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Amanda Knox

Finds Her Salvation

12/18/2011 5:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox did a little Christmas shopping in Seattle yesterday, hitting up a local Salvation Army.

She received the best gift she could possibly get back in October ... from an Italian court.


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Rogue Warrior    

My dream trio, Lilo, Casey, and Amanda!!!!!!!!!!

1040 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Someone needs to tell this sociopathic murderer 'Grunge' died many years ago.

1040 days ago


Wow. Nothing but idiots posting in here. Amanda did nothing wrong you ****-tards. I hope ya'll have a horrible Xmas.

1040 days ago

frenchy boy    

Guilty ! Why did she accused a black man... simply because she was there (maybe outside with dealers who wanted money?). Rudy Guédé saw them after discovering Meredidith's body.
My opinion : she and Raffaele were partying and a bit stoned, they met some dealers, wanted to buy something, not enough money but a girl (Meredith had some ...). they waited in the car while a dealer came to the appartment and turned wild....

I'm sure Guédé have told the truth. Not Amanda

1040 days ago


Why did Amanda admit to being present during the slashing of her roommate?

Why did she throw cops on the wrong track by naming an innocent black man (her boss) as the killer?

Why was her knife-collecting "boyfriend's" DNA on the victim's bloody bra?

TIme for Knox to quit hiding behind her expensive lawyers and PR people.

1039 days ago


Funny how getting away with murder improves ones possibilities in life. . .

1039 days ago


"Beautiful"? Get real. Her PR team oversold the product. Besides the b#### be crazy.

Why did she admit to being present during the killing (cowering in the kitchen and covering her ears to block out Meredith's screams)?

Why did she throw cops on the wrong track by naming an innocent black man (her boss) as the killer?

1039 days ago


Leave her alone.

1039 days ago


Amanda simply reject the "crap throwers" and live your life

1039 days ago

Tiredofthe BS    

Killer Shopping....literally

1039 days ago

James J    

Lack of Evidence?
How about her own statement that she was there?
The testimony of the two other roommates?
Her boyfriend's DNA on the Meredith's bra?
Amanda blaming an innocent person?
Meredith's despise of Amanda?
Her lack of an alibi?

Random murderers/rapists do not leave 40 knife-pin pricks on their victims.

Anyone who has read the evidence objectively cannot come to the conclusion that this was a random murder.

1039 days ago


She's still the same dirty hippie, pothead weirdo she was before she left. Still determined to retain the 'nonconformist' mindset that got her into serious ho*****er. She hasn't learned a thing. Mark my words - any money she earns in her lifetime won't come from hard work. Is that a rat tail braid? Disgusting.

1039 days ago


Plain Jane Amanda was jealous of the girl who was the beautiful one with the brains and class, Meredith Kercher. That's what caused AK to go after the poor murdered girl. There was plenty of evidence, cir****tantial and physical, to convict AK, but politics and money paid for the slut's freedom. What a shame!

1039 days ago


LOL..Casey, Amanda, O.J simpson all are guilty. Keep supporting these murders.

1039 days ago


I wonder when some of you with those ignorant remarks do when the Muslims or Chinese take over this country.

1039 days ago
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