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NL MVP Ryan Braun

Medication to Blame

for Dirty Banned Substance Test

12/19/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Braun
Ryan Braun
's positive test for banned substances was caused by medication he's taking for a private medical issue -- NOT performance enhancing drugs ... this according to sources directly connected with Major League Baseball.

We're told the reigning National League MVP is adamant he has not taken drugs or steroids of any kind.

One source simply told us ... "The medication contained banned substances resulting in the positive test."  We're also told prior to taking the dirty test, Braun had always tested negative for banned substances.

The nature of Braun's medical ailment is unclear.

It's also unclear if the Milwaukee Brewers star knew the substances were in his medication before he took it -- though it seems highly unlikely.

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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"...though it seems highly unlikely."

Bull****. Anybody who gets tested regularly, that would probably be their #1 question whenever they get a new rx, is it going to show up on their drug test? Disclosing it at test time would be likely and surely they ask if you're on any meds.

1039 days ago


Now, the thing to watch is what the baseball commisioner does. Bud Selig is the former owner of, yes, the Milwaukee Brewer and is not the brightest or most honorable person to ever hold the position.

1039 days ago

Mary P    

It's time we start ripping away awards, like the MVP, from those testing positive. I don't for a second thing he didn't know, but even if he hadn't - it's time to start taking responsibility for your own bodies. Have "vitamin shakes" tested BEFORE you take them (ala Williams boys from the Vikings). Get your medical in order once you are RXed meds and TURN THEM IN.

Even if his medical was private, then he would have had the info in order with the MLB and this would never be public.

1039 days ago


Well.... I'm from the Milwaukee area, and the Brewer insiders are saying that he has herpes, and the drug was for that. This is NOT a rumor, it is fact. So, what would you rather be known for -- being a cheater in your career -- or having the world know you have herpes? Think about it.

1039 days ago


As Dane cook says it's the herpalee erpalies. He's got the herp.

1039 days ago


BS, Braun was taking a synthetic form of testosterone. Ryan Braun is a cheater along with Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Arod, etc. Braun got caught so now fess up. No more lame excuses.

1039 days ago


So let me get this straight; MLB (whose commissioner owns the Brewers)States this has nothing to do with illegal drugs. Well the last time I checked it was the players responsibility to inform the league that he was on medication that could cause a false positive. As they say you can not un-ring a bell and this bell has been rung. Face it the Brewers and theirs owners would want nothing to tarnish their current NL MVP. Face facts that this guy cheated, and now is trying to put blame on a secret medical issue. RADISHES

1039 days ago


Any anti-viral medication will, more then likely, increase your testosterone levels....and you usually take anti-viral meds for an STD, which gives claim to the "Braun has herpes" theory....

1039 days ago

Carol L    

It's a ballplayers responsibility to know whether or not what he puts into his body is allowed or not. Personal responsibility is dying in this country.

1039 days ago


I hate idiots who say "He doesn't look big enough to be on steroids". You people are ignorant with your stereotypes. Cyclists, Olympics runners, swimmers, etc all use steroids and they do not all look like Professional wrestlers you retards. Steroids help you train harder, train longer, and recover faster. If you want to bulk up you can (This requires calories and heavy lifting) if you want to run faster than ever you can. Stupid idiots get your facts STRAIGHT!

1039 days ago


This is a totally bogus story. First of all, there has been no investigation yet except for the 2 failed tests and Braun is 100% liable for ANY medication he takes. If he fails on it then he fails and will be suspended regardless of what any doctor has to say.(Its in the labor agreement ,you guys should have looked it up before you made up this story.) Stick to what you guys are good at the Kardashians and Suri Cruise temper tantrums and leave sports to ESPN.

1039 days ago


dudes probably just been taking mad viagra to keep up with all the ladies

1039 days ago


First off even if it herpes, herpes meds lower testosterone not increase it (look it up). So it follows that if it is prescribed his dr prescribed him testosterone ( well in braun's case it was epitosterone ) and it was synthetic. So he knowing took a steroid without MLB approval. All players taking medication that will give positive drug test results are required by MLB to get a waiver. He didn't apply therefore guilty. Claiming you didn't know is not enough. And e would have known because he had to be prescribed the testerone to increase his levels to counteract his herp meds if that is what it is. This whole thing is shady! No player has ever successfully had a positive test overturned through arbitration. MLB is something Ike 34-0 so if he was notified he is screwed.

1039 days ago


Time to back burner hippa laws (which are a joke anyway) and reveal what condition necessitates the need for banned substances, to clear up this matter once and for all. This way, actual cheaters, could claim the same malady.

1039 days ago


Uh, what medical condition does a healthy professional athlete in his 20s have that requires ridiculous levels of synthetic hormones? And why is it that so many young athletes in peak physical condition share the same affliction? I guess it's a mystery. Maybe it's his toothpaste? Is it possible he is taking so much Gatorade at the end of workouts that his hormone level is increased? Protein bars? Protein shakes? If Braun says it, it must be true because he has nothing to lose.

1039 days ago
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