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Kobe Bryant Divorce

You Be the Judge

12/17/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant Angry FaceKobe Bryant's wife has filed for divorce ... and as details about his alleged infidelities emerge, we gotta ask ...

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Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I'm surprised he's worth that much to be honest. Sure, he makes a lot from his NBA contract.. but people like Jordan & Woods made the bulk of their fortunes on licensing deals and for endorsing products. Nobody outside of L.A. has ever really liked Kobe Bryant. He's not marketable the way Jordan was. People in LA love him but people outside of California pretty much hate the guy.. especially after his rape scandal.

1019 days ago

The Real JJ    

I haven't seen no one come out saying he cheated besides what happened in Colorado. I thought they moved on and they were getting better. She always been there kissing him as he goes in the tunnel the locker room, EVEN ON ROAD GAMES. I'm never surprised by a divorce, I'm more surprised when marriages last. I surprised by the timing though, right before the season starts, while Kobe trying to get his 6th ring. They had to have been planning this for awhile though the way things sound. This wont affect his game, if anything its gonna make him go harder. He takes his anger out on the court. I know somewhere Shaq is sitting back laughing too.

1019 days ago


I bet he wished he had a prenup now.

1019 days ago


Before Kobe got married, he made such a big deal about waiting for his wife, as in - they were both virgins. He was on Oprah or Good Morning America or something like that. He talked about how his teammates used to tease him about it and how they tried to get him to go out with other women and basically get laid. It was a pretty honorable thing to do, and I had a lot of respect for him because of that. But ever since then, it seems like all he's done is be a spoiled and cheating rat. I'm sure it's not easy being a celebrity that everybody (almost) wants to sleep with, but come on. How can you spend so much time talking about honoring your wife and marriage yet go out and sleep around? It's hypocritical and disappointing. Good luck to his soon to be ex, because she deserves better than that.

1019 days ago

northern gypsy    

what i find shocking is that athlete's make mind boggling $$$...
for what...bragging rights ??? even more confusing is this twits behaviour regarding his wife...why wouldn't he want his family to live comfortable after the divorce ???

1019 days ago


DAMN He looks really stupid now with that big *ss tattoo of her name on his arm. LMAO

1019 days ago


I smell a KIM and KOBE reality series..... He's perfect for her, he's black and he's an athlete....

1019 days ago


you left out the box "do you give a ****?" my vote is for NO just in case you were wondering...BUT you did make me wonder... and had you have had this vote I would've been down! "Are you upset at this longish standing marriage that after ALL the infidelity's lasted the 10?" or "was Vanessa cool enough to keep her cool during ALL those indiscretions long enough to make sure that even with no prenup she would come ON TOP?"

1019 days ago


There's WAY too many boxes to read and check here - reminds me of homework for a subject you don't care about.

1019 days ago


Say what you will about Tiger, but at least he's never been accused of Rape.

1019 days ago


if his wife is going to get half of everything, why does she still get spousal support? does anyone know?

1019 days ago


Hey everybody Bruno raped me when i was in Colorado. I told him "no" but he still did it. He's a rapist.

See how easy that was Bruno? Now YOU'VE been accused of rape too.

1019 days ago


What kinda moron gets married without a prenup or gets married at all. Here's a guy who can get all kinds of women and thinks he will be able to settle down with just one. He got tired of that after the first week he should have bailed then. A man doesnt have a biological clock running why settle down at all. Like they say if it flies, floats or f***s rent it.

1019 days ago


divorce before u 35 is cray, don't rush people it ain't worth it in 2011

1019 days ago


It's true that pre-nups are generally a good idea when you have one high-earnings marital partner. That's to prevent a golddigger-grab scenario like Heather McCartney. Bryant's (cheating) situation with his long-term wife and mother of his kids has taken it to overtime where pre-nup provisions have usually expired.

1019 days ago
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