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Lindsay Lohan

Kills It In Probation

Progress Hearing

12/14/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_ym4x0w90_1_9hkxdh2eThis is new ... Lindsay Lohan got high marks in court.

Lindsay appeared in court today for her probation progress report.  A very surprised Judge Stephanie Sautner began by saying, "Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work."

The judge noted Lindsay actually completed her 12 days of community service early.  And she went to an extra therapy session -- 5 instead of the required 4.  The judge also said the morgue was pleased by the work Lindsay has done there "at least as pleased as a morgue can be."

Judge Sautner said there was some confusion over whether Lindsay was allowed to go to Hawaii last week, but ultimately the Judge said it was ok, because she was celebrating her sister's birthday and she was allowed to go out of state for family events.

Lindsay is due back in court next month, but so far, so good.


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Chopin's Romance    

Here is the link that somebody wanted about Hugh Hefner:

I do not understand what happened to the Giotti biopic? Was she not supposed to be in it? It is not in her IMdB anymore. What happened? Is the movie not being made?

1006 days ago


Jag Jeans AD
"Where's the jeans ?

1006 days ago

Red Cloud    

Lindsay hits the #1 spot on Sorry ilg, I said this would happen.

1:27 PM EST

Trending Now
1. Lindsay Lohan2. Hugh Hefner3. Katy PerryPhotos4. Christmas decorations5. Freddie Mac6. Kris Humphries7. Britney Spears8. Perfume gift sets9. Sky apples10. e-readers


gone, gone, gone..........

1006 days ago


LOL! "Lindsay was impressed by Jag’s Push Up Skinny Jeans and Flared Jeans, and even asked if she could keep a peach top and the denim shorts she used during the shoot."

It never ends...

1006 days ago


Hey Pea Brain... and 5 minutes later:
01 Hugh Hefner
02 Katy Perry
03 Kris Humphries
04 Christmas decorations
05 Freddie Mac
06 Courtney Love
07 Jessica Lynch
08 Perfume gift sets
09 Elevator accident
10 e-readers.

1006 days ago


Lindsay looks much better in the jag jeans (never heard of them!) pictures than in the Playboy Pictures. Why couldn't playboy do something like that, instead of the overly done Marilyn pictures.

1006 days ago


Here's a vid BRW

1006 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lindsay just showed up at number one in Yahoo trending on Google Chrome.

1006 days ago

AGENT smith    

Yahoo trending 1) Lindsay Lohan 2) Katy Perry 3) Kris Humphries 40 Christmas decorations......

1006 days ago


Right Liar Smith... now you understand. One minute she's trending, one minute she's not. That's how it works. She should be trending...since the issue came out today. I'm surprised she's not #1 the whole time. It's disappointing, isn't it?

1006 days ago


Hell them shorts are so little and skinny she could have wadded them up and hide them in the cigerette pack she never leaves out of her hand....

1006 days ago


If you type in Lindsay Lohan names that will go to the trending list if only one other person has typed in her name in the last 10 minutes as much has they are typing it they are trending it all by themselves

1006 days ago


Here is the poll Red Cloud has been waiting for:

Lindsay's Playboy Pics...
Ehhh 49%
Suck 38%
Awesome 13%
Total Votes: 26,770

1006 days ago


Julia, how crass. That is a smoking jacket.

1006 days ago


That Line is busted then....but they won't leave the shelves I think unless they are under 50 dollars a pair and get pick up by the national band stores like Target,
Walmart, Pennys Sears/Kmart they will be relying on boutique sales and sorry ain't alot of boutiques outside of the big citys......Most smart shopper look at those ads and then turn around and shop at Walmart ...and buy the cheaper versions of whats in the magazines....
So it depends on how much they cost...really I know you are in the advertizing really big and can quote all the latest trends which makes up a really smart girl but how many of those outfits do you see that are adveristed in those magaizine as edgy do you see on the average working girl walking down the street ? ...Wait I forgot you're in NYC might be a lot...LOL but say in Richmond or Toledo or Omaha ....not that many thats were you need to the sales to be...

1006 days ago
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