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Brittany Murphy's Mom

The HOUSE Killed My Daughter

12/18/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mother claims toxic mold found in Brittany's swanky Hollywood home killed her daughter AND her son-in-law ... and now she wants someone to pay.

Brittany died from pneumonia in 2009 ... and five months later, her husband also passed away from the same ailment.

Sharon Murphy claims the people who built the house are to blame for the mold that caused their condition -- but according to a new lawsuit, Sharon alleges she was duped by her lawyers into giving up her rights to sue the builders for wrongful death.

Long story short -- Sharon says her lawyers convinced her to accept a settlement offer for the construction defects back in January ... but they failed to explain she would never be able to go after the builders for their alleged role in Brittany's death.

Now, Sharon has hired Michael Marzban to sue her former lawyers for legal malpractice -- and wants them to pay her what she could have won in a wrongful death suit ... and other damages.


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your house was built years ago, lets estimate 1930, now it was 2009, 79 years. 79 years that house had creaks and cracks in the winter, and hot dry spells in the summer,it delt with each weather condition 79 years in a row. for pete's sake, if you allegedly knew it had mold, instead of wanting others to pay. pay your damn self to professionally get it done, SIMPLE. I do understand it sucks to lose your daughter and son and law, and im deeply sorry for you. But your lawers who were trying to help you sure arnt the ones who should ' PAY ' because the goverment cannot afford paying this 'lawsuiit' aka 'BS' thats why you got a settlement.

976 days ago


Too bad toxic mold can't and doesn't grow out West at all. It is almost exclusively a South Eastern US problem. California doesn't have the climate to keep toxic mold alive. People need to stop hearing about things on the news, then insisting they have the same thing. Just because you're coughing does not mean you have the bird flu. Just because you have mold does it mean it's toxic. God damned hypochondriacs.

976 days ago


Still trying to live off her daughter even in death.

976 days ago


This may be far fetched but I've heard from sources who know the Murphy family that they have Mob connections. There are rumors that her husband had something to do with her death.. and when her family found this out, he got the axe. I don't buy this whole toxic mold story, I think it's a way for the family to make sure none of the truth ever surfaces.

976 days ago


i hope she kicks ass and wins big time, the only thing i hate more then a crooked lawyer is a shady contractor! i watch enough shows to see how bad new houses are put together. there needs to be some serious laws passed that are on the side of homeowners and not crooked contractors!

976 days ago


Or perhaps she has managed to spend most, if not all the money that Brittany left her, and is now looking for a new way to profit from her daughters unfortunate and untimely death...

976 days ago


Mold can cause serious health problems. For accurate information about the health effects of mold, go to and http://globalindoorhealthnetwork.comn.

976 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

good ol 1980's lawsuit. good luck woman. no one gets settlements for pouring their pipin hot coffee all over themselves anymore. those days are over.

976 days ago


Mold definately grows in the west!!!! It's wet and if a house has leaks then you have mold! DUH!

Disgusting you nasty humans spitting on the grave of this poor woman's children! No ammount of money wwill ever replace Britney to her mom.. ever.. I'm sure she'd give the coat off her back to see her again. You guys are POS!

and lastly it was the husband that set up the fund and he did it wrong. BIG deal. Like he wasn't sick and bawling and just lost his wife.. A person with no worries would mess up something as complicated as a specialized fund. Not everyone is a lawyer. I certainly would have done it wrong. And it was all sent back within hours.

GROW UP you losers!

976 days ago

Joe winesette    

When this story came out it was reported the house was inspected and tested for toxic black mold. Where are the dated original findings?

976 days ago


Kind o*****reedy woman, wouldn't you say?

976 days ago


Doesn't Brittany's mom still live in that house?? People have been talking about mold since Brittany died. And then when Simon died the talk got a little bit louder. I'm surprised it's taken her this long to bring it up.

976 days ago

mar dunes    

FUNGUS amung US? black mold and air ducts full of partics of skin and workout duds full of dust mites.PGA LA~FITness in palm beach florida.Actions taken to get them to clean out the air handers have not worked.stopped useing that gym after muti lung infections.Have seen and reported many many SICK BLDG`s over the years to osha and people have a RIGHT to clean indoor air after the clean indoor air act stopped smokers from killing non-smokers with 2nd hand smoke.Clean air ducts and air handers plus the system designed to make for a safe clean is a must and in LA most houses even genterate negitive ions and scrub the air inlets with sun light and water filters to build a livible indoor air.Old folks die from sick gyms in most all states still due to lung infections leading to cancers.

976 days ago


This is the first picture of Brittany where one eye isn't markedly higher than the other.
Her mother's relationship with Monjack creeped me out. They acted like they were lovers after she died.

976 days ago


I myself got ill about 12 years ago from a home with indoor mold. You don't always see it because it can be behind the walls. It can get into the air system. There is a lot of corupption regarding indoor mold especially in California. Many are working on getting the gov't to let the private sector know how serious mold can be for many. And just because the two passed doesn't mean everyone would. I became very ill and my daughter was okay. My husband eventually became ill. Many become very sensitive to everyday products after getting sick from indoor mold. Don't fool around if you do see it. But sadly many doctors do not know how to treat the illness. I do belong to a group of doctors researchers, scientists, and the sick and they put out a research paper last year. It is kind of a monty thing insurance, etc. and I have heard several judges are involved with the coverup.

976 days ago
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