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Britney Spears

Does Size Really Matter?

12/19/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Great news guys -- Britney Spears' fiance proved ... once and for all ... size really doesn't matter! Sadly, this only applies to diamond rings.

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She probably had to buy it herself. I've seen nicer settings come out o*****umball machine.

1037 days ago


It's a 3 carat diamond ring!
It is BIG just
Not obscene.

1037 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...omfg...Jason loves it..Britney loves's beautiful...why is a story even on a friggen ring?????????? get too work lazy loaf's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1037 days ago


I don't even know that your headline means? If you're referring to the size of her ring; ridiculous.

1037 days ago

Melinda Reyes    

Oh my goodness! People are haters. Who cares about the size geez. She is happy that's all that matters.

1037 days ago


I think she gave him the money to pay for it.

1037 days ago


The size of the ring was planned out. This wasn't a surprise engagement. Trawick certainly can afford 3 carats, and the ring is pretty, not like that super bowl style ring Kim K had.

1037 days ago


This chick can't win. If she had gotten a rock, TMZ would have bitched about how awful of her it was to wave it around when so many people are out of work and just trying to put food on the table. I think it shows some taste on her part not to get some huge stone.

1037 days ago


Size does matter. That's why I always carry a big wallet. And haters, you know who my girlfriend is? She's the one with the strechmarks around her mouth.

1037 days ago

Feel Sorry For Her    

TMZ don't be an Ass. The guy has taste. The ring is beautiful. The Neil Lane design was classic and beautiful. 3 carats is a large stone. I tried on a 2 carat diamond and it was huge on my finger. The photos make the ring appear smaller but if we saw the ring up close 3 carats is a large diamond. Don't compare a classic tasteful ring to the white trash Kardashians and their tasteless ghetto over the top diamond rings. Brittany's guy obviously loves her and is man enough to get her a ring with a perfect diamond in an appropriate size that would suite her taste. Haters stop hating and let this girl enjoy her engagement. If her fiance got her a huge stone everyone would say she bought it. Hate to tell you people but I would take a guess that if the stone is 3 carat perfect cut D flawless then the stone could be priced at $100,000 to $200,000. Add the custom design and pave diamonds with platinum and add another $50,000 + That's a lot of money for a 3 carat ring. Its very rare to find a flawless diamond especially a large stone. I'd take a smaller diamond that was D color, perfect cut and clarity over a yellow stone cut like crap that is larger. Nothing special about that. She got a great ring. Very appropriate.

1037 days ago

Tiffany eddy    

I'm so glad she got the help she needed and she looks so happy! I think this is true love and not a money sucking backup dancer! JLO should learn from her mistakes!

1037 days ago


You DON'T marry a ring, you marry the person. I mean, Kim Kardashian's ring was just obnoxious. It was another smack in the face to the average American woman who thinks her own 1 carat or even 3/4 or 1/4 carat ring is not good enough. We live in a plastic society that is distorting the true meaning of tradition and beauty. Britney is NOT Kim Kardashian, thank God, was not raised in a bubble and I'm sure this ring is what it is, a token of their love, not a gigantic, enormous, monstrosity of a thing that is simply obtained to impress others. That is not what this type of commitment should be about. -Eisy (1 carat emerald cut on white gold for meeee)

1037 days ago

She's baaaack    

WTF does a huge rock have to do with anything? That fricker is 3 carats, that's almost too big. The rock means nothing except show. It's what happens because of it that matters. I wish this poor woman the best and hope this is an honest union for him.

1036 days ago


Hey Eisy #14, that is exactly the ring I have except is 3/4 carat emerald cut flanked by baguettes on either side. For the record for TMZ, most of the time I have a plain old band I wear and just put the rock on when I'm dressed up to go out. Good Luck Britney. I really hope this works out for you.

1036 days ago


im sorry.... maybe i missed something....but when the hell did a 3 carat diamond ring become SMALL!??!?! seriously?!? It is really sad how out of touch some people are with reality. come down to our level, the 8am-6pm hours that cover the bills and MAYBE a movie now and then. Doesnt anyone remember that we are in a recession? come on TMZ. I get that celebrities are known for their rings, but to call a 3 carat sparkler small is just ignorant. and it kinda makes the rest of us normal folk with our 1/2-1 carat rings feel inferior. the media (and kim kardashians ugly DISGUSTING gaudy ring) should be shot and burned. absolutely ridiculous. Britney's ring is not only amazingly gorgeous, it is tasteful and elegant. I am SO happy for her and I wish them all the best.

1036 days ago
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