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Brittany Murphy's Mom

The HOUSE Killed My Daughter

12/18/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mother claims toxic mold found in Brittany's swanky Hollywood home killed her daughter AND her son-in-law ... and now she wants someone to pay.

Brittany died from pneumonia in 2009 ... and five months later, her husband also passed away from the same ailment.

Sharon Murphy claims the people who built the house are to blame for the mold that caused their condition -- but according to a new lawsuit, Sharon alleges she was duped by her lawyers into giving up her rights to sue the builders for wrongful death.

Long story short -- Sharon says her lawyers convinced her to accept a settlement offer for the construction defects back in January ... but they failed to explain she would never be able to go after the builders for their alleged role in Brittany's death.

Now, Sharon has hired Michael Marzban to sue her former lawyers for legal malpractice -- and wants them to pay her what she could have won in a wrongful death suit ... and other damages.


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She must have blown through the settlement money already and looking for the next pay out.

1043 days ago


So now Sharon contradicts her earlier reported statement calling the mold claim "absurd"? I wonder where this story comes from - her publicist Roger Neal resigned via Twitter last April giving false contact details and nothing has been heard from her since. I gather she did not respond to an interview request from the producers of "The Terror Within" If the story is true, it looks like another desperate attempt to make money by Sharon, following the recent demise of the Brittany Murphy Foundation.

1043 days ago


I always thought something like this might be behind their deaths. They were too similar. If so, that is so sad and wrong. Though nothing can bring them back I hope that the truth comes into the light.

1043 days ago


Ummm....maybe I am wrong but if you accept a settlement, it's general knowledge that that means you cant go after them for more money later.

1043 days ago


Honey, time to let her and her husband/ your boyfriend go and time for you to get out there and get a real job of your own. The gravy train has left the station.

1043 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Brittany and Simon both would likely be alive if somebody had taken them to the hospital. They both became ill after traveling out of the country, they died of staph.

1043 days ago


Sharons then-publicist Roger Neal told me that she was represented by Michael Shiff and Marty "mad dog" Singer. I presume this article refers to Shiff.

1043 days ago


i have an idea that the fact that brittany and her husband were on numerous prescriptions - including the ones in the mothers name - have more to to with it than mold - included the anti-seizure medication Topamax, anti-anxiety medications Klonopin and Ativan, pain relievers Vicoprofen and hydrocodone, depression medication Fluoxetine and hypertension medication - even the coroner cited the prescription drug use as part of the cause of death for both

1043 days ago


Just another parent whose meal ticket from a celebirty child has gone. Instead of looking to find a way to support herself, she wants another big payout. Disgusting.

1043 days ago


Britney Spears owned the house before Brittany Murphy. She's still alive.

1043 days ago


Remember....this is the mother who tried to profit from her daughter's death by setting up a 'foundation' and collecting donations. Only gave up when it was exposed that it wasn't registered and was only profiting the mother & hubby.

1043 days ago


Honey time to let her and her husband/ your boyfriend go and get out there and get your own job.

1043 days ago


Once upon a time in a land far away, many years ago, I slowly got sicker and sicker. Like the flu but it slowly creeped its way into my life to the point that one Monday morning I told my wife I could not go to my office that day and stayed home sick. Nearly three months later I was still in that bedroom sick, and my health had reached a dire point where my lungs were not functioning correctly, I was disoriented and my fever stayed over 100 for weeks on end, and my energy, well I needed help to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Many doctors, specialists and numerous hospital visits all came up with nothing. Then one winter Sunday morning, with the sun shining into the bedroom through the window over the bed I was splayed out in, I saw a glossy reflection on the upper wall of the bedroom closet that had the door open. My wife came into the room and I pointed it out to her and when she looked, without the suns reflection from my angle she could not see it. But when she rubbed here hand over the translucent surface of it, she found her hand was gummy and sticky. With a flashlight she examined the whole house for that glossy reflection, but only found it in numerous places in the bedroom I was staying in. With ammonia and bleach she cleaned all these areas until whatever it was, was removed. Within just a few days my health began to recover and within a week I was back at work. We found another patch of it later and turned it over to the Indiana University biology department who came back to us with a report that is was a rare dangerous, nearly transparent mold, that created spores that were airborne. This happened to me over 35 years ago in a very new, modern home, and if you have health issues, particularly in your lungs that cannot be cured, you need to start looking for mold.

1043 days ago


I knew there had to be some reason they both died in that house. Wow, how awful. We miss you Brittney!

1042 days ago


People have lived in houses for thousands of years, and mold in the home has been around since the start, yet only in the last decade or so has anyone suddenly thought it was toxic. Unless you have a mold allergy your house mold isn't killing you.

1042 days ago
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