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New Jersey Nets

We'll Take Kim's Sloppy Seconds

12/20/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone wants to dump Kris Humphries -- in fact, the Nets just agreed to take him back this season ... this according to multiple reports.

The one-year contract is reportedly worth $8 million.

Kris became an unrestricted free agent after last season -- also with the Nets -- before marrying Kim Kardashian ... a gravy train that quickly screeched to a halt.

The Nets are set to face off against the Knicks tomorrow night -- and NBA sources tell ESPN, Kris is expected to play.

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Never forget which one of them got pissed on in a sex tape. That is the ULTIMATE sloppy second.

982 days ago


@Lawrence I agree with the gist of your idea that Kris is able to support himelf and never needed to ride the Whoretrashian gravy train. But the amount he makes whether it be $8 or $8million shouldn't factor into his worth or success. As long as he does his best at a job he is good at should be the only factor. Of course I realize that how much money you make is the only factor that these Whoretrashians care about, we shouldn't stoop to their level or TMZ's either. Oh and by the way TMZ, I see you're the only ones getting sloppy seconds as you keep f*cking Whoretrashian with blinders on.

982 days ago

Throwback kid    

At least Kris has a real job that takes a skill to perform! The Kardashians are talentless losers that actually looked surprised when Barbara Walters told them they had no talent? Does Kim, her pimp mother and her skanky sisters really think it takes talent to hang around the house with a camera crew and whine all day? Sorry but photo shoots and red carpet events are not real work. Do the Kardashians think Scott and Rob have talent too? They are grown men who do absolutley nothing all day and are proud of it, Scott even does nothing in a designer suit all day. Humphries should be glad he got away from the toxic Kardashian family and can get back to playing ball without all the drama. Boycott the Kardashians, YES!

982 days ago


Good luck Cave Man.

982 days ago


Good luck Lurch.

982 days ago


He's the one who married the "sloppy seconds"! I am very glad to hear his basketball career is back on the right track. Poor guy! Maybe someone can talk some sense into him and get him a GOOD lawyer to recover the cost of that ring, half the wedding presents that she never gave back and damages for USING that young man like she did.

982 days ago


He has more talent in his little finger than the whole TMZ staff and kk klan all together. You their just a little jealous?

982 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Wtf, TMZ? You deleted my comment! You can't even stay on top of those funking spammers, and you're worried about me? HA!

982 days ago



982 days ago


TMZ, where in the HELL do you get Kim was his gravy train?? He had Big Buck$ way before she ever came in the picture. Harvey have you been bought out by the Kard's?

982 days ago


I can't believe these dumb shts sat out 16 games when a scrub like Humphries can still make 8 million a year under the new CBA. It's laughable to think these guys are mad at Michael Jordan when he's the main reason bench warmers on bad teams get contracts twice as big as Jordan got in his prime. The Bulls never payed Jordan more than 4 million dollars for a single season of basketball until 1996 when he was 33-34 years old. Every time a team comes to Chicago to play the Bulls they should all kneel before Jordan's statue.

982 days ago


This is a pitiful write up. This man actually is trying to work for a living. The K's are a joke but the joke is on most of the people that actually watch these people. Jenner and his wife are just trolls using whomever they want. She used her first husband and cheated on him. Let's get real here their insanity sells. What bimbos. Money is everything to them. It will be amazing if K will ever be able to have a real relationship with a man. Who would really want her anyway? Oh I forgot her father found her mother so there must be some idiots out there yet.

982 days ago


Harvey's best boy Mike has always slanted stories in Whoretrashian's favor since her days hanging with Paris. He supported her during the fallout of her fraudulent wedding. He said if it was a fraud, she could have gotten more mileage out of it by staying with Kris and have her reality show be about it's demise. Newsflash Mike, no one wants to tune in weekly and watch people living miserable lives. People watch tv to escape their own miserable lives. Her courtship, wedding and marriage lasted just one season as she planned. And without even telling him, she filed for divorce. No attempt at counselling or mourning, for that matter, as she hopped a plane to Australia to whore herself out for more money. Yet on TMZ LIVE today, Mike, you spoke with such passion about the spiritual meaning of marriage and how sacred the vows are. HYPOCRITE! I would say that Whoretrashian doesn't understand anything deeper than the make-up on her face but since she piles in on that would be a lie. You are so far up Whoretrashian's *ss you would need a proctologist to get you out. Your post should only be about Kris and his new contract not digs about him being sloppy seconds and riding the Whoretrashian gravy train. STOP SPINNING stories and start being the professional journalists you proclaim to be.

982 days ago

Joan K    

Good for you Kris, the day you got rid of the Trash was one of the best days of your life. One day you will find a decent girl to settle down with. To think you might have been attached to that frigging crazy family. Thank the good lord she didn't get pregnant. TMZ, you are so up Kim's fat azz and you are starting to stink.

982 days ago


Jenner desperately trying to salvage their tarnished image,by ostentatious(just for show) displays of "charity".Someone should tell her,the horse is long out of the barn! Kris Humphries,stay away from the Hollywood crowd,they will only bring you down.Keep your morals and values.Good luck in your new season! Lots of people are for you~

982 days ago
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