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LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville

Go Cold Shoulder-to-Shoulder

12/12/2011 5:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville
Looking like twinsies, Eddie Cibrian's current wife LeAnn Rimes and his "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ex-wife Brandi Glanville got within arm's length of each other at Eddie & Brandi's kid's soccer game in L.A. this weekend.

For once they were on the same team.


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Notice LeAnn's body language. She wants nothing to do with Brandi.

1048 days ago


Leann Rimes is a classless, disrespectful, insecure, immature woman who has no clue what she is doing. I used to be a fan of hers but no longer am. If someone feels the need to constantly tell everyone how real and in love they are just says something is amiss and my guess is her insecurity.

1048 days ago


LeAnn is really NOT attractive. The other chick isnt that great either.

1048 days ago


I dont see them looking alike at all, except this picture there wearing the same style sunglasses. But I just figured out who this brandi is. I watch housewives and cannot stand this brandi, she has total bitch all over her attitude. Now I see why that eddie ran away from home! Nobody likes her on the show and no one I know even knew of her when I asked. Leanne has done just as so many woman before her. At least there doing good for the kid's sake.

1048 days ago


Good for Brandi! Very adult stance and I wish her well.

1048 days ago


I'm no body language expert but notice how Leann has her whole body shifting away from Brandi. And yes, very creepy that they look alike. Leann seems to have disappeared in size and personality, if she ever had one.

1048 days ago


Leann Rimes recent behavior is disgusting. I don't care how many women "did what she did" before her, doesn't make it right. She walks around like some victim! It's crazy. It's one thing if she fell in love with a married man while married but in that case, she could at the very least respect his ex given since she loves her "bonus boys" so much. No need to rub it in Brandy's face leann.

1048 days ago


Leanne is so damn ugly.

1048 days ago


LEANN is DISGUSTING... she morphed right into Brandi Glanville-the non attractive version!
Doesn't she know that guy is with her for $$$ and her CONNECTIONS in hollywood and that is it! Happy his show was cancelled

1048 days ago


you go girl leann. brandi is a slut, she said herself she was a slut and has the most fowl mouth you have ever hears. so not good for the boys. leann and eddie, i hope you get the kids full time. they will be so much better off than with their trash talking mother.

1048 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

see? that's the never ending tale of men and women. a man can give TWO!! women a luxurious world, but all they can do, is turn that all into dust that is then valuelessly carried away by the wind. women cannot manifest really ANY lasting empires. which is why men are essential as real rulers of the planet. which is why they have all these well paying jobs. because if all the wealth were not in the hands of men, the whole world would be a big hair pulling cat fight.

1048 days ago

Pound Sand    

They look so much alike, well except for the horse face.

1047 days ago


that kid is probably saying "mommy! that b*tch stole my juice drink!"

1047 days ago


Please gain some weight.
Cameras add 15 pounds and u look like a twig toots.

1047 days ago


Just goes to show what poor taste Eddie has in women. He likes them without a shape at all. No curves, no nothing! Lee Ann is nothing more than a donkey face on a stick. She's just plain UGLY and there is no amount of makeup in the world that can help her. I can't wait until Eddie screws her over just like he did with Brandi. And LeeAnn needs to stop trying to be the children's mom. She is nothing more than a wicked step-mother and that's all she will ever be. I can't believe that she hasn't tricked Eddie and "accidentally" become pregnant to "hold onto him" like she planned from the beginning. With her donkey face, she'd have one UGLY kid with those UGLY squinty eyes and that stank-azz look! She is just one Nasty-Ugly-Husband Stealing Skank! Why don't you have some plastic surgery and do something to look like a real woman. Oh yea, even plastic surgery can't help your kind of Ugly! EWWWW! LeeAnn Rimes is just plain UGLY! Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw!

1047 days ago
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