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Lindsay Lohan

Returns from Hawaii --

Parties at Jay-Z Concert

12/14/2011 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan's Hawaiian vacation has finally come to an end ... but hours after she arrived back in L.A. last night she was already partying again ... at the Jay-Z concert.

LiLo was originally scheduled to catch an early flight so she could have appeared on "Ellen" to promote her Playboy spread ... but Lohan missed the early flight and had to bail on the show.

Lohan's rep tells us the actress offered to tape a segment for "Ellen" today -- but Ellen's people turned her down due to scheduling issues.



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She done that back in 2010 to, flopped out on a comitment (esort to some rich guy for a party) then ended up partyin instead. Dont look good fer her. Looks like the party was the thing and the comitment got in the way of the party.

PS Bad idea to burn Ellen.

1022 days ago


I am sure the missed flight was so she wouldn't have to explain how exclusive picture were leaked. She is avoiding the whole situation. It started with Hawaii, and now the missed early flight. Heff do yourself a favor Pull the issue release as a collectors edition, and sue her for breach of contract since it was not your people that released the pictures.

1022 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Well, Harvey is a day late and a dollar short, however I'm sure the haters have already begun their full on attack of this princess. I gotti catch up on some of the illiterate comments and pop some popcorn to celebrate Lilo's successful court appearance!!!

1022 days ago


What a screw up! Did she try to bring a pound of Maui Wowie back on the plane she got booted from? Doing a no show on Ellen is beyond stupid, it is self destructive and no surprise as a Lindsay behavior...

1022 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Of course they declined due to scheduling issues - the issue was the tramp was scheduled to show up, didn't bother to and now has yet another HOllywood bridge burned. That's the issue, they don't want her because she doesn't give a fuque about anything except getting over on people and "partying" at a concert.
Yep, she's progressing nicely.

1022 days ago


How is going to a concert partying? Seriously TMZ, you gotta stop thi*****eful enticing exaggeration, it brings out the usual lizards.

For those of you hating because she went to the concert but didn't appear on the Ellen show, read this, ******* happens sometimes. Ellen show would have finished around 6pm, the concert was later in the evening, she didn't substitute one for the other, get over it.

1022 days ago


I am amazed at how somone like Lindsay, who has handlers and "friends" around her ALL of the time, can MISS A FLIGHT. I can't help but think she just didn't want to do the Ellen show, for some reason. So sad her word isn't any good and how she feels she can "do whatever she wants". Sad. I hope Playboy asks for some of their money back, since she didn't live up to her agreement to publicize the magazine.

1022 days ago


Pootie trying badly to stay out of the camera to let Lindsay look like she doesn't have her hanger-on there. Aliane doesn't go to college.. drama stunts... just like Kim. Have the same people giving them bad advice. Kim and Lindsay and Paris are over.

1022 days ago


It's pretty easy to miss a flight when you don't want to be on it.

Ali is still in high school. Dina is "home schooling" her. You can stop laughing now...

1022 days ago


I wanna know how HEF feels about her not properly promoting her Playboy issue TMZ. Get him on the phone.

1022 days ago


I am sure hef is thinking "that million dollars was money well spent"

1022 days ago


Someone is telling Hef now told you so. And Hef is telling them, get Miley, get her.

1022 days ago


One TMZ tells a glowing story about how well Lilo is doing, and the very next one (accompanied by pics of a rough, partied-out-looking Lilo) tells of how irresponsible and flaky she still is by not getting up early enough to make a flight to a majorly important interview. Ellen is the winner here because I'm much more interested in an interview with Paris Jackson than that other one.

1022 days ago


Just saw the pics of Lohan at the beach in Hawaii on Fox411. Right below 2 photos of her at the beach is the Playboy cover shot. How can you even call those Playboy images, pictures of Lindsay Lohan??!! Compared side by side, it's not the same person. The playboy pics (I saw the entire spread online when they were leaked) are so obviously photoshopped they look like a CGI or an avetar!! Her arms, legs, abdomen, and skin look completely fake in the mag pics. Her skin looks plastic after removing the freckles. The beach pictures are more realistic, she looks like a decent looking 45 or 50 year old!! what a waste!!

1022 days ago


For someone who supposedly wants to get their so called 'career" back on track she really isnt trying very hard to appear professionl. Skipping interviews to party and then offerig to tape something on her own time how mature Lindsay. Oh and by the way the orange arms but white hands look is really nsaty. If you are going to get a fake tan at least get a deent one!

1022 days ago
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