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Is Tim Tebow Saving Religion?

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Tim Tebow's string of amazing comebacks has made him more than just a football star ... he's a bonafide religious icon. But does he have Pope-esque potential? Another religious sports star -- NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip joins our debate.

Plus, Alec Baldwin tried to get the last laugh on American Airlines with his SNL skit -- and, surprisingly, some people think he did. And ... Lindsay Lohan's idea of walking around money is $10,000 ... CASH?? Something's not adding up here. 


(2:10) Harvey has 60 seconds to prove that Tim Tebow has the potential to be more influential than the Pope.
(4:15) Evan explains why people think a higher power is helping Tebow ... he's not an NFL caliber quarterback.
(14:00) Religious NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip calls in -- he explains how Tebow's faith helps him perform.
(20:10) Alec Baldwin mocks his airplane incident on SNL -- and Brian rips Harvey and Charles for whining about it.
(22:00) Harvey thinks Alec's biggest mistake was...
(30:10) Breaking news! Heisman winner Robert Griffin III visited Ground Zero after winning the award. Great story.
(32:05) Lindsay Lohan's purse -- which had $10k in it -- gets stolen ... but Harvey's not buying the story.
(35:30) Lamar Odom's shock trade to Dallas -- how's it going to effect the Kardashian reality show train?
(40:00) Charles can't figure out why the Lakers sold Lamar.
(46:45) Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman in history. Really?


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jen a
is very hot now

1024 days ago

Who Knew    

This Brian guy is the idiot who got beat up at school for pushing people. Alec is a man child who will not put his toys away and gets a time out from the pilot.

1024 days ago


There should not be a hassle for flying. There were no terrorists on 9/11. I can't believe that so many people have fallen for the big lie which the government has perpetrated upon us. The facts about 9/11 are far from what they have had us believe.

1024 days ago


I have to agree wtih Charles here. Flying is a Pain in the rear and I don't need anyone making it more painful, especially over a game. I don't agree with 1/2 the TSA rules. I think some of them are a power trip adn don't make my flight any safer. But I sure as hell want to take off as close to on time as possible and at some point you suck it up and do what you're asked so you can get to point B.

1024 days ago


Charles and Harvey sound like idiots. I agree with Brian 100%.

1024 days ago

arale norimaki    

Can’t we silence these Christian athletes who thank Jesus whenever they win and never mention his name when they lose? You never hear them say, “Jesus made me drop the ball” or, “The Lord tripped me up behind the line of scrimmage.”

1024 days ago

John dowser    

Fire that lunatic Brian, the guy is an absolute goof !!! He thinks he is so funny and smart, and its the absolute opposite. Can him, and let him flip burgers...

1024 days ago


You can't buy drugs with credit cards normally

1024 days ago


OMG I hope it messes up that LAME show PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

1024 days ago


I think at the end point it was probably mutual. Lamar was upset that they wanted to trade him initially. Obviously since he didn't show up for work. And as a coach/manager you can't allow the precedent that your employees don't show up because they are having a temper tantrum. Ultimately, they probably needed to do it.

1024 days ago



1024 days ago


Alec not a funny skit.

1024 days ago


snl was funny...but what alex baldwin did was not funny. i had almost forgot about his bad behavior with his daughter and now this outburst. He has trouble with anger issues. So sad. He should be better than this. Rules are for everyone, even "Movie Stars"

1024 days ago


i dont believe god cares which football team wins or helps one team over another win

1024 days ago


Who exactly is voting the Aniston is the hottest of all time? I didn't realize she had that many relatives.

1024 days ago
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