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Duggar Family

Snaps Pic of Miscarried Baby

12/15/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The family from TLC's "19 Kids & Counting" chose a unique way to commemorate the life of their 20th child, who passed away this week in a miscarriage -- they took an artsy picture of the fetal corpse ... and distributed it at the memorial.

Jubilee Shalom Duggar was due in April ... but Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage on Sunday in her 2nd trimester.

The Duggars held a memorial today at their church in Arkansas, where they distributed the above photographs -- containing messages like, "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

The photos were first posted on Twitter by a family member -- and then surfaced on a fan site.

We reached out to the family for comment -- so far, no word back.


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This doesnt even look real people!!! Im so sure someone would have a photoshoot with a dead, undeveloped child!! come on !!!

948 days ago


I do not see anything wrong with these pictures. They were done very tastefully. These pictures of the baby arent any different than an ultrasound, except the baby is out of the womb. You cannot tell the baby is deceased.
Years ago it was common for people to take pictures of the deceased. Everyone needs to leave the family alone and let them morn the loss of their baby.

948 days ago


seriously people? there are photos of all kinds of crap all over the internet and y'all are getting your panties in a wad over some parents wanting to remember their lost baby? GET REAL

948 days ago


This family has their own opinions and beliefs, no one is forced to watch the show and how they choose to find comfort with the death of their little girl is their own business. Although, if the photo was leaked when it was suppose to be kept private and intended for the people they hold dearest to them. SHAME ON THE PERSON OR PERSONS THAT LEAKED THE PHOTOS!!!! As far as the number of children they have unless you support them with your dollars why should it matter!~!!

948 days ago


What is so disgusting about these photos, it is a baby! They are beautiful...each child no matter how small is a blessing and this family recognizes that. If more people raised children the way they do this world would be a much nicer place! and who's business is it anyway how many children they have! They have the financial means to do it and aren't relying on the government like way too many people in this country!

948 days ago


So I have never been more disgusted with anything in my entire life! How can a child's foot or hands be disturbing, they were created by God. I lost a child at 18 weeks and I happily display them in my house for all to see. Every child is precious to God and their family, Imagine if that was your daughter!!

948 days ago


wow...get over yourselves. how the dugers choose to grieve is their decision. i think the photos are beautiful and gives them a memory of their child that can hardly replace the memories they could've made in her lifetime.

948 days ago

Jean McPherson    

You thought the pictures of the feet of the Dugger's stillborn child disturbing, yet show pictures of a woman licking another woman's foot (sex tape) and a picture of Chaz Bono breaking off his(her) engagement. Those pictures are far more disturbing. The Dugger's photo shows love for their unborn child. The other pictures are the ones that are really sick.

948 days ago


This is most disturbing! The flaunting of yet another baby was enough, but a dead baby, please. Could this family not have done their burying of the baby in "private" and not use the air waves and media for attention. AGAIN! Absolutely classless.

947 days ago


made a satirical website about people who beliebve life begins at conception. Not saying this baby wasn't a baby- to me, it was. But my website is designed to sort of point up the more ridiculous aspects of the belief that embroyos are people from the second they are fertilized.

Please leave a comment in the guesbook if you like it. Continue the satire if you think that's fun (I do).

947 days ago


What's the difference of them having pictures done of their baby than any of you posting pictures of your kids. It's still their baby whether it's still living or not.

947 days ago


i dont see anything wrong with these pictures!! as a woman who has endured a miscarriage eaches own on how it is to be delt with!! if i could've afforded a memorial for my lost little one..i would've and wouldn't have been anyone to say other wise to me!! until you go through something like that you cannot honestly say what you would do!! let them mourn the way they want and if that is what they wanted to do..just leave them alone!! there are more important things in the world to be concerned with people!! GRRRR!!!

947 days ago

Ellen Straw    

How incredible morbid and tasteless, but what can one expect from this tabloid family whose mother may as well be a farm animal having multiple births. Their children do not have a childhood as they are made to help their pathetic attention seeking parents.
With overpopulation, stravation, deminishing resources etc. They make a very POOR model for ANY family.
I am proud to say that only once have I seen their degrading show - that only because I have some 'red neck' relation who thankfully are rarely seen.

At home in Indiana

947 days ago


I believe these pictures are tasteful. Who are we to judge how these people chose to grieve? I promise you, if I had ever lost a child, I would create as many memories as I could and cherish each one.

947 days ago


Is there a constitutional rule that determines how many children a couple can or cannot have in America? That is really no body's business. As far as the image? Come on!!! It's a tiny little PERSON'S feet. Far different than seeing someone being mutilated or tortured. Would that be acceptable?

947 days ago
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