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Nicole Scherzinger

Paula Told Me

to Vote Off Rachel Crow

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Factor" judge Paula Abdul secretly instructed Nicole Scherzinger to vote off Rachel Crow last week ... just moments before the earth-shattering elimination -- and we have proof.

Paula's mic was down when Nicole was making her decision -- but with a little volume tinkering ... you can clearly hear Paula whisper to Nicole, "Just let it go to a deadlock."

Nicole did just that ... a decision that sent Rachel Crow packing -- and resulted in a torrent of death threats from angry fans everywhere.

Everyone's blaming Nicole, but the audio raises the question -- is Nicole really at fault for sending Rachel home? So we gotta ask ...


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Really? 41% of the voters blame PAULA? Come on!! That must mean that if Paula told you to jump off a bridge, and you did, that Paula should be blamed? Hello..PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY??!!?? First off, it's NO ONE's fault...judges make decisions, and so someone got sent home. BIG DEAL. No one got killed here, and plus, Rachel is probably better off anyway! Seriously, I'd ask that any of those who voted that it was Paula's fault, NOT vote in the upcoming political elections. Thank you.

1011 days ago


Paula suggested to let it go to a deadlock so that Nicole would not feel as pressured to make the decision. It is clearly Nicole's fault. Rachel was obviously better than Marcus. He should have gone home weeks ago.One of the problems with this show is that the judges should not be mentoring the contestants. They have become to emotionally involved with them to make unbiased decisions. It's a major problem and is unfair to the contestants. The other problem is the dancers. Get rid of them. They are a distraction.

1011 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the fans decide who goes home when it goes to deadlock? So since it went to deadlock and the fans chose Rachel to go home then isn't it the fans fault. I mean if Nicole had not voted for Rachel to go home and sent the other dude home then the guy that the fans wanted to stay would have been sent home.

1011 days ago


well actually, its not paula OR nicole's fault. if america liked rachel.... why was she in the bottom 2 in the first place??

1011 days ago


"No back-bone Nicole"

1011 days ago


I am so ashamed of my fellow Americans that they would threaten death over a decision on a reality show. This country needs to find its morals.

1011 days ago

hula girl    

btw Nicole... when you make a decision, you gotta bus' out 'da tita' and OWN IT GF; there's no pointing fingers in X-Factor; How shame to point fingers at all! No make me shame to be Hawaiian. Das one thing I love about Simon; he may be one 'Okole-Puka'... but at least he OWNS it! Thank God he's not a D--k OR a Pr--k; I'll take 'Okole-Puka' over either one, any given time of the day or nite! So step-up GF! And don't be such a 'wanker'! Shayz!!

1011 days ago


Who cares! It's just another TV show that the mindless flock towards.

1011 days ago


Cop out ! Nicole you do not belong in the Heat of the Moment, clearly!

1011 days ago


So Nicole - at 33 - can't make up her own mind? She just goes along? Paula needs to butt out of other's decisions - and Nicole needs to grow a pair. She threw the competition with that decision - she's a fool and keeps demonstrating that with every emotional gasp and flutter of her ridiculously ringed hands. Who is she, anyway? Never heard of her before - she needs to go if this show wants to try again with new contestants.

1011 days ago


Nicole has her own mind and her own voice. No matter what Paula might have said, she ultimately made her own decison to do what she did.

1011 days ago


Nicole's at fault because she can't make a decision any more than Paula. She looked at L.A. Reid first for consultation and then Paula instead of making a decision of her own. Then she starts weeping. She was a coward...and intentionally voted off Simon's team two weeks in a row. Neither Drew nor Rachel deserved to go home. Marcus was in the bottom 3 times in a row and should have been sent home.
This show's format is not fair to the contestants.

1011 days ago


I, for one, respect Marcus and his fanbase for outlasting all of the teenybopper contestants that I never liked. Now I feel like this show can really begin with the four they have left, who all seem like they could be viable recording artists.

1011 days ago


X Factor is a garbage show. Definitely no match for American Idol. It's television which exists to sell advertising. Nicole Scherzinger has trashed her career by her stupidity. She should never have been on thus show anyway. No talent. No career. No ability to mentor. None of the X Factor contestants are likely to have successful careers. I would imagine the $5 million dollar contract has strings attached (like having to sell millions of albums to collect). I won'*****ch the show ever again because it is a waste of time. I had respected Simon Cowell before this but it's obvious he regards Americans as a bunch of total manipulatable morons who eat up crap like this overproduced (canned applause and canned cheering) show.

1011 days ago


When it goes to deadlock, the judges are "suppose" to judge the contestants on their performance at that moment, not the night before, which is what the voters are basing their decision on if it comes to the voters having the deciding vote. So Nicole should have done her job and voted for the best singer not take the easy road and leave it to the voters who didnt even get to base their vote on the save performance. Rachel out sang Marcus on the Save performance.

1011 days ago
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