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'Fear Factor' Mom

PISSED Over Last Night's Show --

My Son's No Oedipus!!!

12/14/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Fear Factor" producers DIABOLICALLY edited Tuesday night's episode to falsely suggest the mother-son team have an incestuous relationship ... this according to the mom. 

Monica -- the ex-bodybuilder who teamed up with her son Matias on last night's premiere episode -- tells us, FF editors used a clip of her and her son hugging to make it look like they ... touch each other too much.

Joe Rogan even took a shot at the duo on the show ... joking, "I hug my mom every time I see her ... but then I let go."

Monica tells us, "Last night when the show aired, I was SHOCKED. I am appalled and disgusted at the comments of people on the show about Matias’ and my relationship and how it seems ‘inappropriate’ for a mother and son. Are you kidding me?"

Monica adds, "In no way, shape, or form am I inappropriate with my son ... I’m broken hearted. Joe Rogan ... shame on YOU. You are a father. How dare you talk about my son that way?"

Monica says she's probably not gonna sue -- but she wants everyone to know she's pissed.

We've reached out to "Fear Factor" for comment -- so far, no word back.


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just me    

she did say her son's name 'Matias' means 'gift from God'...a lot of women call their men this...just saying

1022 days ago


How could she sue? They can only 'edit' what was filmed. If they weren't all touchy feely then there would be nothing to show right? I saw the episode and before Joe said anything I was thinking that they were awfully ummmm close. I love my son but apparently not as much as this woman loves her son LOL.

1022 days ago


Didn'*****ch it because I don't like the host. He always talks bull behind the contestants back. He's a two faced jerk and that's
disgustingly low If this woman is right .

1022 days ago


Sorry lady, but the footage speaks for itself.. They were all over each other, it was really weird. She'd have a point if it were like one or two scenes taken out of context, but they were like that the whole show.

1022 days ago


matias went to my high school and he is such a man's man that im sure he is absolutley horrifed about this. his entire family is very spiritual and maybe that came across weirdly on the show. but they really got matia's ego on point.

1022 days ago

Bobby Dobbs    

Saying that Rogan is fat just shows true ignorance. You clearly have no idea what the guy goes through-his diet, his training... don't let big, baggy clothes fool you-the guy is in peak shape and would beat you down quick. And for the rest of the people who say there's nothing wrong with 'being close'-you clearly didn't see the actual show. It's not just editing because you can't edit stuff that wasn't there. So the long, uncomfortable embraces were the product of what the mother/son were actually doing.

1022 days ago


American soldiers die every day so that you can have the hurt your fellow Americans.

1022 days ago

Rotten Puppets    

I watched that episode they were all over each other.. I honestly thought one of the challenges was going to be to bang your mom cause this kid was ready to rock her box.

1022 days ago


Incest is best, put your mother to the test!

1022 days ago


Joe Rogan has aged about as well as the zombies on The Walking Dead. I didn't see anything strange about this mother and son. People really need to get their minds out of the gutter.

1022 days ago


Hmmm. Saw the show and felt like getting a crowbar to seperate this Mother and Son. My Mom has passed and I'm still a Momma's boy but this was too much. Joe said exactly what I was thinking...let go!

1022 days ago


Did anyone stop to think that they may have been a little aprehensive about being on TV and clung to each other for moral support? I really do not think that a mother would put it all out there for the world to see if she was getting it on with her son. She probably said stay close for I'm a little nervous. Or maybe he was the one nervous. Either way I don't think anything was going on. I'm not that touchy feely with my son but some people are so I'll hold my judgement. Now if they had started kissing or getting it on while waiting their turn then that is a whole different situation.

1022 days ago


if i were u than you should sue because is going to be big talk in hollywood

1022 days ago


who brought back this turd?

1022 days ago


TMZ, What a waste, Dumb closet sluts and high school geeks that would have their ass beat off camera just thought i'd let you know how ****** you are harvey how you've fallen, Suppose it wasn't far eh? ********s...

1022 days ago
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