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17-Year-Old Courtney Stodden


Is Nothing Sacred?!?!?!

12/19/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shameless underage fame whore Courtney Stodden couldn't leave well enough alone this weekend -- stripping down to a sacrilegiously tiny bikini in 30-degree weather ... and single-handedly destroying our Christmas spirit.

We can't decide if this makes it more or less creepy, but the guy in the Santa suit is Courtney's 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchinson -- and Saturday, the barely legal couple abandoned whatever shred of dignity they had left ... and exchanged dirty talk in the snow just north of L.A.

Quick reminder: Courtney won't be 18 until August 2012. Bad, bad, bad Santa.


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She needs the homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus for her disgusting hypersexuality. Please someone buy her some...She is so gross! Puke!

1005 days ago


WHAT is UP with that stupid arm band bracelet she is always wearing? Its looks as fake as ol girl does...These two are a real pc of work. Lets dress up like Santa and Santa's whore, set up in the middle of the snow and call every camera in town...NOT winning!! So T-Rash!

1005 days ago


TMZ, shouldn't you guys be (seriously) brought up on charges for images sexualizing a minor? Even if she was married with consent, it is still illegal to post, distribute, share, or possess sexualized images of a person under the age of 18. I don't understand why her husband isn't charged with something for openly flaunting her like a hooker in public. Either way, she is going to be the best "Then and Now" photos in about five years.

1005 days ago


What a way to gain notoriety Courtney. Ho Ho HO.

1005 days ago


They are absolutely disgusting. She looks like an old hag, her face is so banged up she looks like she's a 65 year old with damage from smoking and sun damage. If he really thinks she's with him for love, he's delusional and deserves the money-grubbing-whore. They want nothing but attention and they're getting it...I guess to them it doesn't matter if it's people making fun of how nasty they are, as long as it's attention. p.s. her mother should be ashamed of herself for allowing this.

1005 days ago


Wait, or not, until you see the nasty ass Santa pics of this skank:

1005 days ago


Why, TMZ, are you catering to old perverts who like to see young sluts strut their stuff? That's what porn sites are for.
Every time I see this poor girl I lose respect for TMZ. This poor girl is being led on to believe that she will actually accomplish some sort of career by publicly humiliating herself. One day she'll snap out of it and totally regret all this.
TMZ's like a crack dealer. Pipe dreams is all you're giving her.

1005 days ago


Doug you luck SOB. Would luvvv to tap that. She's a worker you can tell.

1005 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

She needs to go back to her home on WHORE ISLAND

1005 days ago


OMG they are way too stupid. She's trying to be the next Anna Nicole. Even Anna had more class than her and that ain't saying much. HAHA. #bimbowhore

1005 days ago


I still don't believe that two dollar w.h.0re is only 17. No. Phukcing. Way.

1005 days ago


More creepy, definitely. But that just makes it hotter ...

1005 days ago


Doug and Courtney are the new Spencer and Heidi.

1005 days ago


I saw this on my phone and couldn't comment until now...P-I-G! is all I can think about this man. And this young woman is a drug over dose waiting to happen. If she looks like this at 17, imagine what she's gonna look like at 25! This isn't being a "hater", just someone who is totally disgusted with these two...

1005 days ago


Couldn't they have found a Christmas tree that didn't look like it came out of the Charlie Brown Christmas movie? That thing is just sad.
It's also sad that the fastest way to media 'stardom' is through porn: Kim Kardashian made a name for herself with it, and now plays squeaky clean.

1005 days ago
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