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Kobe Bryant

Not as Rich as You Think

12/17/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1216_kobebryant_getty_EXTMZ has learned ... contrary to news reports about Kobe Bryant's wealth -- the BBaller's net worth is approximately $150 million, according to sources in a direct position to know.

Sources intimately familiar with the situation tell us ... the $150 mil accounts for real estate holdings, stock, cash and other assets.

The figure is far less than news reports which set Kobe's fortune north of $400 million.  But the $150 mil figure is the accurate one.

TMZ broke the divorce story and the fact that Kobe and Vanessa DO NOT HAVE A PRENUP.   Given that the marriage has lasted more than a decade and the pre-marriage assets are commingled with what was accumulated during the marriage, the assets are distributed based on the community property laws of California -- which means a 50/50 split.

Kobe and Vanessa have already struck a financial settlement, but she was in a good position to get half of the pie.

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Most of these women are nothing but GOLD DIGGERS and they are just in it for the money and fame that's it they care about nothing else and that is a fact.

Kobe should just move on find someone else that best suits him no matter if she is black,white or hispanic women are women.just make sure she is not a gold diggers get to know them inside and out that's what he should do for the next woman.its clear that she just wasn't the one that he thought she was.it may have seem like it at snoops video shoot but nope she isn't now so god bless him and hope for the best for him.

1038 days ago


She had been cheating on him before he cheated on her..But Kobe hates ruining his name (which has come back to bite him in the a$$) He didnt want the world to know she had cheated on him so he figured he would eventually slip up and be fair game but he never thought it would lead to a sexual assault. So afterwards, he realized how famous he was and never wanted to be involved like that again because its bad for his name and a shame for his kids & the family. It happens and he thought of bringing up the divorce before the 10 yr. mark but she threatened to write a book and tell all about their past. He gave in and said let's make a contract that states u wont be filing for divorce, I will pay u (X) amount of dollars and u will not be able to mention Kobe Bryant in the media period!! She agreed and signed the contract, after several weeks of consulting with an attorney, she decided she could get more in the divorce court, but Kobe jumped in to plea her not to go through with it as he would seem to be the bad guy for suing her breaking the contract agreement. She reasons with him but the media attention is now back on the couple for a while. Insiders @shaqlight

1038 days ago


So sick of hearing about Kobe Byrant, his spoiled wife and their sham of a marriage.

1038 days ago

Jay W.     

50/50 is bull****.. my CU.. ex had forged my name on proceeds from properties.. had people lie for her that she owed them money.. The laws in California are bull**** unless you can afford a high priced attorney.

1038 days ago


Boy, ONLY 150 mil huh? How is he ever going to survive?

1038 days ago

Oh Ren Ishii    

****** please!

1038 days ago

Oh Ren Ishii    

********* Please!

1038 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

At least he's rich in love... oh wait...

1038 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

...and we care a lot less than TMZ could ever understand.

1038 days ago


Media worry about your own relationship and get off theirs an everyone elses, no one is thinking about them we dont know them personally. I do not understand why he did not get a prenup in the beginning, she will be living off his salary. I am pretty sure when he met her she had no money so that is how she will leave the marriage, support should only go to the kids, and she doesn't need $20,000 or how ever much she will get this is no new story here goes another one.....

1038 days ago


I'm shocked he has anything the way this Vanessa azzhole and her mother spend Kobe's money. Watch her burn through the her settlement money. She'll be broke in 10 years and biatching that she wants more like Michael Douglas's wife. That biatch sued a man dying of cancer & biatched that Madoff lost all her money...boo hoo biatch. Get a job.

1038 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

didn't he drop $4mil for the ring that he bought when he cheated on his wife? When you drop $4mil on a ring like nothing you've got money...

1038 days ago


"Not as rich as you think?" whatever, RAPIST!

1038 days ago


This Vanessa POS has not been a very good wife to Kobe. She caused nothing but problems for Kobe with Shaq, Karl Malone and Pau and his girlfriend. She caused Pau's girlfriend to break up with him right before the finals last year. She told Brandy to "F--ck off" in the stands. She cussed out a reporter and told called her a "F--cking biatch" at the Staples Center. She also cussed out a Jimmy Choo clerk and a Dior store clerk telling them "Don't you know who I am?"
Vanessa is a lowlife chola who Kobe's parent*****e so much they refused to go to his wedding.

NO sympathy for this Snoop Dogg video skank. I hope she ends up with the Mexican pool cleaner who wipes out her bank account. She'll take Kobe for millions but she won't hang on to it. This woman is just like her mother: lazy and she's never gotten anything in life that she has not leeched off some man.

Kobe's a rapist and a pig with it's a toss up as to which one of these two people is more evil.

1038 days ago


Of course he's not worth what anyone thinks. Whatever he is actually worth divide it in two. Half goes to his soon to be ex-wife.

1038 days ago
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