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Duggar Family

Snaps Pic of Miscarried Baby

12/15/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The family from TLC's "19 Kids & Counting" chose a unique way to commemorate the life of their 20th child, who passed away this week in a miscarriage -- they took an artsy picture of the fetal corpse ... and distributed it at the memorial.

Jubilee Shalom Duggar was due in April ... but Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage on Sunday in her 2nd trimester.

The Duggars held a memorial today at their church in Arkansas, where they distributed the above photographs -- containing messages like, "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

The photos were first posted on Twitter by a family member -- and then surfaced on a fan site.

We reached out to the family for comment -- so far, no word back.


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I'm okay with these pictures. They are tastefully done (IMO)and were only meant for those attending the memorial service, not the general public. Losing a child is difficult and if the pictures will help in the healing process take the pictures.

984 days ago


I'm completing shocked and deeply hurt as to how heartless people can be. As a mother who cherishes the only 2 pictures that I have of my son who is no longer with me, TMZ, I am disgusted. How on earth are photos of a loved and wanted baby "disturbing?" Regardless of anyone's view on the Duggar families religion, life choices, and views on birth control, Jubilee was a BABY! Shame on all of you!!

984 days ago


WOW!!! The politically correct people who think showing pictures of this beautiful baby is disrespectful, are also the ones who think ABORTION is OKAY. Maybe this will open some eyes to let the world see that THIS IS NOT just tissue, but a fully developed BABY who just needs TIME TO GROW.

984 days ago

jayne j.    

Poor family. All their trying to do is remember this baby the best way possible. Who is anyone else to tell them how many kids to have, how to mourn, and what to take pictures of? People are arrogant and should really mind their own business. If this is how they deal with their sadness, then so be it!

984 days ago


these people are grieving the loss of a child. I think it's a beautiful memorial. it's their way of coping and dealing.

984 days ago


when I read this article I thought the pictures were going to be of like the entire baby.. but it's the feet and the picture is in black & white, photography style. Seriously, how is this bad?

984 days ago

Andrea Allen    

I don't think I would take pictures of my dead babies feet or tiny hands, but I don't see how having a picture is so tacky and horrible? People have open casket ceremonies all the time? The dead body laying in front of everybody. Even though this baby didn't see the light of day, it was still a baby. It lived inside her, this was their way of remembering her child and grieving with the death.

983 days ago


Obviously most people posting on here have never lost a child. I lost my son on Sept 16th of this year (I was at the end of my 20th week of pregnancy). There is absolutely nothing wrong with a family taking/having pictures of a baby they lost. My son is as much of my child as my daughter that is still alive today. Losing a baby before they are born is the worst pain you can ever go through!! The pain runs so deep, you can't even begin to explain how bad it hurts. You all will forget the Duggar's family latest child and my post before long. However, we will never forget the babies we lost. We have to still go through every day with grief on how much we miss our baby and how we will never get to have all the memories we should have had with them. Our pain will never go away nor will we EVER forget. So, if you don't like it that they took pictures of their daughter....GET OVER IT!!! That is one of the only things they will have that they can see to keep her memory alive. I have pictures of my son as well. I'm 100% proud to have them!!!

983 days ago


Everyone grieves differently, and these pictures were never meant for the public. A cousin posted them on her profile, and they leaked from there. What I think is disgusting is the fact that TMX actually blurred out a picture of baby feet. They lost their baby in the second trimester-she had a name, and they lost her. Come on people, quit being such judgemental ********.

983 days ago


I really wonder how a 45 year old woman still has eggs...I dunno - I think they both need to get real and STOP procreating!!!!For the love of God.....

983 days ago

Christopher de Vidal    

Formerly pro-choice columnist noted that of all the comments here, few (or none?) are arguing that the baby is a fetus.

983 days ago


After reading the comments of this articular, It is evident that there are some who believe everyone should have the same belief as they have. Not so many years ago during the western days, before many various laws where incited, there were many who took pictures of the dead. What is so different about the way some people grieve?. What world do these people live in?, I'm in the process of self publishing my own books, which makes me feel that the world may not be ready for my books. These comment's about not being right does not stop me from publishing my books. My belief of these photo's are a way of grieving, even thought the little one was still born or miss carried if my mother had stopped trying for another baby after doing this as some people have made a statement about doing, my sister would not have been born. She is best of a sister and a friend as well.
Some of these people not understanding this is, is only one way of grieving, their own way..... Have a nice day !!

982 days ago


Many people choose to take photos when their baby dies. It is the only thing they have to remember their baby by. I'm sure all of you who are judging them have never been through this experience. The photos are tastefully done and is a precious memory for them. If you think a picture of a little baby's hand or feet is disturbing then you should just stay in your house and don'*****ch TV because there are more disturbing things in this world that you will see every day.

982 days ago


this makes me hungry.

981 days ago


i do understand that you are a gossip magazine, but this is not gossip. What happened to the dugger family is very sad and if they choose to do pictures of their baby to help with the greiving process i say do it. This is not unheard of and many families take pictures and have services for the unborn child. It sickens me to think you made money off such a private and hurtful time in their lives. I hope that only good can come from such a terrible ordeal and now more people can be educated on unborn births.

981 days ago
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