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Robert Wagner [VIDEO]

Going Public After Natalie Wood

Death Investigation Re-Opened

12/13/2011 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since cops reopened the Natalie Wood case as a homicide investigation -- the dead actress' former husband Robert Wagner showed his face in public.

Wagner remained tight-lipped on his way into the Lyric Theater in Florida moments ago -- where the actor is set to give a Q&A on his life tonight.

Wagner's not officially a suspect in the investigation -- but there's been widespread speculation that investigators are looking into the possibility that he was responsible for Wood's death back in 1981.


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Politico Pablo    

He's going to stick with the story of 30 years ago. It was a tragic accident and we don't know what happened.
Now that witness are being heard, the public no longer believes him.

1015 days ago



1015 days ago


Yeah, sure he's happy it's been reopened because he's going to be going away for a while.

1015 days ago


He did it.

1015 days ago


"There has been widespread speculation"....fueled by TMZ and the trolls who think Robert Wagner was a big enough star to buy his way out of trouble, yet will take the word of a drunk who has changed his story like his underwear. Report something of substance Kim K bleaching her mustache....

1015 days ago


PS : To all of you saying he's "going away for a long time", even if he DID do it, the statute of limitations is up on everything but First Degree Murder, and they can't prove that. So keep dreaming. Get back to assuring everyone that those you deem to be guilty are, without any facts to back up your silly assumptions.

1015 days ago


Val....Your theory is pretty accurate. The reason Nat divorced him the first time was because she woke up and found RJ in a compromising position with a man in her living room.

1015 days ago

billy cema    

Once read that he was involved in a murder of a young guy years before.
All concerned can still read 'GOODBYE NATALIE, GOODBYE SPLENDOUR" by Marti Rulli. It's very detailed and painstakingly researched.
One can read there that Natalie's body had so many bruises when pulled aboard, that she "looked like she had been in a boxing ring."
Christopher Walker has pinged many a gaydar! And Robert Wagner had a particular liking for the effeminate veteran actor, the late Clifton Webb. Also, when Natalie wanted to fire their girly butler, RW would have none of it.
Read the book! It's so obvious that Natalie would never have gone out in the dark by herself; and to tie a dinghy, yet. That was the captain's job!

1015 days ago


Jillian you are correct and she loved him then .. gives me the chills to think of it for Lana exposed him indirectly in her book after Natalie's death. Strange she never mentioned it recently and wonder if she's scared of Robert still and what he can do. The witnesses prove she was left to die on that raft. Indeed Wagner had clout and sympathy then so he covered it up well. Those who think the guy was drunk don't get it, drunks usually remember better than those who don't drink regularly and I'm thinking he was paid off. Marrying Jill St John was a good place to hide. In fact, there is no way Natalie would have gone in the water but pissed at Robert she would have threatened him with exposure. That guy who went into Melvin's in Palm Springs told the aquaintance I made at the doggy park I saw often about his relationship with Robert. He told Wagner he was straight and married but that made him more interested seems like. She knew the married man pretty well to share such an experience but she had no clue of how Wagner enjoyed men over women. That was a relationship with Robert for five years .. he remained married and Wagner saw to it he was spoiled financially .. not a gay man but one who found the perks were worth the ride with Wagner. You know in reality Robert was a nice guy .. placid and not offensive but a predator nevertheless. No wonder Natalie loved him and married him and plunged into a second marriage with him but he wasn't the good guy we thought he was ... and there we have his current wife .. never a problem in his marriage .. and why is that? Good place to hide .. and maybe for both of them although she's guilry of nothing .. it was all about Natalie catching him for what he was used to doing... you're right Jillian .. you knew too

1015 days ago


And to the individual who didn't think he was a big star...oh, he was in his own right and very well respected .. Natalie made sure of that by keeping his secret until the night she wasn't going to keep it anymore. But indeed he was a star .. handsome and classy and polite .. a charming man indeed .. and then reclusive but with the same agenda .. the book Lana wrote told of his sexual desires .. and all gone .. never to be heard o****ain .. but I read it .. it existed .. wonder if it's around now ??? Oh, Robert Wagner is a far cry from who he was once but he's alive and Natalie is not ... sorry for the children .. that's the downside now. As for Wagner, that he's exposed for the predator he was/is?, well he's living now as an elder exposed for what he did and didn't do ... the witnesses say they heard her cry for help but he intended not to get her .. not that time.

1015 days ago


HENRY WILSON THE FLAMING GAY AGENT WHO MADE OR DENIED CAREERS NOT FOR TALENT BUT BEDROOM SKILLS... LOOKS AND SEX ... READ Writer Robert Hofler's book THE MAN WHO INVENTED ROCK HUDSON .. THE PRETTY BOYS AND THE DIRTY DEALS OF HENRY WILSON. Author Hofler profiles the gay Hollywood agent who was responsible for making the careers of Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter. Willson also discovered Lana Turner and turned Natalie Wood into a star. It was the years of Hollywood when Rock Hudon and Robert Wagner were seeking fame and fortune and secretly living lives we didn't then identify with. Wagner .. who are you Robert? You're one of the secret ones, aren't you ?

1015 days ago


'gay' happy HENRY WILSON'S CLIENT LIST INCLUDED Rock Hudson, Robert Wagner, Troy Donahue, Tab Hunter, John Derek and oh so many more pretty boys. They got the work and those he dropped who wouldn't play with him, got dumped !!!

1015 days ago


A-List homosexuals, such as homosexual brad pitt and homosexual robert wagner, don't speak to amateur nelly queen reporters!

1015 days ago


The LAPD reopened the case because they knew the book would reveal just how shoddy the police 'investigation' really was. A witness (the woman in the nearby boat who heard Natalie's cries for help and a man's slurred voice answering her) was later threatened? She reported that and no one followed up? That's just ONE of the many pathetic details in this tragic case.

1015 days ago


Really you think he didn't get away with murder? What will it change? Nothing!! They won't admit to any thing even tho they could get away with it now?! Maybe we can hope for a death bed confession from eithe RJ or Christopher. Maybe Christopher

1015 days ago
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