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Robert Wagner [VIDEO]

Going Public After Natalie Wood

Death Investigation Re-Opened

12/13/2011 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since cops reopened the Natalie Wood case as a homicide investigation -- the dead actress' former husband Robert Wagner showed his face in public.

Wagner remained tight-lipped on his way into the Lyric Theater in Florida moments ago -- where the actor is set to give a Q&A on his life tonight.

Wagner's not officially a suspect in the investigation -- but there's been widespread speculation that investigators are looking into the possibility that he was responsible for Wood's death back in 1981.


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lee hutton    

Wagner should have been a responsible adult on that night back in Nov 81 instead he buried his head in the sand carried on drinking knowing too well Natalie wouldn't last for long in that cold dark water.. shame on you Robert, most men would have went into the water for a pet dog never mind a wonderful,talented ,caring wife that would NEVER have let you drown under ANY cir****tances!!

952 days ago


I always thought the story he told about Natalie Wood's death wasn't right. Now, his legacy will be her mysterious death. Too bad, but he brought it on himself.

952 days ago


He certainly acts suspicious in the video,don't you think? He was one of the world's worst actors,only son of a wealthy family.Jill St.John was in his bed, in record time. I hope the real truth comes out.Always a peculiar accident,nothing made any sense about it.

952 days ago


Wagner didn't "do it" on purpose but he is guilty of manslaughter. While in a heated fight on the rear of the boat, he turned away and when he turned back she had slipped off the boat. When he discovered she was missing he panicked and was so worried about his "image" that it took his drunken mind how to figure out how to handle it. That's why he told the captain to halt the searchlight to find her.

I always like RJ but after he's not come clean about the incident and the fact he married St. John shortley afterwood I lost my respect for him.

952 days ago


They were drunk and RJ helped Natalie into the water.
Hey, That's Jill St. John in the background! He had been having an affair with her for years when Natalie fell into the water. Now RJ and Jill are together, without RJ ever having to go through an ugly divorce from Natalie. What a coincidence!!

952 days ago


****ner, Blake & Wagner all got away with it.

952 days ago


Ok then Captain Kirk,Blake and Wagner.

952 days ago

Rikki Doxx    

He sure was a looker when he was young. So was Chris. Walkin

952 days ago


Jill St. John must be about 90 now .... why does she look like she's wearing a maternity top?

952 days ago


Glad to see you guys finally figured out that the Lyric Theatre is in Florida, not LA (as article first reported).

952 days ago


Prove it!!!

952 days ago


I was a fan of Natalie Wood and knew of her drinking; but that was not a planned murder - I think in rage she suffered a deathly injury and died.

952 days ago


Seems like the book isn't going well for sales.

952 days ago


Your "large" male ego... may have gotten you into trouble many years ago. You have escaped the law for the majority of your life. At the age of 81...doesn't excuse you of murder.

952 days ago


PAY ATTENTION .. THIS COULD BE FACT ... I knew Natalie since we were in school and she would not have gone in tha*****er ... no water... Lana, Natalie's younger sister wrote a book that was pulled off the shelves at Wagner's demand and it told the secret story. One I heard years before. Lana explained Robert W had affairs with men and then the book disappeared .. all gone .. no mention of it now but it existed big time...Natalie knew ... that I know .. Robert grew up in the Rock Hudson, Henry Wilson era ... says it all if you knew how secret being gay then or even bi-sesxual was .. and if you knew who Henry Wilson was and how me made many men stars. MY THEORY IS MORE LIKE NATALIE FOUND ROBERT IN A COMPROMSING SITUATION WITH CHRISTOPHER WALKEN AND PROMISED TO EXPOSE HIM THIS TIME... Natalie loved Robert so she married him twice and she loved him when she died. But the second marriage with him lusting after Walken would have found her livid and Wagner couldn't afford his secret being exposed. He was in the age group where gay relationships were secret. NATALIE AND I WERE FRIENDS AND NEITHER OF US WOULD HAVE GONE IN THE WATER .. NOT FOR ANY REASON .. AND WE BOTH LOVE IT... I HAVE HOMES ON THE OCEAN FRONT AND ON A LAKE AND I STEP INTO NEITHER .. AND POOLS, I LOVE . BUT I DON'T SWIM, NOR DID NATALIE. Robert couldn't take her exposing his sexual agenda and had to make sure she was out of his life forever to maintain a secret he'd kept a lifetime. Robert didn't want to save her, he might have loved her but knew his life and career depended on silencing her and so he did from what the witnesses who heard her cries for help and his lies. Then the book Lana wrote that I read said it all when she told of his sexual encounters with men and again, it was pulled. Robert Wagner had prestige and clout then, he was a George Clooney kind of guy .. we loved him on screen .. he was the good guy... but Lana and Natalie knew otherwise .. the difference Natalie loved him and married him twice. When they divorced the first time, they both married others and had children. Robert clocked himself with wives to hide his sexual preference .. a good cover up... and then cause they did love each other, they remarried and again Robert proved his weakness that Natalie hated. He proved he hadn't changed and she was drinking so she let him know she'd expose him. That's how I think she landed in the drink. Lana after writing the book letting people know of his bi-sexual or let's say 'gay' venue and Robert pulling it off shelves was silenced and lived a life of which I know not. But she knew then and she knows now the truth about Robert Wagner he'll deny. Lana was black balled from the industry and Robert went on to marry once again to Jill .. and did you know that some of us always found her to be lesbian material? What a romp, two people marrying and hiding behind identical secrets sexually. I took my pup to the doggy park and met a lady who told me a story she didn't really comprehend, but I did. It was about Robert Wagner at Melvin's wonderful club in Palm Springs where celebs and the rich and the pretenders hung out often... great music and atmosphere... This lady told me of a man who said Robert propositioned him and flirted shamelessly even as he told Wagner he was happily married. After a time, he did become Robert's lover and remained married for five years .. the perks must have been worth it and his life goes on today. She wasn't sure the story was true cause we weren't talking about Wagner or Natalie but the club and the area and all the fun we both had there at different times. I knew that story had to be true from all I knew from Natalie, Lana's book and more. It made sense to me for Robert Wagner has never dated much after he married Natalie the first time but he did marry .. being married is the best way to hide your sexuality and in those days, 'coming out of the closet' as Rock Hudson didn't intend, well, it wasn't an option but a humiliation and a career changer. Oh, I think Wagner is guilty a 110% and the witnesses who heard Natalie scream for help proves she was left to drown .. and why .. maybe to save 2 careers .. it was that time and it would have been all over for Walken and Wagner and Natalie would have taken them down. Lana did in her book but Robert had it pulled from the shelves. Find the book Lana wrote and you'll know who Robert really is .. he hated Lana .. she's scared of his power still today though he's over the hill and his goose is finally cooked. Natalie truly loved him but she'd had it with his infidelity with men and he knew it. The sheriff's department at the time knew there was something wrong with her death but Wagner was a star and he was part of other men who covered up their gay relationships ... he wasn't grilled like he should have been and he got by with murder .. until now... and now he's got no clout at all. Jill and Robert are equals in many ways and that she showed up in his life may have been a cover up for two people .. Robert and Jill .. Robert never dated .. he married .. a great way to keep his secret sex life. Lana he shut up and Natalie was gone forever .. HENRY WILSON ... he was the one who put a lot of guys under the sheets decades ago and their career's depended on whether they caved into him or not .. sad but true .. Natalie was a really sweet girl always .. she loved him big time and he loved her as best he could love a lady. Jill is a shill .. and she agreed to being with him for what reason ???? Think about it .. two people with secrets .. and dual agendas .. not madly in love but comfortable friends sharing their own private lives as Natalie's death remained secret. Not now!!!!

952 days ago
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