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Eddie Murphy's Ex-Wife

Conman Indicted

In $7 Million Scam

12/20/2011 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy's ex-wife is out $7 million -- and now, the man accused of conning her out of the dough has been indicted on charges of money laundering, mail fraud and obstruction of justice.

According to the federal indictment, Troy Stratos defrauded Nicole Murphy out of a massive chunk of her divorce settlement from Eddie -- $7 million in all  ... nearly half of what she took away from the marriage.

According to the docs, Stratos acted as Nicole's financial manager -- telling her he had invested her millions overseas, when in fact he transferred the lion's share of the money to his personal accounts.

Stratos also allegedly promised to help her sell her swanky home in Granite Bay, CA -- but secretly lived there instead ... rent-free ... all while leasing luxury cars with her money.

What's more ... Stratos allegedly convinced Nicole to refinance the home -- as well as her other pad in Sacramento -- and then used the money to cover his personal expenses.

A rep for Nicole has no comment due to ongoing litigation.


No Avatar

Ms. L    

Five kids + Seven million (14 / 2)= BROKE!! Dummy!! Eddie is really LOL....

Next - learn from the best. Elin Woods and Vanessa Bryant!!!

1000 days ago


Sort of a stupid woman--ya think?

1000 days ago


he's a freakin terrorist look at him.

1000 days ago


Sounds like she was f@#$%^g the wrong guy and doesn't know how to read, reason nor make a decision on her own. A true, life size barbie doll.

1000 days ago

Bob L    

This story reminds me of the famous saying: "A fool and his money are soon parted."

1000 days ago


what a dumb woman...he must have been up all in that in more ways than one...

1000 days ago


Mr. Sociopath Rico Savvy delivered on enough promises to throw her off the scent [hint hint] I don't know why she's suing him that POS probably doesn't have a dime. Plus in CALIFORNIA criminals allegedly don't go to prison. But I think there is an exception: celebrities thieves walk BUT if you rob a celebrity AND you're NOT a celebrity they will find room in their overcrowd jails and prisons . Bubba and the Boyz will start a riot to hop on that meat.

1000 days ago


People, the woman was conned, no one is perfect.
This man is evil and mean.
Nick, it happened to me, hang in there.
He changed his name so he can hide your money and buy homes, in Europe.

1000 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Now she knows how it felt when Eddie divorced he and she took half plus....ha!

1000 days ago


That is completely idiotic to me. Sorry but to have any one person in control of your finances like that? And how you gonna refinance a home that he was supposed to be selling for you?

1000 days ago


He needs to remain in State Prison until he returns her money.
What he spent needs to be repaid before he gets out.

1000 days ago


Troy was more than Nicole's financial manager, he was her lover as well!!

1000 days ago

Get Educated    

Is she dumb? Obviously she has no brain. Why would she give some dude half of her money without checking out his credentials? No wonder Eddie Murphy dumped her azz. Pretty only last so long.

999 days ago

boO HOO    

the **** probably 10 inches, aint no mothf&^^cker should be that dumb...shes an ass and deserved it...

eddie your thought on this matter please..........

999 days ago

Jig Mendoza     

Shoulda stay with Eddie

999 days ago
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