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Jerry Sandusky

Blocks Accusers

From Spilling Beans ... For Now

12/13/2011 5:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky just executed a legal maneuver that will keep 8 of his accusers from telling tales of horrific sexual abuse ... but only temporarily.

The former Penn State assistant coach waived his right to a preliminary hearing this AM in his child molestation case.  The judge was supposed to hear testimony from Sandusky's accusers and then decide if there was enough evidence to justify a trial.  By waiving his right to a prelim, the case will automatically be set for a full trial.

On his way into court, Sandusky said, "We fully intend to put together the best possible defense that we can do, to stay the course, to fight for 4 quarters.  We want the opportunity to present our side."

Outside the courthouse, Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, told the media, "There will be no plea negotiations. This is a fight to the death."

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1011 days ago


You fully expect to go four quarters? You don't have a choice. YOUR VICTIMS WILL ALL GO FOUR QUARTERS AND THEN WATCH YOU GO TO PRISON! It's their chance to no longer be your victim. And your lawyer is an idiot, so this should be over pretty fast!

1011 days ago


You fully intend to go four quarters? You don't have a choice! THE VICTIMS WILL GO FOUR QUARTERS AND THEN WATCH YOU GO TO PRISON!! It's their chance to no longer be your victim. And your lawyer is an idiot, so this should be fun to watch!

1011 days ago


"All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing". That's what happened here and lives were ruined as "footballheroes" turned their eyes away. Sickening.

1011 days ago


Your victims will get their voice that they are so courageously entitled to have, to break their years of silence. You may think you can silence them now with a court do***ent, but you will not be able to silence them any longer.

You sick pervert!

My heart goes to the abused victims and their families, do not let the abuse or this monster ever define you or hurt you again. Speak loud and let your voice be heard to encourage other survivors (abuse victims) to come forward.

My best to the survivors of his perverse abuse.

1011 days ago


YEAH ! TouchDown ! Awesome Play . How stupid is this freak ? Like using FOOTBALL talk to reach out to other football fanatics will soften the blow ? pun intended . Gawd i hope he ROTS in prison, and no doubt he will. Let's do a pool to bet on Jerry's last game. I'll bet ONE CENT that he kills himself before trial. YEAH..

1011 days ago


He should just claim to be possessed by the spirit of Michael Jackson.

1011 days ago


This trial will be OVER when one of his accusers has to describe his p3nis, and is able to do so.
Hope he fries in hell.

1011 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

Is Tom Sneddon the district attorney there? Will his private parts be photographed?

1011 days ago


Sick ****.

1011 days ago


We can only hope that he meant it when he said it was a fight to the death. I'm sure all of his victims will cheer his death. The sooner the better.

1011 days ago


Unfortunately, there is only one credible witness to these heinous crimes against those poor children. That will be used as a defense because there needs to be more than one eye witness. I don't want him to rot in prison. I want him to be executed.

1011 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

Sickening. His lard *ss wife heard those boys being molested downstairs and did not help them. It is ridiculous. What is with these men liking young booty holes? For crying out loud, couldnt he find a grey haired ugly old man like himself?

1011 days ago


VICTIMS RIGHTS WILL RULE the day; though the system has failed so far, the movement of Special Victims will rise up and destroy the abusers.

Death Penalty for child molesters. Let's make THIS the PLATFORM FOR THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS, THIS IS THE PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. REALLY,, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS IF YOUR KIDS ARE NOT SAFE FROM PEDOPHILES !! WE ARE CALLING FOR A WITCH HUNT FOR PEDOPhILES, THEY MUST BE ERADICATED NOW. HURT OUR KIDS / YOU DIE SUCKER> OR TAKE 'EM OUT BACK AND ....this guy isn't worth the bullets / jJUST DO IT>>>>>>>>>>(can you tell i have skin in this fight ?) YOU BETCHA ...THis is just the beginning of the end for all you sick m'fers.

1011 days ago


Fight to the death? Suits me just fine.

1011 days ago
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