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'Fear Factor' Mom

PISSED Over Last Night's Show --

My Son's No Oedipus!!!

12/14/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Fear Factor" producers DIABOLICALLY edited Tuesday night's episode to falsely suggest the mother-son team have an incestuous relationship ... this according to the mom. 

Monica -- the ex-bodybuilder who teamed up with her son Matias on last night's premiere episode -- tells us, FF editors used a clip of her and her son hugging to make it look like they ... touch each other too much.

Joe Rogan even took a shot at the duo on the show ... joking, "I hug my mom every time I see her ... but then I let go."

Monica tells us, "Last night when the show aired, I was SHOCKED. I am appalled and disgusted at the comments of people on the show about Matias’ and my relationship and how it seems ‘inappropriate’ for a mother and son. Are you kidding me?"

Monica adds, "In no way, shape, or form am I inappropriate with my son ... I’m broken hearted. Joe Rogan ... shame on YOU. You are a father. How dare you talk about my son that way?"

Monica says she's probably not gonna sue -- but she wants everyone to know she's pissed.

We've reached out to "Fear Factor" for comment -- so far, no word back.


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She is out of her mind! Her comment about giving birth and especially the sound effect was GROSS! In defense of the show, the other contestant brought it up~because they observed the excessive touching. Then, it was just joking around commenting on it. I saw it too. I don't think anything was implied other than they are too touchy feely and he is a Moma's boy. Big deal!!

1012 days ago


They can edit content to look any way they choose. TMZ does it all the time on their show. She has no case, she signed a waver that says they can do anything with the film.

1012 days ago


How do jokes about excessive hugging suggest incest? She needs to get over herself. It suggests clinginess, not incest.

1012 days ago


You could edit that tape a million ways, but she WAS very CREEPY with her son. They both need their heads examined. I've never seen a guy THAT awkwardly kissy, feely with his mother. I've also never seen a Mom act that way. She did talk weirdly about him all the time, they hang on each other and kiss, and for crying out loud, she said they gaze into each other's eyes?? If you didn'*****ch the show, don't comment. Seriously. You had to see and hear THEM, not Rogan. She has NO case. They are weirdos.

1012 days ago


EXACTLY WHY I DON'*****ch reality. It's not real at all; it's how they decide to edit to make something out of nothing. Pathetic. Even more pathetic: THOSE who watch the crap.

1012 days ago


They ACTED like they were dating. If you watched and listened, you'd see how uncomfortable they make others feel. It wasn't Joe Rogan's fault. They were all over each other like lovesick teens and that was too weird for me, too. No guy hangs on his mom and keeps kissing her, holds hands, talk about each other like they are 'in love' and 'gaze' into each others' eyes. (her words, not mine...during the stunt with the truck...she said it gave them that moment. Ewww) She's raised him strangely to say the least.

1012 days ago


Must be Fear Factor is getting stale and they need more ratings. Although I think there's too many frivolous lawsuits, I think she should sue. This isn't even funny.

1012 days ago


What about the brother & sister who were chest-bumping? Ew.

1012 days ago


I watched the episode...I didn't see anything questionable about it...what is the broad talking about?

1012 days ago


Oh, they are just trashing talking even though I would never get that close to my parents.

1012 days ago


but i did notice it wasn't joe rogan who brought it up, it was the other contestants, so who knows what happened when the cameras were off and it was just the contestants hanging out together

1012 days ago

brown dynamite    

Wonder what Rogan thinks of guys grinding on each other for 15 - 25 minutes... UFC.

1012 days ago


That is disgusting. The crew at Fear Factor should be ashamed of themselves. Having your children unafraid to show affection to you is a gift and not something to be perverted but sick minded t.v slugs.

1012 days ago


I don't see anything that insinuates this son/mother team are involved with incest. But the contestants were concerned about the closeness between them and certainly they weren't told to say that. Nobody told him to put his arm around his mom and nobody told them to lock up to work each other up to compete. Mom's overreacting.

1012 days ago


Why is Joe Rogan hosting Teen Mom?????? JOE! Your better than this! What the hell?!

1012 days ago
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