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Tom Cruise

Good Genes or Good Docs?

12/18/2011 3:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Tom Cruise's mission impossible is aging.

Here's the handsome 30-year-old "Far and Away" star back in 1992 (left) -- and 19 years later, the flawless 49-year-old promoting his new movie "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" in London this week (right).

What's his secret?


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Go look at Risky Business and look at his hairline now....either a really good wig or some transplants...

1043 days ago


Furiz, you are a liar if you are a plastic surgeon and can't see he has had a nose job then you are a hack. Plus you can see the fillers he has had in both his cheeks and jawline. He hasn't had massive work but he has had work none the less. Plus he has lipo scars on his body if you actually see him shirtless in a movie in the last 10 years.
So you are just a crock of crap for saying he hasn't had work done, even his wife Katie had work done on her nose.

1043 days ago


Go watch Mission Impossible 4 and the up close shots. The guy looks his age; 49. This is obviously a flattering shot (and he does look younger with shorter hair). His nose was so crooked that it distracted me in the movie. He has no work done. I saw pictures of him and his mom and even she looks young. Good genes. Stop being jealous because you don't have them.

1042 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...he is a good looking man too begin with..and he has always had a healthy look hotter as they too a certain point! HAHAHAHA

1042 days ago

what really happened?    

Aging is a natural process that hits every person so of course he had work if shows no aging at 50. come on lets put on our thinking caps, ppl

1042 days ago


Tom Cruise what i say about you, you look better than before.

1042 days ago


Clean living. No smoking or drinking and staying in shape will do wonders for your appearance. I'm 36 and I look 90! (I drink & smoke A LOT!) Scientology does pretty much suck though. I wish they would stop ripping people off and enslaving desperate souls.

1042 days ago


I think his secret is belonging to a 100% bullsh*t cult??

1042 days ago


Good docs,chin is not as long,ears are not as long the nose has lost the hanging tip,hhe had all this done when he was wearing the invisalines,thats when you could really tell the diffrence and he kept saying at that time it was his teeth being straight,well my invasaline braces never did that kind of work for me!

1042 days ago

billy cema    

Read some time ago, that hairdresser pointed out that Miss Tommy wears hair plugs.
Someone should take his picture when his hair is soaked!
His face in the first pic looks more natural. He has the facial lines, which are gone in the later pic. His nose is thinner in the second pic.
Oh, and it was reported that they had to doctor his high-pitched voice when he yelled. And of course they have to shoot at an angle that disguises his tiny stature.
And to the poster who whines that he was robbed of an oscar for "Born on the Fourth of July"; he couldn't take the Daniel Day-Lewis role in "My Left Foot" and do what Mr. Day-Lewis did with it.
There is so much more if readers would research more thoroughly. The info is there, including the fact that little Tommy cannot father any children.
Ah, show biz!

1042 days ago

billy cema    

Also, in the second pic, it seems as if he doesn't dare smile as widely as in the first pic. Reason? It would probably show that he had work done.
He probably has gray hair.

1042 days ago


ugly and stupid aren't "youthful".

1042 days ago

Mircea Pelin    

The only thing he's had done in the 2011 picture is his makeup. The guy doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and he works out a lot. I don't care what religion he is. His filmography speaks for itself.

1042 days ago


the aliens from scientology must be giving him some good probings.

1042 days ago


This guy is INCREDIBLY good looking. I can't believe how good he STILL looks. It's kind of freaky actually. Can't wait for MI 4. Get it Tom!!!

1042 days ago
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