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Lindsay Lohan

How She Turned it Around

12/14/2011 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will experience something new in court this AM ... a friendly judge who heaps praise on her, and it's all because her lawyer figured out something that was lacking in her life.

Lindsay will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner at 10 AM PT for a progress report.  She's on probation for pilfering a necklace at an L.A. jewelry store.

Judge Sautner tried something new ... rather than just telling Lindsay to complete her community service in a year -- or else -- the judge created a very specific schedule, putting in a certain number of hours each month.  And Lindsay has not only complied, she's gone beyond the minimum.  Sources tell us ... Lindsay logged the requisite number of hours of community service and morgue duty, and she's actually put in more therapy time than required.

And sources tell us ... her supervisor at the morgue is blown away, calling her work "stellar," and saying she's "a delight to work with and hard working."

The reason for Lindsay's turnaround -- her lawyer, Shawn Holley, who went to the judge before Lindsay's sentencing and argued that her client needed a rigid structure -- something her own parents never provided. 

Score one for the lawyer.


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El Topo    

Good to hear. I hope she can keep it up, and stays away from the parties.

1043 days ago

AGENT smith    

Haters, If you can pick up Good Day LA the Fox morning news with Jillian Barberie, Jill is looking off the hook hot and she keeps saying really nice thing about Lindsay. They started showing live shots from an aerial view of LAX courthouse at 7 am. Three hours of Lindsay hype, almost as much as the Superbowl. Tweet Jillian your hate at askjillian at Twitter. BTW she loves Mi LO also and interviewed him a few months ago. GREAT PUBLICITY 4 FREE

1043 days ago


In session should pan over to Lindsay in court because it is a progress hearing..way more in portant then the murder trial that on now

1043 days ago


I love Shawn Holley and Judge Sautner has been very understanding.

1043 days ago


I fiquire right about now they got her propped up and are shovel uppers and coffee down her throat to get her sobber enough to walk her concrete runway without falling on that flat ass...
Pootie's trying to comb out the rats in that blonde mop on her head so that she can twist up back in that reduclious knot she thinks is so fashional , and Lnor is throwing clothes all over the place as she rejects one after another outfit to wear...and Ali is drinking black coffee and nibbling on her lone piece of plain burnt toast while coaching Lindsay on what she has to say in court...

1043 days ago

New Orleans    

Gimme a break. She's an adult. She's responsible for her own problems. Enough coddling this creepy chick. I'm sicka reading about her.

1043 days ago


She canceled 14 of the 19 scheduled court-ordered psychotherapy appointments.

She missed 12 of 20 scheduled workdays at the Downtown Woman's Center imposed in May when she pleaded guilty to the theft of a necklace.

Oh Yeah, sounds like she has changed a whole lot. Whatever!

1043 days ago


You're talking about her like she is a wayward teenager. She's been an adult for a very long time now. At this age we don't pin it all on the parents.

1043 days ago


Who cares, she should of done this ages ago, I cannot believe we are praising someone that did what every other normal person would do the first time they are asked, oh wait, anyone else would be in jail.

1043 days ago


sara: 6 minutes ago

She canceled 14 of the 19 scheduled court-ordered psychotherapy appointments.

She missed 12 of 20 scheduled workdays at the Downtown Woman's Center imposed in May when she pleaded guilty to the theft of a necklace.

Oh Yeah, sounds like she has changed a whole lot. Whatever!
That was before her new probation terms.

1043 days ago


If Shawn Holley, and lindsay psych,can praise Lindsay.there is no hope,for this young adult,She is far from OK.She left Hawaii,and not before creating and making a mess the police have to clean up,Lindsay had a responsibilty to ELLEN, and everyone connected to the Ellen show,creating another mess, letting Ellen know,she boss.and thought she could tell Ellen when she will do her taping,I am very glad Ellen would not do that.and anyone looking at Lindsay face,knows there is trouble ahead.She doing good for Probation because she knows the only way to RID HERSELF OF COURT DUTIES ,IS TO COMPLY.and Ellen did not come under court orders.and like all druggies and booze users lindsay is VERY CONNIVING/

1043 days ago


Wouldn't it be the biggest laugh if Old Harvey is setting us up and she's not in compliance.....! I would laugh my ass off....No matter what happens the look on her face as she got off that plane and the ones from the concert she is not a happy campier....the look on her face is prizeless.
Looks just like a kid who's done something really bad and is about to get called on it....She is in other words '
Scared shytless about something....MMMMmmmmmmmm wonder what could it be...if not the court then........
LOL....If you go screwing with the big boys you better be able to take the punishment...or run really really far way.....

1043 days ago


LLFAN: 5 minutes ago
Hi hun, Does this thing start at 9:30 or 10:00? Im confused.



1043 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Everybody ready to watch the Judge give Lindsay a cookie?

1043 days ago


Good Mornin All
Other than Ketjo, who poor thing, is in pain (been reading the previous comments) how is everyone else this FINE mornin?

1043 days ago
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