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Playmate of the Year:

Lindsay's Spread SUCKED

12/16/2011 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan's nude Playboy spread did NOT live up to the hype ... so says someone who's DEFINITELY in a position to judge -- 2010 Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk.

Hope was out in L.A. yesterday -- leaving a waxing salon called Stript Wax Bar -- when we asked about the pics ... and she replied,  "I saw that spread ... and I was not impressed."

1216_lindsay_lohan_playboyShe added, "I just feel like if I would have known I was doing a Playboy shoot, I would have worked out more maybe."

So, we gotta ask ...


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i voted only once...and pushed awsome by mistake...and I am sure alot of people did..I thought it said lets do the right thing and say she is at 9%(Ali,Pootie

1013 days ago


Fat people just shouldn't comment on this story. Their too damaged and out of the loop to say anything useful about this. I was a fatty growing up so I know. Just way too sensitive and busy making excuses for themselves. Fortunately I'm one of those that turned it around and take responsibility for my weight. So sticking to the well understood playboy standards, thes pics are sooo NOT worth paying for and she is totally out of shape for this. She obviously did it on short notice JUST for the money.

1013 days ago

karen darvin    

Someone is a little jealous.Can't stand to say something nice?Enjoy your 15 minutes, Lindsay has skills!

1013 days ago


Well, I guess Hope will never work for Playboy again. Hef wanted the Marilyn Monroe shoot, Hef was there and it was Hef who had the final say on the pics to go into Playboy. Lindsay looks GORGEOUS!

This Hope person is probably jealous, Lindsays boobs are 100% natural which is more than I can say for this Hope woman. The only airbrushing was her tattoos and most of her freckles. Suck on it Hope, Lindsay looks awesome. I'm just hearing Playboy has sold out all over Manhattan, and other stores sold out before noon. YEAH!!

1013 days ago


I appreciate what Hope here is saying with "maybe I'd have worked out more" - she's most likely pissed because she puts a lot of effort into keeping her body in top shape for Playboy and then along comes Lindsay who is a filthy meth smoking layabout, they photoshop her into oblivion and wham, we're all supposed to bow down and be impressed by the sexyness. Yes, all Playboy spreads are photoshopped but there is a big difference between airbrushing out a few zits and brightening up the skin and practically painting on a new person like they did with Lindsay.

1013 days ago

Red Cloud    

Polls are polls are polls.......
Will you buy a copy?



1013 days ago


Lindsay's Playboy Pics...
Ehhh 49%
Suck 38%
Awesome 13%
Total Votes: 26,770

I'd say this is a good indication of the general public! Even her "millions of fans" aren't pushing the awesome button! The pictures were just "Ehhhh". The new Jag Jeans pictures are so much better, and that is with clothes on. Just think if Hef could have done something like that without clothes.... Face it fans, the playboy pictorial was boring. Nothing new. I understand your disappointment!

1013 days ago

Alan Carver    

Let's face it (again still NOT A FAN OF LOHAN's) you can photo-shop, airbrush this wanna-be Marilyn Monroe Mag-Rag-Slag anyway you want ... it just goes to show that people have taste and this photoshoot just proves that Lohan's time has COME and GONE! She is so desperate to make money she has NO OTHER CHOICE then to get naked to make money - I think at this point any reasonable person on this board (minus the Over-The-Top-RIDICULOUS FAN(s)- the few the remain) know this ... see it for what it is ... all of that to say ... HOW SAD SOMEONE hasn't sent Lohan this MEMO! She is Still a MAG-RAG-SLAG!

1013 days ago


google search
Lindsay lohan is a bitch 3,089,000 15sec.
lindsay Lohan has STDs 16,309.500 22 sec
lindsay Lohan si not going to make a comeback 5,890,300 18 sec
Lindsay Lohan is a good actress 600 24sec
I woulod bang lindsay Lohan 32 19 sec
Lindsay is going to win an oscar ?????????? 17 sec

1013 days ago


they could of held down sofia from "The golden girls" sprayed some makeup on her.. and it still would have looked better then the playboy pic...the last time a body liked that walked was dragged back into shady pines retirement home

1013 days ago

AGENT smith    

so if 38 percent think the pictures suck, 62 percent think they didn't suck. If you add the awesome's with the ehhhh's

1013 days ago


if Smithy hit the vote on the much as he hits the dislike button the the poll would be different...but I think he is making the right choice and voting EEEEWWW

1013 days ago


Hey agent_LIAR where's the new Interview Lilo was going to book after blowing off Ellen? You said by the end of the week. It's Friday idiot and surprise surprise no new suckers (except maybe you and Red Clown)

1013 days ago


DUH,DUH,DUH...No...she lost all the weight from doing BLOW..not hanging out....and her fake boobs have always been in her lap..just like now..they had to shotoshop the little crane and staps to keep them up..out of the picture...and if you look close enough you can see a "Matel" and "Playdoe stamped on them.richard you are a true enema..

1013 days ago


This Hope heifer isn't even in the same league with Lindsay. I see better looking in the Walmart.

1013 days ago
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