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Lindsay Lohan

Bikini Beach Party

AFTER Thief Strikes

12/12/2011 6:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in a bikini in HawaiiHere it is ... PROOF Lindsay Lohan can still act ... because the actress hit the beach like she didn't have a care in the world Sunday ... hours after someone jacked $10k out of her purse.

With her Playboy spread officially released online, Lohan showed off her physique in a tiny bikini ... that couldn't quite tame her breasts.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan freaked out Saturday night when her purse went missing at a house party ... a purse which contained her ID, passport and $10k in cash.

The purse was eventually returned ... minus the money.  Would you be smiling?


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Lindsay may want to re-think the people she let's into her life and most especially her house parties. One would assume that all guests were vetted, and you would think that she would know enough to secure her purse, if indeed she had that much cash in it. It seems a good way to buy something without showing what it was you purchased, as no doubt she did in Europe. Coincidence? I think not. Either someone is out to cause her grief, or she did not have the money.

1046 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Hey, Lilo, Hawaii has ATMs.

Her body is actually not bad. Its normal. She even has a little fat here and there (which is nicer to look at than the super boney version of Lindsay). But her face. She looks so old and unnatural in the face.

1046 days ago


Ribit Ribit..someone get that frog out of the water

1046 days ago

AGENT smith    

FOX news LA just did a two minute piece on Lindsay, Jillian Barberie was talking about how beautiful Lindsay is, Dorthy Lucie Agrees. A Playboy picture of Lindsay as Marylin is blowing up my 50 inch plasma......GO LINDSAY!!!!

1046 days ago

Red Cloud    

Lindsay sure is one popular and hot celebrity!!! She's trending on Yahoo again today. Her name is pulling 453,000,000 results on Google. A whole heck of a lot is written about Lindsay Lohan in cyberspace because a whole heck of a lot of people want to read about Lindsay Lohan. She's pulling 3K to 9K new Twitter followers each day. She sure is popular!!!! Can't wait until she signs the Gotti contract, and a few others.


1046 days ago


Me and one hundred other worker bees could sting her flat ass and it still wouldn't bee as puffy as those Playboy cartoons. Fakefakefake.

1046 days ago


she is what you would call.a practice girl...or a pass a round...the kind of girl you dont admit to being with (kind of like all the people she has dated)..
she is a 4:00 am girl,when theres nothing else atleast you have those innertube lips..
she is built and made for a gloryhole..and after vikram and heff..she might not be even that far up on the ladder.

1046 days ago

kanye east    

QUACKQUACKQUACKQUACKQUCK! Quackquackquack. Quackquack. Quackquckquackcoughcough. Quack. Quackquackquackquack. QUACKquackquackcough. Snort. Coughcoughhack. Quackquackquack. Coughhacksnort.

1046 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Look at all the haters showing us their stupidity!!!!!! You all might as well, JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1046 days ago


Did lindsay's clan make a bunch of accounts on tmz to dislike all the negative (aka truthful) comments about her and sing her praises? Beeeecause this was not the case every other time I've read comments until recently. This chick is like reality TV! Come on we all watch her for entertainment that's baffling, not to root her on at this point. Her energy is so horrific who could watch her anymore in a movie? She sucked in ugly betty.

1046 days ago


susan boyal just said she looked ugly..micky rourke said her face looks damaged..and Jim Jones commented how old she ann dressur said her voice is annoying and bachman just called her stupid...right on live TV

1046 days ago

Ghost Rider    

La-la-la, La-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la-la... :)

1046 days ago


Lohans whole crap was she wanted to get away to 'prepair herself' for the 'mass media frezny' that was going to surround her for her playboy shoot. Yeah, in her dreams.

The pics got leaked and that burst that bubble. Then she speeds dial tmz that her 5k pocketbook with all her ID, passport, money and paperwork was stolen. It was stolen from her car she left it in. Stupid right off the bat.

The pocketbook was never stolen in the first place. I bet top dollar she never filed a police report detailing all the contents in the 5k pocketbook. Wow just so happens a few hours later it shows up now she claims minus her 10k in cash. Another lie from Lohan.

10k in cash is for one reason and one reason only. If the bag was really best they may have spilt out the id and paperwork but they sure would have kept the 5k pocketbook.

This is classic Lohan BS to get the attention back on her. The Gotti movie is set to go again and not one mention of Lohan. Playboy turned out to be a flop.

Lohan should just stick to her CS and probation get that over and done with so she can go back overseas to find work. She sure won't find any work in the states. Nobody will work with her.

1046 days ago


Who the hell carries 10 grand in their purse????

1046 days ago


Tabloid fodder.

Too high maintanance for film work. Everywhere she goes someone gets ****** up.

1046 days ago
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