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Lindsay Lohan in Hawaii

Someone Jacked My Purse!!!

12/11/2011 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
LIndsay Lohan's Hawaii vacation just got a whole lot more stressful -- TMZ has learned, she got her purse stolen last night ... containing everything from her passport to tons of cash.

Sources tell TMZ, Linds had been at a house party in Laie, Hawaii for about two hours -- NOT drinking -- and accidentally left her $5,000 Chanel purse in the car. When she came out, the purse was gone.

According to sources, the purse contained her passport (and other ID), her probation paperwork -- giving her permission to take the trip -- and lots of cold hard cash ... good idea. 

1211_lilo_hawaii_splash2But it gets crazier -- Lindsay is due back in California court on Wednesday for a hearing about her probation. It's extremely unlikely, but if she misses her court date, the judge could find her in contempt and revoke her probation, landing her in the pokey.

If it all sounds familiar -- it's because the same exact thing happened to Lindsay last year while she was in Cannes ... 'Memba that?

Kahuku Police are currently investigating the situation.



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I hate to say it.but in the eyes of Dina this is all Alis fault..she is suppose to baby sit lindsay

1018 days ago


Here we go again.

1018 days ago


Is this an excuse to keep her name in entertainment news? I don't understand why you report on her dad. He's just her dad he's nobody. How can 2 people bring so much drama? Lindsay is a full blown addict. When pari******on calls you a coke head, you KNOW you have a problem. Lindsay's brain is wired wrong. She can't imagine having fun and not being high. Alcoholics are the same way. Someone close to her needs to catch her when she wakes up sometime soon and show her how much she has aged with side by side pictures from now ans 5 years ago. Drugs have brought her nothing but trouble and she always gets bitten by the same dog. NEVER LET THE SAME DOG BITE YOU TWICE! Her beautiful looks will be gone in 2 years if she doesn't get her sh t together. It must suck for her to have her dad always embarresing her.

1018 days ago


So, how does it feel to have the tables turned on ya? Karma can be a real bitch. BTW, why were you carrying your passport? Hawaii is part of the US, don't think you need it there, dumbass.

1018 days ago


Vorlon: 4 minutes ago
ONCE is a mistake.

But Cannes wasn't a mistake.This is

1018 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

How funny, this story immediately points out that Lindsay was NOT drinking. I do not think I have seen that line used for any other "starlett". Never for Mila, Natalie, Reese, anybody.....

1018 days ago


Just more of Lohans crap. Her passport was never stolen in Canns the French Police never had any record of it being stolen or even reported stolen. She was too wasted to get to court. That's all that was.

No excuse not to get back just get a temp ID. The judge isn't going to by this lie. The only thing the judge will care about if she is in court.

1018 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Big deal linsay. You can get condoms & hypo-needles anywhere these days. No big loss for you.

1018 days ago


AGENT smith: 5 minutes ago
Taxes on a million are about $450,000
I dont think so smith..
if you win a million you pay 33%
but for an income I believe its 15% witch is $150,000.
I dont see her paying almost half to taxes...or anyone else..
I know florida has no state tax.i dont know about cali.

1018 days ago


Sorry to post again so fast but, I forgot to say look at GOMEZ and the beib. They really enjoy each others company without having to get high to have fun. Their drug is sex. The most powerful drug of all, and you don't make a fool out of yourself.

1018 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Five grand in cash? Wow, Hawaiian sea jasper is really pricey!
For real Lindsay, a $5000 bag, a ton of cash, do*** irresponsible. This girl shows ZERO responsibility, let alone any gratitude for the value of the gifts that her own life has given to her.

1018 days ago


After reading all of the Nicole posts.....
I'm sure that it is either DUIna or ol Linds herself

1018 days ago


ILG is right. She just shouldn't go out. At ALL. She has no common sense. And there was Patrick with her. I'm disgusted with her.

1018 days ago


She's in Hawaii - one of the United States, she doesn't need her passport.

1018 days ago


I say unleash dog the bounty hunter...he needs a real case not sniffing out friends and family members..

1018 days ago
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