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Kobe Bryant

Cheated with 'Multiple Women'

12/18/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant
Kobe Bryant
's wife Vanessa caught the NBA star "very recently" in the latest act of infidelity, and that is why she filed for divorce ... sources directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources would not tell us how Vanessa caught Kobe, but we do know it was NOT through text messages a la Tiger Woods.

We're told Vanessa had caught Kobe with "multiple women" over the years ... but his latest affair was the straw that broke the camel's back ... and she felt she needed to finally end the marriage.

What's ironic ... is that Vanessa still loves Kobe -- but she just can't stand his infidelities anymore.

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Bill J    

ok, this is what is so funny about the human race....being monogamous is not how we are wired but EVERYBODY ok not everybody but many people base their lives on if their significant other is faithful or not....I mean how dumb is that!?! Get over yourself already....What's wrong with not being selfish?? It cracks me up!! I see people in say a store arguing with their significant other about jealousy and it causes this huge stink but the thing is...like the sun ***ing, er, coming up in the morning, if your signficant other wants to ****, screw, lick, suck, somebody else, it doesn't matter what you say or how much you cry or yell...those desires are still there....Kobe's ex-wife's next boy is gonna do the same at some point down the road and she'll uproot and cause pain and misery and lose another 10 years but she could do herself a favor...come to the understanding that Kobe is gonna bang a girl here and there but he's coming home with the bacon every night to her, wow....that was easy!! People just need to get over themselves....they're arguing against laws of nature and they find it shocking when they lose every-time.....Weird!?!? Not really, it's nature...aint nothin u can do bout it. Heck, she outta tell Kobe she'll join in, maybe video tape as well if it gets him off. Poor girl.

1037 days ago


You watch.. Kobe will swoop dat azz back up and they'll be back together.

1037 days ago


Kobe cheated! Shocking! What did she think, she had a 'gina made of gold. She knew he cheated years ago, guess he couldn't or wouldn't come up with a big enough ring this time. I see a season or two of Basketball Wives LA in her future.

1037 days ago

Brent Jorgensen    

Feel very bad for Kobe. Like Tiger, Kobe is and always has been a very proud man of color. If Vanessa was a woman of principal, she would simply walk away & be thankful that she was able to bask so close to greatness for so long. But just like Elin, she'll become obsessed with money blowing all her credibility.

1037 days ago


Everyone wants to know who Kobe cheated on Vanessa Bryant with this time around.

Details on Kobe Bryant's alleged mistress, Playboy model Jessica Borciaga, and pictures of her in the article below entitled Kobe Bryant’s Mistress – the Woman Kobe Bryant Allegedly Cheated With


Article posted in the celebrity infidelity column at CelebrityInfidelity.com.

1037 days ago


Wow, she is gorgeous. Boy is he stupid.

1037 days ago

The Real JJ    

When tiger was caught women came out saying "yea we did it" with Kobe nobody said anything...yet. Vanessa doesn't love Kobe, she loves the fact that she's the wife of one of the greatest basketball players ever. Anybody can make things up even TMZ sources. From day 1 Kobes family never got along with Vanessa who people say isn't very nice in the first place so maybe she got fed up with the family. She still shouldn't get half his money, that's just bullsh**!!! She got 4 million dollars on her ring finger alone.

1037 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

I wonder how many of them he raped and how many were consensual.

1037 days ago


That's what happens when you don't open your beaver to your man. Men love sex and if you can't give it to them, they will go and get it outside...same goes for women.

1037 days ago


Byant and his wife, did not have a pre-nuputial agreement.

California (community property state) which means doesn't matter who makes the money or when the money was made. 50/50 split.

Kobe Bryants wife had enough of his cheating on her. She filed for divorce and going for his wallet. No surprise there.

1037 days ago


So women diet, get plastic surgery and bow down to men only to be cheated on.

1037 days ago


Quote TMZ: "What's ironic ... is that Vanessa still loves Kobe -- but she just can't stand his infidelities anymore".

Come on TMZ, that's just blatant Bull ****! Who wrote that? Who said that? Common logic - and experience says once you've broken the vows, Love (as it once stood) is lost.

What your reporter stated is just La La La to sound good when in reality it is BS.

1037 days ago


what a dumbass! should have never gotten married. then he could have as much p**** as he wants without getting in trouble and wouldn't have to pay them any of his millions. smh

1037 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"Cheated with 'Multiple Women'" That's like saying "Obama lied today"..DOH!!

1037 days ago

There's a problem here    

Infidelity!!!???? ... and this is shocking because ... ?? Actually I'm waiting to see all of these women or men come out of their caves. I have yet to see one of these men decide to move it up a notch, it's always as close to the gutter as they can get. Why is that? Is that their opinion of themselves that all they really deserve is a whore?

1037 days ago
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