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Tim Tebow

God Is Saving the Broncos

... Says Colorado Pastor

12/12/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Tebow and Pastor Wayne Hanson
Broncos QB Tim Tebow is winning games because of God, pure and simple ... this according to a pastor at a Colorado church with ties to the Tebow family.

Pastor Wayne Hanson -- who runs Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO where Tim's dad often speaks -- tells TMZ God is actively intervening in Denver Broncos football games ... and aiding Tim on the field because of his strong faith.

Hanson tells us, "It's not luck. Luck isn't winning 6 games in a row. It's favor. God's favor."

Pastor Hanson adds, "God has blessed his hard work." 

We asked Hanson if Tebow would be winning games if he wasn't such a strong believer -- and the pastor replied, "No, of course not."

So far, it's the only plausible explanation for this insane Broncos winning streak.

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So if God helps all that believe in him what about children who have never heard of him?

1010 days ago


A lot of you people talk about God as if he were your next door nieghbor. You do know that there are many religions across the world that have their own Gods, right? Religion is taught to us as children and you believe what your parents or the location where you were raised want you to believe. All religions will say the others are false and theirs is the only true religion. That being said, Chritianity, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and all the way down to Scientology and Hare Krishnas, and many more, believe their way is the only way, and I'm pretty sure none of these Gods care if the Denver Broncos win or lose.

1010 days ago

buzz kill    

It is good to see a man that doesn't let political correctness intimidate him. His Christian faith is a positive example to other young men. At least he doesn't strap on a bomb and blow up people to express his faith.

1010 days ago


For those trying to impugn God for not healing the sick--even those with Cancer. God does what He wants. And if He chooses not to heal, that's His choice. Only an unbeliever would comment this way--no fear of God. The only issue is where you go after death; unbelievers believer you go no where. Correct that. You either go to be with the Lord, or you go with who convinced you you go no where; you've heard who that is. Get it right, once and for all.

1010 days ago


I would like to see some kind of rational about God. How can he be the provider of miracles and then be the harbinger of doom, when children don't even know language.

1010 days ago

Biscayne Bay    

If Gods have been helping the Broncos and Bears then Satan has been on the sidelines of my Dolphins

1010 days ago


Jack, it depends on how old the child is. Children who have reached an age of understanding are will have to answer to God. Yes, possibly even the little Syrian children who are taught from a very young age to "...kill the infidel". That's you, man. But first and foremost, parents, at some point, are held accountable for the actions of children; God is just. That why you must be of a faith that would teach proper accountability. Not all faiths do that.

1010 days ago


If one were to believe that the Christian god existed I would hope that person would believe in a Christian god that was not so petty as to allow a team to win simply because people consider him a religious person.

The NFL is chalked full of extremely religious people. Why would god favor one man over the entirety of every one else in the NFL?

I find it rather sad as a Bronco fan that one should credit God's favor to a team that has decided never to give up at any point in a game. It's an insult to the players that are playing their hearts and an insult to any Christian to imply that their god would rather help a football team when there are so many in the world who could actually use a real miracle.

I honestly feel sorry for any person of faith who puts their football teams prayers over those around them and those in need.

1010 days ago

Jesus Christ    

so if it was an atheist who was successful then that would be attributed to who? If tebow was a muslim then what? I would like to see the pastor prove this considering there are children who have been abused by priests why didn't god intervene or is it because he is a huge football fan that he decided not too?

1010 days ago


Can't believe this debate is about god and football? If there is a big sky friend I hope he has better priorities than helping Tebow win a football game! I want off the f*cking planet.

1010 days ago


lolz Yes GOD the Almighty is personally helping St TIm Tebow. What about all of the other other great Christians whose team and careers now suck or whose careers were ended by injury? What about the Atheiests who won the SuperBowl? THis Pastor's poor logic about claiming to know Gods "favor" is why Evangelical Christianity is a joke. Yes, the Pope is more influential than a silly football player. I remember when Chris Carter another holy roller said God wanted the Vikings to win the SuperBowl in 1998. And we all know how that turned out.

1010 days ago


Eric, the most honest thing I think I can say is you need to get MORE psychiatric help. Love you xx. Sexy.

1010 days ago


It is apparent that even in this forum, there is great need for reason and faith. Just from many of the responses to Tim's winning, I notice that many of the responses are from guys. I'd bet "...a dime to a dozen of doughnuts", that many of you are "fatherless" or have had a poor example in a father. This can go all kinds of ways, I know. But, father-less-ness can, and often will, set-up no reverence for God and no real success in a man's life. As many of you have lost jobs, homes, businesses and the like, you now have more time to reflect on what's important. What's important is a relationship with the TRUE and living God. You know our president grew up without a father? A father is who is really responsible for what is in or not in a child's life; NOT the mother!!! The absence of the father or the presence of an ineffective father will determine the direction of the family. Be a good father to your family and you will better understand what the real conversation about Tim Tebow is.

1010 days ago


I am a Buddhist and you people are nasty. My goodness. You all need help. I feel sorry for you and all people of faith need to pray for people like you to be happy and stop being so negative. Wow. Get therapy.

1010 days ago


I'm not a religious person... was brought up Catholic, but I'm not even sure I believe in all that anymore. But I really don't have a problem with Tebow or anyone feeling so strongly about their faith that they publicly display it how they see fit. This is a free country, that's what we're all about.

What my legitimate question for this pastor is... and with all due respect... why is it that it's Tim Tebow who is favored by God, that God has decided to intervene & help Denver to win? Aren't there are other men on other teams who are strong believers & who work hard & deserve God's favor as well?

Is it this pastor's opinion that there are no other men on any of Denver's opponents that they have beaten that are not as strong or even stronger believers than Tim Tebow? Is it this pastor's belief that Time Tebow is the MOST deserving man in the NFL... the ONLY one that deserves to be rewarded for his strong belief and hard work? Because that's what it sounds like.

Call me crazy, but I would surely think there are other men in the NFL who have very strong beliefs, who live their lives according to those beliefs, and who work hard, like Tim Tebow. But maybe this pastor believes otherwise. Because if those other men also have strong faith like Tim, then why aren't they winning? Or does this pastor believe that every winning team is made up 100% of men who have strong beliefs?

I'm not trying to make a mockery out of what he's saying, I'm just trying to really understand why he believes it's just TIM TEBOW who is deserving of God helping him to win. Maybe this pastor truly believes all of the men on the other teams are heathens, I don't know.

My other question to him is does this pastor also believe every member of the Denver Broncos is like Tim? I mean, is it not possible that some of the men aren't Christian... possibly Jewish... possibly Muslim or Islamic... maybe even atheist. If even one of them is not a Christian, then why does God allow that team to win, if the basis for God allowing Denver to win is because of Tim Tebow's strong belief? I mean, if other men on the team don't believe, then the team shouldn't win, should it?

And if the pastor believes, well, yes, even if there are non-believers on the Broncos, that team still deserves to win....well, then don't other teams with non-believers on them deserve to win as well?

I really would love to pose these questions to the pastor, not to make a mockery, but to hear the answers, because I think these are legitimate questions if this pastor truly believes faith is the reason Denver is winning.

I really wish very much this pastor could answer those questions.

1010 days ago
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