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Nicole Scherzinger

Paula Told Me

to Vote Off Rachel Crow

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Factor" judge Paula Abdul secretly instructed Nicole Scherzinger to vote off Rachel Crow last week ... just moments before the earth-shattering elimination -- and we have proof.

Paula's mic was down when Nicole was making her decision -- but with a little volume tinkering ... you can clearly hear Paula whisper to Nicole, "Just let it go to a deadlock."

Nicole did just that ... a decision that sent Rachel Crow packing -- and resulted in a torrent of death threats from angry fans everywhere.

Everyone's blaming Nicole, but the audio raises the question -- is Nicole really at fault for sending Rachel home? So we gotta ask ...


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People, get over it, Rachel was not that good ,she was getting by on her young age and personality, she should have left long ago, her breaking down like that only confirms that 13 years old is to young for this type of competition, it should be cut off at 16, ask yourself, would you really pay money to go and watch her perform, If your honest with yourself, the answer is NO. I give Marcus all the props for being such a gentleman and a bigger person , besides, he is very entertaining and a good singer, America saw that.

988 days ago


It's Simon Cowells fault for hiring a no talent skank to be a judge in the first place. Scherzinger has no business being in entertainment. She's awful.

988 days ago


This shows really stinks, Wasted my time watching it once. It is more about the stupid judges and their issues which is handled in such an unprofessional manner . Yes the contestants are very talented. This show should be cancelled and the singers should all try out for American Idol. This whole concept is just not working. Dumbest show out there. Feel bad for the little girl, she had to learn at a young age how cruel it is out there. She may have acted like she understands, but be sure that she cried for hours. Heartless stupid show. Somebody please pull the plug.

988 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel sums it all up!!!

988 days ago


I think Nicole sucks.....she is a DRAMA takes forever to make decisions....she is trying to copy Paula and she is a bad judge.....Rachel should've stayed and NICOLE needs to go home and listen to REAL music...I just hate her.....didn't know her from the beginning anyway....ALL MY LOVE AND BEST OF LUCK TO RACHEL....YOU ARE THE SWEETEST PERSON WITH A VOICE LIKE AN ANGEL.....

988 days ago

Melissa L Curry    

At the end of the day it was 'US' the fans that let Rachel down. Rachel received the least amount of votes. The judges could have saved her but instead they let the fans decide.... We shouldn't be complaining about it. I love Rachel and know in my heart she will go on to become a greater person. I will be buying her cds for years to some.

988 days ago


I can't wait until this show is cancelled. It is the worst show on TV right now. I watched it once and that was enough. Look forward to the day I hear it's pulled from the network. Simon get rid of the concept, it is not working out at all. Have your singers audition for American Idol.

988 days ago


This show sucks. Wasted an hour of my life once watching it. First, there should be an age limit, or different age groups. I felt bad for that kid. But that is show business. It doesn't matter whose fault it is, this show is just bad news. Cancel is the vote I give it.

988 days ago


Nicole should have been a WOMAN and made her OWN decision. That was VERY Shady and they should BOTH be fired!!!!

988 days ago


It's no body's fault, people can't vote! They didn't want to send anyone home so it was up to the votes they received. your upset! Vote!

988 days ago

Debbie Saunders    

For the Love of God~~ this show will not survive season 2!~ I thought Simon Cowell was alot smarter than this!! Get rid of the 3 clowns Simon~~ pick some Judges with a brain please!! Steve Jones is a pain in the butt too!~ Simon and Ryan Seacrest can do a better than them 4 ding dongs!!!Cant stand to watch yellow teeth anymore!! Get a shave and a tooth brush!!YUK

988 days ago


It was America's fault! If they had voted enough she wouldn't have been on the bottom two.

988 days ago


Whatever. I'm done with the show, after last week. I didn'*****ch tonight, & I won't be watching anymore. I won't be wasting my time with American Idol either. I'm sick of all the crap that's gone on with that show also. Do you want to support talent? Go to the local clubs & establishments in your own towns & support real working musicians who are paying their dues.

987 days ago


When you go to a deadlock and allow the audience at home decide, they are baseing it on the previous night's performance when it should really be based on the immediate performance. Nicole was responsible for making the deciding decision.

987 days ago


nicole is such a petty person and such a dumb slut get over yourself! you are such a bad person and I hope the worst for you just like you apperently wish for all your compatition!

987 days ago
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