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Eddie Murphy's Ex-Wife

Conman Indicted

In $7 Million Scam

12/20/2011 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy's ex-wife is out $7 million -- and now, the man accused of conning her out of the dough has been indicted on charges of money laundering, mail fraud and obstruction of justice.

According to the federal indictment, Troy Stratos defrauded Nicole Murphy out of a massive chunk of her divorce settlement from Eddie -- $7 million in all  ... nearly half of what she took away from the marriage.

According to the docs, Stratos acted as Nicole's financial manager -- telling her he had invested her millions overseas, when in fact he transferred the lion's share of the money to his personal accounts.

Stratos also allegedly promised to help her sell her swanky home in Granite Bay, CA -- but secretly lived there instead ... rent-free ... all while leasing luxury cars with her money.

What's more ... Stratos allegedly convinced Nicole to refinance the home -- as well as her other pad in Sacramento -- and then used the money to cover his personal expenses.

A rep for Nicole has no comment due to ongoing litigation.


No Avatar


smart man.... lol

1003 days ago


How dumb can you be - especially with that kind of money? There really are some legit money managers out there. She would have done better to pick someone out of the yellow pages. It's pretty simple: watch your money!

1003 days ago


Is she that stupid that she didn't get credentials, etc? If she didn't do her research, she got what she deserved. Sorry if that sounds cold, but I am sick of stupid people allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

1003 days ago


Hope she kills him, he would deserve it!!

1003 days ago

tony gee    

There must be a relationship going on behind the scene, otherwise, why would anyone be too trusting with almost all her assets. If she is really that dumb, then she deserved what she got herself into.

1003 days ago


Karma does exist.

1003 days ago

A viewer    

Bet Eddie's glad he's rid of her. Idiot fool. She didn't have to earn it, so she let some weasel in to help her lose it.

1003 days ago


Really dumb. She didn't even bother to figure out he was living in her house?

1003 days ago


ha ha ha krama is a *****

1003 days ago

Jay W.     

yeah Nicole? not too bright. But this Troy douche is a sc.mbag!

1003 days ago

Jay W.     

Well... jumped the gun. If allegations are true, the guy is f'd up.

1003 days ago


I have to wonder "WHY" Nicole Murphy would trust someone with NO PROFESSIONAL "FINANCIAL" CREDENTIALS with that kind of MONEY??? HINT, HINT!!! She should have had him "thoroughly" vetted to determine the exact extent of his "FINANCIAL" expertise. The "red flags" would have become apparent before she allowed him to handle her money. This poor woman obviously didn't learn a thing from her ex-husband regarding financial matters and now she's being forced to deal with such "IMPORTANT" lessons the "HARD WAY"!!! Mixing "BUSINESS" with "PLEASURE" is a sure way to get "CONNED" when you "DON'T" understand how to manage "MONEY"!!! Sociopaths love to "EXPLOIT" the "better" nature of trusting people. Nicole Murphy probably wasn't his "FIRST" victim!!!

1003 days ago

Mark Reynolds    

We told you about this story months ago and got no reply when he was arrested in Paris. Anyway, here is something you should look into and its TRUE.

Troy Stratos hired Nicole Murphy's former Private Investigator who was paid for over two years to investigate Troy Stratos and bring him to Justice. Bill Brans*** works for Oracle International and up and until two months ago had over 30 victims on his website but also signed court affidavits showing Troy Stratos was a Conman, however in early 2011 when Nicole was filing her civil suit, She refused to pay Brans*** any further money as she was going broke, so Bill Brans*** took her file and sold it to the conman and has been on Troy Stratos payroll for months now. apparently he collected a $25,000 retain, flies first class on Troy Stratos money and receives 1500/ hour to go after the victims of Troy Stratos. Goes to show you that not even Nicole Murphy's Private Investigator could be trusted! What a shame as Nicole Murphy paid over $50,000 to Bill Brans*** to seek justice against Troy Stratos. Nicole was taken for a ride and we expect Troy to come out fighting with past issues between him and nicole which now Bill Brans*** knows from working from her!

1003 days ago


Hmm!!!....How stupid can she be?...She just trusted him like that. no questions, no checking account, no bothering to know about her house. This woman can't be serious.

1002 days ago

Oval Beach    

Oh my. Nicole sounds like the millions of other Americans who got screwed in the economic downturn. Sounds like she had blinders on and had her ears plugged when she met this guy. I would say she was STUPID to have gotten mixed up with this shady character and she deserves every bit of what she is getting.

1002 days ago
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