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Britney Spears Sued

It Costs $300K Per Year

To Keep Her Ass Safe

12/15/2011 3:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears

It costs $303,900 to provide Britney Spears with a full-time 365-day security detail ... this according to her former protectors who claim the pop star's people screwed them out of half-a-year's pay.

The people who run Britney's estate are being sued  by Advanced Security Concepts Corporation -- claiming Team Spears never paid them more than $140k in fees ... after they kicked the bodyguard company to the curb back in 2010.

ASCC claims Team Spears has been unfairly holding a grudge against it ever since one of their former bodyguards, Fernando Flores, filed a lawsuit against Britney last year ... accusing her of multiple instances of genital-exposing sexual harassment. Britney has denied the allegations.

But in the lawsuit, ASCC claims Team Spears demanded the company cover Britney's legal expenses in the case -- even though they weren't obligated to put up the cash.

ASCC claims Britney's people not only fired them after the stand-off -- but they refused to fork over a check for $141,625.00 ... the remainder of a 1-year contract which Brit's camp had previously agreed to pay out whether or not they actually used the security service.

We reached out to Brit's camp for comment -- so far, no response.


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Are you serious!!!!? Just because you are famous doesn't mean that you aren't responsible for paying your staff. Lets break it down - Someone provides a service and you pay for that service. End of discussion.

1012 days ago


These people did not do their job in protecting her. When she was at her most vulnerable, they allowed in any pariah that wanted in. I call BS on these thugs who pretend they are a "security" company. Thank gawd Daddy Spears came in and cleared out all of the rats!

1012 days ago


I think thee is one lesson I can take away from this: don't work for Britney Spears. The Nanny, the perfume deal, and now the security company. Who's next? I think a judge should seriously rethink who's handling her affairs, because this does not make her look good.

1012 days ago

Black box    

ChubRub "those people" are the ONLY people who were willing to step in and help Brit when she and her family most needed!!!
times when NONE!!! wanted anything to do with brit and her family (already forgot those times??)
you want milk, you pay for it!!, you order and receive service, you pay for it!!!

1012 days ago


How can they sign contracts and not pay? Who is monitoring the conservatorship? How much money has Jamie's bad choices cost poor Brit?

1012 days ago


Here we go again,Jamie Spears and the spears camp bullying and using people without paying. Arn't these pigs suppose to be monitored?

1012 days ago


They can't sue BRITNEY SPEARS the person, since she is under a conservertership, so this is PUBLICITY FOR THEM. They're trying to make very quick money off of Britney, which is so Disgusting!

1012 days ago


If it costs $300K a year to keep her ass safe, I wonder how much it would cost to keep the rest of her safe as well?

1012 days ago


Awww yeah... here goes the old line: "Everyone wants to extort Britney for money" blaah, blaah, blaaah.. that's so easy for you to say, just because she's a celebrity, doesn't mean she's above the law, darnit, Britney, pull yourself together and stop acting like a child! >.< As True Love said: you get service, pay for it!

1012 days ago


Why the f_ck should someone get paid for work they didn't even do? I'm sure Britney's team had every intention of using and paying for their services until you know, ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES TRIED TO SUE HER. That right there should be enough to make any contracts she signed null and void.

1012 days ago


If you get fired from your job for being a bad employee, do you have the right to go back to the company that fired you, and demand that they pay you the money that you COULD HAVE made if they hadn't fired you? NO. Pfft.

1012 days ago


The Truth:

do you really believe this company would "just sue" because.....?
all those people and companies that are working with many many other clients that can afford this kind of services and do pay, just decided to sue Britney, just because....
the couple of security guards, drivers, nannies, business partners, they all just decided to sue only Britney spears, because she is the only one with money in the world, right.

wake up, established company's and some employs sue when they believe they where wrongly treated.
in this case, from what i read (seen the court do***ents), its looks like this company do have a reasonable claim for not getting paid on time and at all,
if their contract state that they will receive something in return from providing something (sometimes, deferent conditions allow the service company to get a deal that promise them the full contract in any case)

so, the world against Britney, right??
not after most other celebrities, just Britney......ok....

1012 days ago
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