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Duggar Family

Snaps Pic of Miscarried Baby

12/15/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The family from TLC's "19 Kids & Counting" chose a unique way to commemorate the life of their 20th child, who passed away this week in a miscarriage -- they took an artsy picture of the fetal corpse ... and distributed it at the memorial.

Jubilee Shalom Duggar was due in April ... but Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage on Sunday in her 2nd trimester.

The Duggars held a memorial today at their church in Arkansas, where they distributed the above photographs -- containing messages like, "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

The photos were first posted on Twitter by a family member -- and then surfaced on a fan site.

We reached out to the family for comment -- so far, no word back.


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As a woman who has recently gone threw a miscarriage I find this beautiful. Let them grieve the way they feel is right. And as for all the rude comments you people have no right to judge until you have walked in their shoes! From one mommy of an angel to another I hope she can find peace and ignore all the hateful comments.

990 days ago


This is not religion It is money money and more money. How disgusting can this family and their so called religion get. It makes me ashamed to be a part of this universe. Tacky is the nicest word I can think of to call these so called media whores.

990 days ago

Lise Charlebois    

Clearly this rabbit should not be breeding any longer. As much as I love babies and children, I fail to believe this family loves children, but rather like the fame and money more. Give it up!

990 days ago


Beautiful......True that every life should be celebrated, even those that end in utero. Amazingly beautiful photos tastefully done. I am an OB nurse and we encourage parents to keep momentos of the sweet lost baby and yes even photos are allowed.

990 days ago


If they felt the need to take pictures why are they putting it out there for the world to see? after all they requested "privacy"during this diffcult time..I believe there love for the spotlight outweighed there love for this innocent baby...

990 days ago


Not disturbing at all a beautiful tribute to a small life

990 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

since when is a miscarried baby's funeral 'celebrity news'?

990 days ago



990 days ago


I'm not sure if these are actual pictures of their baby. I have a friend who lost a child and the website dedicated to lost children from miscarriage had these pictures and some more like them on the is common practice in all hospitals to have pictures taken of the baby for the parents/family/friends to help with the grieving purpose...if you are offended by these pictures do not click the is no different then your Great Aunt Hazel taking pictures of the open caskets and showing them to you on her next visit....whatever helps a person deal

990 days ago


This is disgusting! these people are using everything for a buck and it's "sinful"! They make me want to puke they are hypicrits in the worst way!

990 days ago

Big Taters    

TMZ has no clue. Granted, what this family is doing is unorthodox to say the least, but aren't they allowed to mourn in their own way, within the law?

AND TMZ reached out for comments? WTF? You reach out for comments from a family on how they mourn?

Harvey is a clueless d-bag who employs the same.

990 days ago


I don't think taking pictures of the baby for them to keep is wrong. I do however think the family member that posted them on twitter has something wrong with their head! This is something that should be cherished by the family not exploited! That's truly sad.

990 days ago


This is the "fan site" - they're the farthest thing from it. That posted this first.

990 days ago


This makes me very sad for many reasons. TMZ, this shows that you have no boundries. The fact that you chose to put this on your site sickens me. The Duggars are a loving family that practices their religious beliefs in a way in which our country allows. no matter how unpopular it may be. Aside from religion, the number of kids a couple has is not up for public debate. And I am sure that this kind of loss, be it your 1st child or 20th, the grief is deep and very painful. As for the memorial pic I'm sure that any happiness expressed is for the brief opportunity they had to know this baby and peace in knowing that she is now back with God in heaven. I pray that anyone judging this family and making these terrible remarks can take a look at their own life choices before condemning others.

990 days ago

buzz kill    

These people obviously love their children very much. As long as they can support them and raise them in a positive environment it is no elses business. At least they are not on welfare sucking off other hard working Americans. Also, they are decent people who would never murder the unborn just because it would be inconvienient.

990 days ago
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