! Grow up Kim. What goes around comes around. You con artist. When you die your ring & bling bling will not go with you. Greedy Peenecess.

1011 days ago

Merediths Truth    

Wait...Jonathan Cheban isn't gay?

But like most things Kardashian, this flour bomb incident is probably staged!

1011 days ago


Yeah right. As if Kris Humphries would have that die hard of a fan. If that's the case, wouldn't this have been Kim instead? Tryna SPIN your own publicity Jonathan?

1011 days ago


Wait...Jonathan Cheban isn't gay?

But like most things Kardashian, this flour bomb incident is probably staged!

1011 days ago


Seems like a total setup...Cheban just conveniently gets more security and here he is attacked shortly thereafter. Also, the perp saying "This is for Kris Humphries". Come on, how obvious.

1011 days ago
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