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Lindsay Lohan

Kills It In Probation

Progress Hearing

12/14/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_ym4x0w90_1_9hkxdh2eThis is new ... Lindsay Lohan got high marks in court.

Lindsay appeared in court today for her probation progress report.  A very surprised Judge Stephanie Sautner began by saying, "Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work."

The judge noted Lindsay actually completed her 12 days of community service early.  And she went to an extra therapy session -- 5 instead of the required 4.  The judge also said the morgue was pleased by the work Lindsay has done there "at least as pleased as a morgue can be."

Judge Sautner said there was some confusion over whether Lindsay was allowed to go to Hawaii last week, but ultimately the Judge said it was ok, because she was celebrating her sister's birthday and she was allowed to go out of state for family events.

Lindsay is due back in court next month, but so far, so good.


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That fat ass judge thinks the public is stupid. She is looking for any excuse to justify her behavior on the bench. Of course Lindsey's attorney Lindsey to do the extra day and do what the average person who have really f**ked up would do - which in her case is going above and beyond [ONE EXTRA DAY] and she's being treated like she should be nominated for some philanthropic award or accolades, Kick that fat bitch off the bench. Hollywood has that heifer in their back pocket... LA deserve that bitch in their courts for being too damn lazy to vote and care... I hope she keeps giving celebrities and the rich breaks. You go girl, with your fat ass.

1052 days ago


Wow, she has finally come through with a probation order and a weak one at that - BFD. Does she deserve a prize? No, she has had 1.5 years to complete her probation, hasn't yet, has received no jail time - when in reality any other person would be in jail, and still has other tasks to complete. Other than that, her Playboy spread looks terrible, she has no career and will never be in movies or TV again, owes a lot of people (ie.lawyers/lawsuits)a lot of money, and I don't think she will do Hustler - never know. She is a weak LA poser, who had her chance as a child actress about a decade ago.

1052 days ago


Kills it????? She served 12 days of comunity service and 4 days in therapy - what the heck kind of punishment is that?? She has been ignoring the judicial system for years.

What a joke

1052 days ago


Hey Judge, ummm, if she finishes her hours again this month does she even have to show up in person?

1052 days ago


Numpties here were saying Lindsay wouldn't get through the first month, now that she has, they sre saying she hasn't done enough LMAO. I'd hate to be in their shoes.

Good job Lindsay, don't stop.

1052 days ago


great job Lindsay!!

1052 days ago


even if she wouldn't have done it she would have not gotten jail time ok maybe 3 minutes even the judge said jail is pointless for the coke fiend unless you're poor or black

1052 days ago


I agree with those New Yorker's who want to cut California off the US and float it out to sea. The Judge says its OK for her to go to Hawaii even though there was a question is she was allowed to what CRAP! California justice a JOKE!!!!

1052 days ago


She looks like she was drinking all night as well as gang-banged by a bunch of male hula dancers.

1052 days ago


Its like a mentally handicapped person being congratulated for completing 12 days of work and attending 5 sessions of psychotherapy. And you even went to the bathroom by yourself. Very good.

1052 days ago


imagine what her real hard work is...enuf to piss you off...the world was not built by ass clowns like was by dedication and devotion no matter how hard it was..i built bridges and was not court ordered

1052 days ago

coke dive    

TMZ should stop reporting her court hearings it always the same thing and people say that the judge is a lesbian no wonder she gets a free pass all the time

1052 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Nice uncombed hair

1052 days ago


Hanging's too good for her. Feck if she were not "famous" she'd be toast long ago. This judge is such a celeb-sucking shmuck.

1052 days ago


The legal expert on GDLA says Judge Sautner is mudding the water.
Flaky judge

1052 days ago
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