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Lindsay Lohan

Freaks Over Stolen Purse --

I Better Not Go to Jail Over This!

12/12/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan completely wigged after some jackass stole her purse in Hawaii this weekend -- telling friends, she was terrified the ordeal would land her in jail ... and TMZ has obtained audio of her expletive-filled freak out.

Take a listen ... moments after Lindsay discovered her bag was missing ... she says, "I will f**king kill someone if I even have to get questioned [inaudible] jail for a year."

Lindsay was petrified she'd be stranded in Hawaii without her ID -- forcing her to miss her court date in L.A. Wednesday morning ... a misstep that could have potentially gotten her probation revoked, and landed her butt behind bars.

Lindsay can relax -- TMZ broke the story -- her passport and court documents permitting travel were eventually returned along with Lindsay's $5,000 Chanel purse. However, she's still short $10,000 cash.

On tape Lindsay adds, "My dad will kill me" -- interesting considering her on-again-off-again relationship with Michael Lohan ... and his own in-and-out-of-jail (currently, out) status.


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She freaks 24/7, she is sooooo addicted to her histrionics and need for chaos and drama in her life.

She is neurotic.

1012 days ago


She just pulled down a million for stripping for Playboy and she worries about 10K? Why was she carrying so much cash? Was it to buy drugs?

1012 days ago


She sounds like she's a freshman in high school. Oh, the drama! That was a very juvenile thing to do, leaving your purse in a vehicle with the top down, and carrying that much CASH. How low is your IQ?!?!?!?!?

1012 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

FFS they all sound like 10-year olds.

1012 days ago


Now this is funny really funny, this is the backup to her story ! someone just comveniently tapes her throwining a hissy fit(worsed acting I every heard no wonder she hasn't had any offers)an releases it to TMZ ?
Your freaking kidding me right ?
Lohan Inc you now have have won the award for Worst CON-ARTIST TEAM in the WORLD just beating out Kartrashions by a hair............

1012 days ago


Why do you need a passport to go to Hawaii?

1012 days ago

Make it stop    

She's only freaking about jail because she knows she has tons of stolen items and illegal drugs in that purse.

1012 days ago


My 3 year old grandson has more vocabulary then everyone of those people on that tape ... Sounded like a bunch of 12 yrs old talking about losing a Ipod.........
She really sound upset about losing that purse ..SSSSURE !!!!!

1012 days ago


TMZ.......Hate to tell you guys that ain't freaky out on that tape that a dam sunday school tea party conversation compared to what real people would sound like if they had just had their purse stolen with a $100. dollar in it let alone $10,000 dollars...They were have heard me clear to the mainland without a dam tape !!! that is so fake !!!

1012 days ago


Rogue Warrior: 3 hours ago

Wow, the trolls never sleep, always got to be pounding away on their keyboard*****ing on Lilo. What a sad pathetic existence that must be. Next time your on a balcony 4 floors or higher you may want to take a dive off it!

Mikey will.

Milo and Whorehan prove what drugs to the brain.

1012 days ago


And why would that hold her back from going to her court date? Wouldn't she have copies of all that crap at home?

1012 days ago


Just a guess here, but I doubt it was 10K in "cash" that was in her purse if she was worried about getting busted...

1012 days ago


Crack drama. Reported thefts of $10,000 ARE investigated. She just went out on the street and asked someone for her purse and they gave it to her?

More like she owes someone the 10 and can't pay. More drama to come.

Way to be accountable.

1012 days ago


Er how was this all recorded? Secretly I assume. Is that legal? This is really dodgy TMZ.

1012 days ago


You notice that Lindsay or any of the Lohan Inc are the brightest crayons in the boxs didn't ya ? That fact would never have entered there one celled brains, or the fact that you don't need a passport, or the probation papers to get back on the plane....and the using the form as ID story because of no driver's licience might be really interesting to the traffic cops in LA since shes photographted driving all over....They just dig that hole deeper and deeper each time they open their mouths....

1012 days ago
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