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Mike McQueary Testifies

I'm Not 100% Sure

Sandusky Was Raping That Boy

12/16/2011 7:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike McQueary
says he's not 100% positive Jerry Sandusky was anally raping a young boy in a Penn State shower back in 2002 ... but he's CERTAIN Sandusky was sexually molesting the child.

McQueary -- a Penn State assistant coach -- took the stand in a preliminary hearing for 2 former PSU officials this morning, and said he became suspicious when he heard skin-on-skin slapping sounds coming from one of the showers.

McQueary says he peeked into the shower and personally saw Jerry and the boy naked in the shower together -- with Jerry grabbing the boy's waist from behind, while the boy was facing the wall.

McQueary says he peeked in the shower several times -- and by the last time, they had separated. But McQueary told the court, "I know they saw me. They looked directly in my eye, both of them."

"Seeing that they were separated, I thought it was best that I leave the locker room," he explained.

McQueary says he went to Penn State football coach Joe Paterno to report the incident the following morning -- but didn't use the words "sodomy" or "anal intercourse."

McQueary says Paterno slumped back in his chair and appeared disappointed, but told Mike he had "done the right thing."

When asked why he didn't report the incident to police, McQueary explained that he had spoken with PSU Vice President Gary Schultz and felt that was good enough because Schultz oversaw the campus police.

"I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you," McQueary said. "In my mind it was like speaking to a [district attorney]. It was someone who police reported to and would know what to do with it."

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If he indeed saw this, he was a coward for not stepping forward and knocking Sandusky's lights out! He shouldn't have been willing to work a day with Sandusky after witnessing that. He's flip flopping because he realizes how bad he looks now, and because of this he could screw up the only eye witness account. He didn't "man up" then, but he needs to "man up" now and admit that he saw it and didn't follow through on getting Sandusky prosecuted back then. Loser!!

1009 days ago


Just last week I was walking down the street and saw this guy beating on a homeless fellow in my neighborhood. Without even thinking I ran over, knocked the guy down, put my knees in his chest and tranquilized him with my fist. What the fock is wrong with this McQueary guy?? He peeked in the shower several times? And did nothing? Disgusting, he's a child raper by association.

1009 days ago


I feel sorry for the dirt bag's kid, he has to live with knowing what kind of father and grandfather he/she has. This ginger should go to prison and find out what happens in the showers. He is a disgusting slime bag.

1009 days ago


He says he "peeked several times" while it was happening and he didn't kick the **** out of Sandusky? Much less stop what was happening to a CHILD? What an -sshole! To me this guy should go to jail just like Sandusky. He sounds like he is just as twisted.

1009 days ago


This guy is so sick. If you remember, when this story first broke, he went home to talk it over with his dad (who is/was also a Penn State employee). I think daddy fixed it so he got a lifetime job at Penn State in return for not reporting this to the LEGAL authorities. I call that aiding and abetting after the fact. Just gross. I hope McQuery loses his job, and all these guys end up in prison.

1009 days ago


Gee, you are such a bastard, get your story straight and stop minimizing what you saw, what you didn't do. You are a total prick, enabling that perv to rape little boys over and over again. I hope you go to prison, and that is the LEAST I am hoping for.

1009 days ago


McQueary is a chicken sh*t.

1009 days ago


Well, if this version is correct, he is just digging himself in deeper with his story. He admits he looked several times and didn't stop anything. He didn't know if it was actual anal intercourse, but he knew it was molestation. Yet, he did nothing! No, that isn't correct, he did do something. He "peeked", several times, and waited until it was over before he showed himself. This guy is a poor excuse for a human being.

I still don't understand the mentally of not reporting something like this to the city police. I worked at a major campus in the past. They are like little cities. I respected the campus police and would call them if needed. However, to me, the campus police's strengths were that they knew the campus much better than local police and could get to someone faster. They would also be able to get into supposedly secure buildings quicker than a local policeman. There were also certain situations that were better handled by the campus police rather than local, but not this kind of crime. I always knew if something really serious, like rape and/or violence, should happen to me while on campus, I would call both police departments. I would not leave a serious crime in the hands of the campus police. There is just too much politics that goes on in these big campuses that trump everything else.

1009 days ago


So McQueery and Paterno both reported the event to PSU Vice President Gary Schultz and he didn't do anything about it? No investigation? No questioning? As head of campus police it was his duty to do something. More than that, it's what he's PAID to do.

Anybody else surprised that McQueery has changed "what he saw"?

1009 days ago

Canada Guy    

WAIT A SECOND!!! He "peeked in several times" after he heard skin on skin slapping and saw what he saw?
The last time they were separated. Of course, otherwise he may have had to peek in a few more times til they were done!
WTF is this guys problem? He should go to jail too.

1009 days ago


The whole lot of them should be in jail. This is IMO a deliberate attempt to discredit himself so that both the school & Sandusky can use it to their advantage for their to defense to call in potential credibility issues if he told a different story elsewhere. And that is disgusting. And Blago is in jail for 14 years? What justice do we have in this country?

1009 days ago

ivona poyntz    

Chocolate truffle cigars? Is that the best she can do?

1009 days ago


dont worry about the haters jerry.call me

1009 days ago


How can people believe you when you keep changing the story? NOW I SAY YOU'RE A LIAR LIAR LIAR.

1009 days ago


What a punk ass Bioatch!!!I guess he's more concerned with the possibility of losing his job then defending the innocent.I bet if it was HIS SON Sandusky was standing behind his memory would be VERY CLEAR.

1009 days ago
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