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Kobe Bryant

Busted by Basketball Wives

12/19/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant
A secret underground society of trained spies is responsible for feeding intel to Vanessa Bryant that eventually led to her filing for divorce from hubby Kobe Bryant -- not the CIA or FBI ... but the basketball wives of the NBA.

Our sources says Kobe's teammates were blabbing to their women about the superstar's exploits ... and those women in turn gave Vanessa the heads up.  We're told talk of Kobe's exploits lately increased in frequency.

According to our sources, the players often swear their wives to secrecy before dishing on their fellow ballers ... but that secrecy is rarely kept. We're told the women all share information about other guys around the league ... in part to ensure word will get back to them if their man ever steps out.

As TMZ first reported, Vanessa filed divorce papers on Friday, after Vanessa learned of what she says is an act of infidelity that became the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.


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Hot Farts    

He's a dog because he does not know how to be married. She should never get a dime from him except the standard because she is a horrible, crazy, anti-social c%nt. Everyone in Losa Angeles knows it. DUHHHH!!!!!

982 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, knowing these 'basketball wives' the ones who 'told her' probably had first hand, and mouth and all that other stuff that goes on between the sheets, experience...*ahem*! i'm just saying...

982 days ago


Kobe is no different from any mo joe off the street that cheat. This is just the nature of many if not most men. Never will it be right but the only way to change the trend is for other woman to stop chasing married men and so called celebs for the dollar. Make your own paper. Vanessa married into the lime life so she couldn't have expected him to be faithful. It is hard for many men because so many woman throw it out there for what ever they can get. Why you think so many stupid woman are screaming rape? Many times it will bring fame to someone nobody new and a check to keep her quiet. This is to be expected. This society is a joke. Entertainment now blast the networks with sex, woman naked or half naked, and drugs for fun. These are things that taught single and married men with single friends to cheat. Like I said the only way to make a man stop cheating is for the woman to always ask if the man is married or single and dating. If he has someone walk away he's not the man for you. Hopefully, he learns his lesson and Vanessa don't repeat the trend and get another ball player because she will only be asking for it again...they all talk

982 days ago


Finally! This is what women need to be doing when it comes to these kinds of things. Trust me sweeties you will be getting MORE if you divorce your man for stepping out than you will if you stay with him. His money AND your self respect.

981 days ago


Thats so messed up. They all broke bro code by saying anything to their wives. he trusted them to keep a secret and they screwed him over. obviously she wasnt to sorry he was cheating or she would have left him when the "rape" crap spiraled. he admitted to cheating and she stayed. she just wanted to hit that 10 year mark so she could get all his money. shes a whore and in my opinion he cshould leave her ass

981 days ago


Evidently, she did not or did not want to satisfy him enough to to the point where all he could think about is going home and being with his family. For even the most ballest of playas there is a female out there that is their match and will slow their game down to where he's only thinking about them.

970 days ago


dis is all bull**** lmaoo ma ***** kobe didnt DO sht!! so fk all dis sht

965 days ago


I'm not mad at her at all!!!!! That's what he gets, take his ass to tha cleaners!!!!!

942 days ago


I guess Kobe never learn from the first time. your such an idiot. why get married, if you still want to play the field. you just lost a beautiful wife for some fluzzy.

942 days ago


vanessa why what did kobe bryant do to you u suck vanessa

929 days ago


Wow, it's ok for him to rape women but not ok to have affairs? She's a real winner...
Might as well join the rest of the dumb vultures on BBW's.

809 days ago

Jake Halsted    

Personally, I can't believe that a woman can justify taking 50% of what a man owns, simply because he cheated on her! As a man, I feel that a certain number of cheatings are ok, as long as you discuss it with the woman afterwards. After all, it's natural for a man to proliferate.

Romney for President! YEAH!

806 days ago

Jake Halsted    

a man has a RIGHT to cheat a little . It's our WAY!

Romney for President! YEAH

806 days ago


Good lawd... How much more info did that Gold digger need... He caught a rape charge and had to settle.... Wow that wasnt the straw... LMAO CA 10 yr divorce rule.... She played him in the End... Kids child support and alimony. He should have saw that coming he supported her whole entire family. duhhh

804 days ago
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