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Mike McQueary Testifies

I'm Not 100% Sure

Sandusky Was Raping That Boy

12/16/2011 7:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike McQueary
says he's not 100% positive Jerry Sandusky was anally raping a young boy in a Penn State shower back in 2002 ... but he's CERTAIN Sandusky was sexually molesting the child.

McQueary -- a Penn State assistant coach -- took the stand in a preliminary hearing for 2 former PSU officials this morning, and said he became suspicious when he heard skin-on-skin slapping sounds coming from one of the showers.

McQueary says he peeked into the shower and personally saw Jerry and the boy naked in the shower together -- with Jerry grabbing the boy's waist from behind, while the boy was facing the wall.

McQueary says he peeked in the shower several times -- and by the last time, they had separated. But McQueary told the court, "I know they saw me. They looked directly in my eye, both of them."

"Seeing that they were separated, I thought it was best that I leave the locker room," he explained.

McQueary says he went to Penn State football coach Joe Paterno to report the incident the following morning -- but didn't use the words "sodomy" or "anal intercourse."

McQueary says Paterno slumped back in his chair and appeared disappointed, but told Mike he had "done the right thing."

When asked why he didn't report the incident to police, McQueary explained that he had spoken with PSU Vice President Gary Schultz and felt that was good enough because Schultz oversaw the campus police.

"I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you," McQueary said. "In my mind it was like speaking to a [district attorney]. It was someone who police reported to and would know what to do with it."

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As an adult, he should have immediately removed the child from the shower and dialed 911-PLAIN AND SIMPLE! The fact that he went to the head coach the following day is complete BS. Paterno should have found out the following day by Sandusky being locked up. McQueary is a father-how are his kids supposed to look at him now? If I was his wife, I'd kick him to the curb and take my children with me.

1009 days ago


I don't really see this testimony helping the prosecution because according to Sandusky's attorney, they beleive they located the boy McQueary claims he saw with Sandusky and he denies it happened. I mean, the defense will just put the boy on the stand and he'll say McQueary is lying and there's your reasonable doubt, not like the fact he's not 100% sure what he saw alreday creates reasonable doubt.

1009 days ago



1009 days ago


There is more to this story I am thinking than anyone knows. I am thinking he was also a victim of Sandusky in the past. The reason he did not jump in and do anything is because he is also a victim and to a victim they sometimes rationalize this behavior as ok..its normal as its what happened to him. He just does not want to pull his own issues into this story..Dude, you cant hide forever..Some of us are also victims and have it figured out.

1009 days ago


This whole thing; all of the players* makes me ill. Lock 'em all up! They're all monsters. Anyone who could witness a man-boy rape, and not IMMEDIATELY take action to stop it, is guilty... And a complete wuss.

*NOT the football players, rather the "actors" involved.

1009 days ago

And thats the truth    

Just when you thought this story could not get any uglier, it does. This man witnesses a horrible crime, does not stop it and does not report it to the police and then to make matters worse he back peddles in his testimony. The poor little boy must have been scared to death. This idiot needs to go to jail along with Sandusky.

1009 days ago


He knows what he saw. Said nothing can't further his career that way. Why should care.

He's on an 'INDEFINATED 'PAID' ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE of ABSENSE' How sweet is that deal.

1009 days ago


Sickening how this jerk keeps minimizing what that monster has done. Rape with or without penetration or not, is still molestation, it is still sexual abuse, it is still sexual deviance, it is still ILLEGAL what he did.

Stop minimizing and re-victimizing the victim. McQueary is as sick as Sandusky is the way he keeps covering and minimizing what Sandusky did to those boys.

Sick sick sick!

Rape, penetration, no pentration, fondling a boy is still wrong, it is still sexual abuse, it is still in court considered molestation!

Anytime this jerk keeps minimizing the sexual molestation, he re-victimizes every single sexual abuse survivor!

May the courageous victims get their voice and some justice to what was done to them, that will forever impact their lives and took away childhood innocence.

Damaging, this guy and his monster coach friend, caused so much damage and harm to those boys, he should have went to the police to prevent him from further molesting or ever molesting a child/boy again.

They both failed these kids! He FAILED to do the right thing and instead covered to protect this coach.

Hope they both burn.

1009 days ago

Helpful Handyman    

A slow, painful death is the only fitting punishment for someone who sexually assaults a child. And for those who know of it and do nothing about it, the same fate.


1009 days ago


McQueary had no intention of stopping it and challenging Sandusky. His silence was rewarded with an Assistant Coach position. As far as he was concerned the kid was "collateral damage" to advance his career and he couldn't care less... until he was finally called out on it!

1009 days ago


Now I understand why they say "Gingers" have no soul... They, at least HE is indeed, evil.

1009 days ago


The boy was 10 years old, in a sexual position in the shower with a man ! You get the boy out of there immediately and then tell police. It makes me ill to think he thought it was okay to just walk away. I hope the 'please help me' blank look in that young boy's eyes haunts him forever.

1009 days ago


He basically is admitting that he failed to help this child when he had many chances to stop it. He basically is admitting that he did not report an illegal act. He basically is saying he is as bad as the monster who was molesting the boy in the shower.

He basically is as guilty as Sandusky, for he did nothing to stop the crime, he did not report it, he did not prevent or get this sicko arrested to stop him from doing it again or to some other boy, so how many more were molested because this vile P.O.S wanted to protect his coach friend from embarrassment?

What about protecting a child? What about morally doing what is right?

Wish this guy could go to prison right along with Sandusky! I hope McQueary is never allowed around children or a school or college environment again.

YOU FAILED THAT CHILD! YOU FAILED doing the right thing.

A man with moral fiber would have walked into that shower and beat the holy crap out of that coach molesting that boy, he then would have asked the boy to get dressed and called 911 and filed a report against this coach and saw to it the boy was offered support and counseling immediately.

When someone witnesses an act of molestation, you stop it, you report it, you don't continue to keep "peeking in to watch it happen". SICK!

1009 days ago

Helpful Handyman    

The computers and homes of all involved must be confiscated and searched for child porn.

1009 days ago


so so sad. this man KNEW the entire time and kept his mouth shut. What kind of person closes their eyes and walks away from a child being sexually attacked?!?!

1009 days ago
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