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Church of Satan

Tim Tebow's Delusional


12/12/2011 3:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Peter H. Gilmore -- a high priest in the Church of Satan
God is not helping Tim Tebow ... this according to a rep for The Church of Satan.

But there is a devilish twist ... the rep tells us Tim's faith COULD actually play a significant role in his success on the field.

TMZ spoke with Magus Peter H. Gilmore -- a high priest in the Church -- who tells us it doesn't make sense to say God is helping Tim win games ... because that would mean God's actively making other teams lose ... and why would God do that?

But what does make sense is Tebow's mental state -- Gilmore tells us, "Those who have a winning attitude tend to do better, and whatever fuels such team spirit, be it religious fervor or simply an overwhelming desire to succeed, is the real source for success."

Gilmore adds, "Satanists are atheists, and we would consider any triumph to rely on a combination of skill and luck – most certainly not in any form of supernatural intervention from either Heaven or Hell."


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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot    

Satanists are NOT atheists you idiot. If you believe in satan, then categorically, you are not an athiest because you believe in a diety.

1046 days ago


How can they call themselves a Satanist AND an atheist in the same breath?! An athiest believes in NOTHING. Zip. I have this argument with my husband every day. He's an athiest--or so he says--but he believes in science. Therefore, he's not an athiest. And who cares that Tim Tebow is a religious football player? Good for him. At least he's not fighting dogs, drinking and driving, shooting himself in the leg, shooting others.

1046 days ago


God has been involved in victories and losses for centuries. No reason he couldn't be involved... not saying that he is, but it's definitely not an impossibility. God also chooses whoever he pleases... has mercy on who he will have mercy beyond human understanding, so he certainly could have picked Tebow. If he is involved here it's not about "winning a football game" as many take offense to why God would get involved with that... it's what the victory does when the eyes then turn to Tebow and Tebow pushes all that attention where? God bless Tebow. An example for all to follow.

1046 days ago

Colby Walkup    

Satanists are atheists? what a ******* idiot. This guy is full of ****, how can he be the high priest of a church, in which he does not believe? If you believe in Satan, then you must believe in Jesus, therefor you are not atheist. Church of Satan is even more ridiculous than Christianity...if you're going to be a ******* idiot and believe in something that's invisible, you might as well make some money doing it.

1046 days ago

Amy Mac    

I'm confused an atheist doesn't believe in a higher being and Satan isn't human he is gods opposite so there has to be a god to have a Satan right so then how is being a Satanist equal to be an atheist (which I am because I don't believe in a higher power heaven or hell) hey retard stop giving atheists a bad name

1046 days ago


religious people are a bunch of psychos lol

1046 days ago


The title should read "When Christophobes attack"

1046 days ago


A santanist ? can you have satan without God ? i thinks not. Tebow jesus loves you.

1046 days ago


Satinists are not atheists. Atheists do not believe in god nor do we believe in satan. The two go hand in hand, without god there is not satan and without satan there is no god. We do not believe in a higher power. He needs to get his facts straight.

1046 days ago


I find it amusing how many comments are pissed about him saying he's an "athiest" because he goes by the term "Satanist". Satanists are athiests. They only use the term "Satanist" because it pisses off Christians.

1046 days ago


Forgot to clarify. Members of "The Church of Satan" who call themselves Satanists ARE athiests. Other people who call themselves Satanists are usually just bonkers.

1046 days ago


I don't agree with this man's station, let me say. He has no more right to decry one man's religion for his own. All religious leaders do it.

However, if you look up the church of satan, technically they are atheists, but it's broader than that. They believe more in the idea of self-preservation. It's still religion. Let's call it "Selfish-ism". They are more self-serving, in that the term satan "represents" the belief in indulgence, along with vengeance and others. In contradiction to that, they have sins as well, which are like the 7 deadly sins of the bible (9 for them), though it's more of how they sin within themselves, and not so much how they sin against others. They also have a set of rules that they follow to the benefit of others and the other elements of the earth.

They are just another religion, trying to justify their form of life. All religions do so, they will continue to do so. It's an institution, much like a mental one. This dude is an Anton Levay follower, not a theistic satanist. They are two different groups.

1046 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Good Lord, the hate directed from the anti-God people is appalling.

Rock On, Mr. Tebow. You are on the right side.

1046 days ago


People who worship satan can't be atheist too. A true atheist believes there is no other power, being, God or otherwise out there.

1046 days ago


That's ridiculous. Satanists aren't atheists. If you believe in Satan then you believe in God, since God is Satan's maker, technically. Atheists do not believe that there is a God of any kind, that includes angels, fallen or otherwise.

1046 days ago
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