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Is Tim Tebow Saving Religion?

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Tim Tebow's string of amazing comebacks has made him more than just a football star ... he's a bonafide religious icon. But does he have Pope-esque potential? Another religious sports star -- NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip joins our debate.

Plus, Alec Baldwin tried to get the last laugh on American Airlines with his SNL skit -- and, surprisingly, some people think he did. And ... Lindsay Lohan's idea of walking around money is $10,000 ... CASH?? Something's not adding up here. 


(2:10) Harvey has 60 seconds to prove that Tim Tebow has the potential to be more influential than the Pope.
(4:15) Evan explains why people think a higher power is helping Tebow ... he's not an NFL caliber quarterback.
(14:00) Religious NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip calls in -- he explains how Tebow's faith helps him perform.
(20:10) Alec Baldwin mocks his airplane incident on SNL -- and Brian rips Harvey and Charles for whining about it.
(22:00) Harvey thinks Alec's biggest mistake was...
(30:10) Breaking news! Heisman winner Robert Griffin III visited Ground Zero after winning the award. Great story.
(32:05) Lindsay Lohan's purse -- which had $10k in it -- gets stolen ... but Harvey's not buying the story.
(35:30) Lamar Odom's shock trade to Dallas -- how's it going to effect the Kardashian reality show train?
(40:00) Charles can't figure out why the Lakers sold Lamar.
(46:45) Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman in history. Really?


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Lindsey was robbed for the exact amount that she claims is missing. I believe the police should definitely investigate this. It should also be a wake up call for Lilo, her family, and her friends are leeches. The moment she realizes this, she will be better off.

944 days ago


I've said once I will say it again. This is why TMZ shouldn't post anything sports related. Tebow turns more people away from religion than he attracts. If you read some of the comments by football players themselves you would know. Also Tim isn't the only religious player in the NFL. He is just one of the few that throws it in your face every chance he has. BTW, do really believe Christians care about what a jewish guy thinks when it comes to Christianity!

944 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is far from broke and your insisting she is is laughable Harvey!

944 days ago


Aside from the thought that TT does it for his ego, holding one's-self up as a billboard for religious piety is condemned in the New Testament; Phalacteries on his eyelids? Only Evangelicals can be so blind! Do your Alms(good deeds) privately that only God knows.

944 days ago


tebow says the word 'jesus' so much I can tell if he is taking the lord's name in vain or not

944 days ago



943 days ago


..... god lets 50000 babies starve to death EVERY DAY but worries about a fricking football team.

so glad I'm smart enough to be an atheist.

943 days ago


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

943 days ago


Tim Tebow is only controversial because American society is very ANTI-CHRIST and very HATEFUL toward anyone that simply loves THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and OPEN and unashamed about it. If Tebow was gay and every minutes (like all these other celebrities) talking about how GREAT IT IS TO BE GAY AND OPEN this society would not have anything to say about it EXCEPT that we must be cordial, tolerant and accepting of it and God HELP and GOD forbid! If anyone dare, remotely raise any other opinion about that.

This man is polarized because AMERICA is ANTI-CHRISTIAN and HOSTILE toward the CHRISTIAN FAITH -- He is not polarizng, AMERICA IS POLARIZING. You can be blunt, open and express any other idea in AMERICA, except a TRUE, SINCERE and UNWAVERING FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.

And, the reason that is, is because JESUS CHRIST -- THE GOSPEL is very clear that He is the ONLY WAY, ONLY TRUTH and ONLY LIFE and that you can't do "what you want and in get into Heaven."

That goes against the MAJORITY of AMERICANS beliefs, and even the WORLD at large, because most people want to serve GOD on their OWN TERMS and and DO THEIR OWN THING. And, The Lord Jesus Christ says: Uh-Uh... don't work that way!

If TEBOW was a BUDDHIST or ATHEIST like the late Pat Tillman and equally vocal about it -- No one would have a problem. But, AMERICA has a PROBLEM. And, YES! GOD IS USING TEBOW TO SHOW THAT! In Jesus Name, Amen.

943 days ago
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