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Khloe & Lamar Not Ready to

Settle Down In Dallas ... Yet

12/17/2011 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar OdomKhloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have begun looking for a place to live in Dallas ... TMZ has learned ... but they aren't looking for anything too permanent just yet.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Khloe flew out to Dallas yesterday to begin the process of looking for a place to live. According to our sources, the couple is only looking to sign a one-year lease because Lamar could only be a Dallas Maverick for this season.

We're told the couple is looking to rent, not buy, and would prefer a 3-bedroom in the $8-15,000/month range.

According to our sources, Khloe and Lamar are looking closely at a high-rise condominium building called Azure -- where Terrell Owens once owned a condo and Deion Sanders still does.

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Kim - Nothing But A Bully

BoycottKim.com has learned Kim Kardashian just hired "hot shot" Hollywood attorney Martin Singer to join her arsenal of attorneys who are working desperately to save the crumbling Kardashian brand. Reportedly, Mr. Singer has been instructed to sharpen his fangs and directly go after Jonathan Jaxson, Kim's former publicist. For those who do not know, Mr. Jaxson is the former publicist who single handedly is responsible for generating the buzz required to take Kim Kardashian from a little known sex tape sideshow to a prime time "celebrity". Recently Mr. Jaxson has come under heavy fire by the Kardashian's for exposing Kim as nothing more than a scripted opportunist willing to plan stunts to boost her time in the spotlight. In his interview with Elvis Duran, Mr. Jaxson detailed how Kim with the support of publicists like Jaxson would bait the media with false stories designed for the sole purpose of getting Kim undeserved media attention. A quick look at the list of sponsors listed on this site details how profitable that media attention has been for Kim, since she has been able to capitalize from that fame by conning American companies to give her a flood of lucrative endorsement deals.

Jaxson VS. The Kardashian Machine

Numerous sources close to Jonathan Jaxson have told BoycottKim.com that Jonathan has lost over 10-lbs and been hospitalized thanks to the duress caused to him by Kim Kardashian and her lawyers. Apparently, Kim is furious with Mr. Jaxson for exposing her sham fearing it will hurt her future earnings ability as a celebrity spokesperson. Kim has made it evident that she will spare no expense in applying excessive legal and financial pressure against Mr. Jaxson, or anyone who dare follow his example. Kim wants to make it expensive and near impossible for anyone to share negative opinions of her within the public arena. Mr. Jaxson, who currently is the sole personal and financial care taker of his mother and handicapped brother, does not have the financial means to hire a single lawyer; let alone the team required to fight off the Kardashian machine.

Attorneys from the Kardashian camp are taking advantage of Mr. Jaxson's modest financial cir****tances and have been attempting to force a retraction statement from him. Kim's attorney's continue to apply unethical legal amounts of pressure, bullying Mr. Jaxson in continued desperate and underhanded attempts to force his cooperation. Mr. Jaxson has been threatened that if he does not cooperate, then the Kardashians will place a significant financial judgement against him and adding more financial stress to him and his family.

From all this pressure, Kim is expecting a false yet public statement where Mr. Jaxson would minimize his relationship with Kim Kardashian and somehow spin a story that he only made the comments about her marriage and having scripted life for his own personal gain and fame. Unfortunately for Kim, the American public has little tolerance for bullies like her. Equally unfortunate is that even with the wealth she has been able to acquire, Kim Kardashian still cannot afford the time machine necessary for her and her attorneys to travel back in time so that they may erase all evidence of her long and public working relationship with Jonathan Jaxson.

Stand Against Kim & Bullies Like Her

Wether a non disclosure agreement exists between Kim Kardashian and Mr. Jaxson, limiting his abilities to speak about her publicly, is not of great importance. What is important is the fact that Kim Kardashian is using her almost unlimited financial advantage over Mr. Jaxson to destroy his reputation and cripple his financial well being. It is clear that without any talent to stand on Kim Kardashian is nothing more than a desperate bully willing to beat up and damage anyone who gets in the way of her fragile public image.

This is not Kim's first attempt to use attorneys as henchmen. Previous to this incident, Kim Kardashian filed a pathetic and petty law suit against Old Navy for using a different brunette who shares her likeness in an advertisement. It seems Kim has come to believe that she is untouchable and that anyone who crosses her or tries to take a piece of her "corner" must be stopped at any cost. What Kim Kardashian will quickly realize is that no army of attorneys, publicists, managers, and personal assistants can protect her from the toxic reputation she has created for herself.

Americans are wide awake and will not tolerate their hard earned dollars supporting brands who pay to hire Kim Kardashian; thus empowering her to bully the weak and destroy all threats to her superficial, talentless existence. What can you do? Call Kim's Attorney Mr. Martin Singer at (310) 556-3501 and let him know exactly how Americans feel about bullies. - Please also make sure to let him know BoycottKim.com sent you


Kardashian Hall of Fame
Wall Of Shame

1042 days ago


In his interview with Elvis Duran, Mr. Jaxson detailed how Kim with the support of publicists like Jaxson would bait the media with false stories designed for the sole purpose of getting Kim undeserved media attention.
There you have it folks in black and white. Her own publicists is exposing this bitch right before our eyes. Now is everyone finally getting the idea that they were duped by this dope and her family of ill repute?

1042 days ago

Queen B    

I'm confused, who's the man in this marriage?

1042 days ago


The queen of TV talk, Oprah Winfrey, has come out and bashed Kim Kardashian for being a total phony. Kim made a fake charity trip to Haiti in a desperate bid to rebuild her crumbling image and Oprah calls Kim out for using this worthy cause for her own selfish ends.

Read more on celebregion: http://www.celebregion.com/2011/12/oprah-winfrey-calls-kim-kardashian.html#ixzz1gtpG9WB0

1042 days ago

Joan K    

It is all coming back to bite her in her big, FAT azz. The few fans they have left will soon see through all of their BS

1042 days ago


I don't think much should be made about this. No one (at least it is not advisable) immediately buys a house when they move (for work) to a new state. You have to get the lay of the land first. PLUS they still have a home in LA. Real estate is not so easy to sell anymore. It makes sense to rent for now.

1042 days ago


Kris Jenner,in Vegas,posing,preening,primping in front of the photogs.It occurs to me,that perhaps these are hired photographers.They showed the "merchandise"in their new Vegas shop.A bunch of touristy junk with their images plastered,all over everything.My,gosh,who would lay down cash for this garbage??Jenner is obviously fulfilling a childhood fantasy of faux fame,by living vicariously through the crafted notoriety and exploitation of her own children.Beware the dragon lady!

1042 days ago


why is she always playing with her hair

1042 days ago


Take Kim with you.

1042 days ago


jaime recevoire toutes les nom du sites musicale merci a touse et toute

1042 days ago


Khloe, watch out; Deion is loose again.

1042 days ago



1042 days ago

terrell m    

if millions of suckers are still willing to pay them for their name then why get mad that their taking the money... dont be mad at the kardashians.. be mad at the people still giving them millions..

1042 days ago


guess who the 3rd room is for? for her freeloading brother Rob

1042 days ago

charlie partana    

im sure dallas cant wait for this disaster to hit town

1041 days ago
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