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Church of Satan

Tim Tebow's Delusional


12/12/2011 3:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Peter H. Gilmore -- a high priest in the Church of Satan
God is not helping Tim Tebow ... this according to a rep for The Church of Satan.

But there is a devilish twist ... the rep tells us Tim's faith COULD actually play a significant role in his success on the field.

TMZ spoke with Magus Peter H. Gilmore -- a high priest in the Church -- who tells us it doesn't make sense to say God is helping Tim win games ... because that would mean God's actively making other teams lose ... and why would God do that?

But what does make sense is Tebow's mental state -- Gilmore tells us, "Those who have a winning attitude tend to do better, and whatever fuels such team spirit, be it religious fervor or simply an overwhelming desire to succeed, is the real source for success."

Gilmore adds, "Satanists are atheists, and we would consider any triumph to rely on a combination of skill and luck – most certainly not in any form of supernatural intervention from either Heaven or Hell."


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Atheist are NOT Satanist. Atheist don't believe in a God. Satanist believe there is a God but they follow his arch-enemy Satan.

1014 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Christmas Bah Hum Bug! Worship Satan Hail Satan From The Atlanta Church Of Satan

1014 days ago


Interesting to read "Satanists are atheists", but yet Satan himself is NOT an atheist. He definitely believes in God and trembles. What's sad is how he has deceived his followers....just read a few chapters in the Gospels, whenever a possessed person would run into Jesus they would beg Him not to torture them before their time or send them into the abyss. God is very real and so is Satan, but unfortunately one is telling people the other doesn't exist because to know God is to first believe He exists, and without knowledge of God and personal belief in His Son Jesus there is no salvation. Satan has the majority of the world on lockdown. Tim Tebow, God bless you and keep doing what you're doing!!

1014 days ago

Ghost Rider    

To sum up Satanism one must understand the difference between atheistic Satanism, and theistic Satanism. Atheistic Satanism was popularized in the late 1960...s by Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan and the author of the Satanic Bible. While misleading and confusing, he and his followers profess that they are atheists and dont believe in a literal Devil, or even God. They dont believe in an afterlife or a Heaven or Hell either. These individuals choose to call themselves Satanists and use the symbol of Satan for its rebellious and nonconformist connotations.

1014 days ago


Atheists are not satanists! Atheist's don't believe in God or Satan! Satanists worship Satan! Duh!

1014 days ago


Yea, pretty sure the creator of the universe has better things to worry about besides football....I hate to say this but, he is right....however, claiming to be an athiest is a bit confusing to me??? isn't he a high preist for Satan the fallen angel that god himself created? just sayin...

1014 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Theistic Satanism, on the other hand, is the belief in a God and a Devil, and supernatural beings.

1014 days ago

Lovin' Life with God!    

this goes down as the DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!! Did he even listen to himself?? God doesn't have to "make" others lose just because he blesses someone to win...that's just kinda how the win/lose stuff goes. Yes, Tim is being blessed...by God...and there's nothing wrong with that - Proud of you Tim!! ANYONE who receives Jesus as their Savior & Lord of their life and asks of the Father will be blessed also...try it!

1014 days ago


If you don't believe Satan exists in this world, you should try opposing him. What a deceiver of the living and dead.

1014 days ago


These satanist are morons especially their spokesperson Gilmore. You claim that satanists are atheists. STUPID TRASH MORON get your definition straight. An atheist is a person that does not believe in the existence of God, a god or any form of deity whatsoever. If an atheist start worshiping satan that defeats the purpose of being an atheist because you are worshiping something. STUPID!!!!!!!!!

1014 days ago


OK...F**k you TMZ for wasting my time.

1014 days ago


Looks like Harvey finaly hit rock bottem in who he gets on hear. Last group of folk Id ever go to fer an opinion on religon.

1014 days ago


You can't be a satanist if you are an Atheist. An Atheist doesn't believe in anything. However a Satanist believes that both god and Satan exist and this is very different from someone who does not believe either exists.

Think about it. If you believe in Satan and worship him, you do so because he represents the opposite of god. In order to believe in Satan, you must also believe that god exists too for any of this delusion to make sense.

For him to say he is an Atheist and a Satanist, ruins any credibility he might have had, and confuses most people who do not understand Atheism or Satanism.

Anyone who worships something supernatural is delusional. Anyone who does not believe in the Supernatural and believes in the laws of Nature and the laws of Evidence is not delusional. They can not be one in the same....

1014 days ago


That is the stupidest thing I've ever read!

1014 days ago


this guy is a joke...saying satanist are athiest is the most stupidest comment ever.athiest believe when you die you just die.how can he worship and believe in satan.yet be an athiest.athiest's dont believe the bible period.

1014 days ago
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