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Tim Tebow

God Is Saving the Broncos

... Says Colorado Pastor

12/12/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Tebow and Pastor Wayne Hanson
Broncos QB Tim Tebow is winning games because of God, pure and simple ... this according to a pastor at a Colorado church with ties to the Tebow family.

Pastor Wayne Hanson -- who runs Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO where Tim's dad often speaks -- tells TMZ God is actively intervening in Denver Broncos football games ... and aiding Tim on the field because of his strong faith.

Hanson tells us, "It's not luck. Luck isn't winning 6 games in a row. It's favor. God's favor."

Pastor Hanson adds, "God has blessed his hard work." 

We asked Hanson if Tebow would be winning games if he wasn't such a strong believer -- and the pastor replied, "No, of course not."

So far, it's the only plausible explanation for this insane Broncos winning streak.

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Powerful Picture showing Tebow at the Cross, this is what really matters, not football


1047 days ago


This is deceptive journalism at its absolute worst. The headline grabs attention by implying that Tebow thinks God is saving the Broncos. But not quite – it's Tebow's pastor who makes the claim. Just as bad, right? No....the claim is made by a pastor with “ties” to Tebow, not by the pastor of the church that Tebow attends. Well, still pretty bad, right? Not really...these “ties” are that Tebow's father “often” speaks at this church. Even if the word “often” in truth means more than once or twice, so what? His dad speaks at many places more than once or twice, and if this church is one of the many “mega churches” in the Denver area with huge seating capacities, the regularly scheduled speaking engagements make sense. And at the end of the “article” the "writer" states “So far, it's the only plausible explanation for this insane Broncos winning streak”. Really? Could tremendous defense, clutch performances, and elevated play due to great leadership have anything to do with the streak? No wonder that no one wants to be accountable for this trash-posing-as-journalism; better to hide behind the innocuous “TMZ STAFF”

1047 days ago


Tim Tebow at the Cross

1047 days ago


It is hard for marginal as well as unbelievers to appropriate what is being said, here with Tim Tebow; that's what makes them who they are. Until one comes into a full relationship with the Lord, one can't even began to say what they should about what's taking place; it's impossible for an "unbeliever" to have a right perspective. Take note of the word "right". There are "right" perspectives. It's just that you can't one until you KNOW God. When you know God, you stop saying what can't be. You know all things are possible with God. For all who point to all the suffering in the world, you do that because you aren't saved; the Lord has already addressed this in Scripture. Your problem: You've never read the Bible. America is full of Pagans--people who say they are "religious". The devil is religious, also. He's "hell bent" on doing what he does. Here's simply what's happening with Tim Tebow. Because he loves the Lord and we live in a free country--the United States of America--he is expressing his love for his God, publicly, before or after football games. That's all. It's only the Godless pagans, who would ever object to or have something to say about it. But let someone try to take away your right to express yourself in any way, and watch your mouth fly open about your "rights".

1047 days ago


God has more important things to deal with than a stupid football game played by a bunch of overpaid babies. This Pastor is an absolute disgrace to the Christian faith and church. Claims such as these make me so angry. Really? God is helping the Broncos win, but doesn't give a crap about all the children living in child sex slavery in India? Cares more about football than the thousands of children living each day being abused and neglected? How do you think this makes them feel to hear? Great way to promote God!
This guy is such an idiot. I hope everyone in his church leaves!

1047 days ago


fortgirl, you're just an "unbeliever". It's just a typical response from someone who doesn't know the Lord. How would you even know what God cares about, if you don't know Him? Turth is, instead of people leaving this guy's church, many would probably be coming there, hoping to see Tim. You know how the world system and it's people work: they want to be around "celebrity". But God can use that, because if you meet Tim Tebow or his father, you'll probably find them to be very nice people. Besides that, they are God's people. Tim was raised with both parents in his life, Bob and Pam Tebow. Unlike many in this country, who don't have the benefit of having grown up with both parents in the home, Tim Tebow did; and that, I believe, is the reason why he has done so well.

1047 days ago


fortgirl, how can you even determine that God doesn't care about the other things you have mentioned? This forum is not about that. You just have a reasoning breakdown. That's because you haven't really learned to reason. If someone at TMZ mentioned something about Tim Tebow and his perspective about those things you mentioned, then there would be cause to mention those things. Again, your response is typical of someone who really doesn't know the Lord. Of course God cares about those things you mentioned. God has never said He would take all the trouble out of the world. But those who know Him get help through the trouble, or help those in the trouble. That's how God gets people to follow Him--when His people show their love in this terrible world, to others who are hurting. The, He said that He has prepared a place for us (His followers), that where He is, we may be there also. Become a Believer and that promise will be yours, too. Don't you see the events in this world? The world is drawing to an end. We are going to get a world dictator--a world government system. Many unbelievers are involved is this process, because of their delusion, they believe this is the only way they believe the world's problems can be fixed. God says He is coming to take his people (the Church--His Bride) out of here before that time. Then the world will get what it asked for--wicked, powerful men and women that will do what they want to you and you will have no recourse. Wake-up and come to Jesus before that happens! You now see that beginning to take place!

1047 days ago


God will answers ANY prayers one may have....and yes Catholic is Christian!

1047 days ago


FYI - the pope isnt Christian; he's catholic...so the fix is in on your pole! :)

And God can do whatever He wants for whomever and for whatever reason...

1047 days ago


The Pastor is "right on" with what he is saying. Unbelievers, find yourself a church and get in it! Don't respond to the man's church at the top of this page, though; the Church of Satan!! A good place to start is with a good "Baptist" church. While at times Baptists have gotten caught-up with the "Identity Crisis" the Church is now experiencing, for the most part, you will still find people there who are pretty faithful to Scripture. Single-parent mothers and fathers--the Church is still where you will get help for your situation. Homeless people, the Church is still where you can get shelter; hungry people the same goes for you. There are other denominations like Lutheran, Episcopalian, Catholic, Presbyterian and the like. You will also find non-denominational churches, most commonly displaying themselves as "Christian Centers". These can be starting places; but get in the Church, people!! Great trouble is coming to the world and to America. And the only way for you and your family to navigate this trouble is to know what the Lord has said. Many of you are "scoffers". A scoffer is one who says, "...ah I don't believe all of this 'church' stuff". Look all all the trouble in the church. You're a scoffer if you think like that. God knows who's doing what and He is able to "weed-out" those who are faking it; He's a big God. Harold Camping was a false teacher--you know the guy who said the world was going to end earlier this year. If you didn't believe him, unbelievers, you would have been right about that. Scripture says no one knows when that will be. But as believers, we are to be ever thinking that it can be at any time; we are just to be prepared for it, whenever it takes place.

1047 days ago


Charles Hubbard, there's nothing wrong with NIKE Corporation. God just says we are not to make "idols" out of anything. You can like NIKE products. Where are you getting God promoting NIKE? Reasoning breakdown. That could be Starter, etc. Because an athlete is wearing a particular brand doesn't mean God is promoting it. America has an "education breakdown". It's those nasty public schools and a lack of education on the part of parents, who don't understand things. The people at TMZ, are very educated people. Their business created this forum for you to sound-off. I worked in TV, myself. Then I worked for the Defense and Treasury Departments. In America, YOU MUST BE EDUCATED!!! Or you will be an idiot. I'll leave you to guess what I did at Treasury. If you can guess, then I'll tell you from my experience--you'd better get saved!!! The Treasury Department is about to open a "trick" on you, soon. It's because of who you elected.

1047 days ago


Why don't you all just read about Tim Tebow and his wonderful family--Led by Bob and Pam Tebow. As one person on this forum responded--Tim is a wonderful example to teenagers. If you know anything about Denver and specifically the Capital Hill Neighborhood there, the kids and young adults are lost. And I know you remember Columbine. There is a lot of MONEY in Denver, Colorado; money and football is the religion, there. That is so prevalent in Denver, that even the Church has a hard time escaping the "carnality". There is epidemic marijuana consumption and a gross debauchery of lives. There are homeless teenagers and other young people. In a place like Denver, like other American cities, the religion is the Broncos. Football season, we worship at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Not unlike any other American city, with all the "down and 'out of work' Americans".

1047 days ago


bettey, Catholicism is in the "pale of Christianity". "Catholic" means 'Universal' church. It's just that their doctrine is not accurate. Like Jehovah's Witnesses and other "aberrant" Christian belief systems, there are things added to the faith that are not there. They teach things the Bible doesn't teach. We as Christians must study and pray, so that we can rightly divide the Word of God. The Universal entity that God created is the family. That has been broken down. Therefore, we don't have a proper entity through which God can work. We have all of these alternatives to the family; but God is not working through them. That's why our world and society is in the mess it's in. But deluded people think that they can create all of these aberrations and everything will still be all right. You're wrong!!! Oppose the evil aberrations to family and family life. It is with the problem with our world and our society. These aberrant forces have gained great power and are the very forces that oppose your success in life. Fight to oppose these things. And when you oppose what God opposes and have fought "the good fight", where you may even lose your life, God will call you home and say, "...Well done good and faithful servant". Our military has done this for us for some time, now. That's why we are a free people and why many want to come to our country!!!

1047 days ago


Dabouv, you better believe God cares about the Broncos and the other players around the league, as well. Why, He even cares about you, man, whether you like the Broncos or not!

1047 days ago


So god loves the broncos but hates starving children in Africa. Sounds like he has his priorities straight to me.

1047 days ago
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